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catla fish in english

Their eyes are large and visible from underside of the head. So the measurement of your pond can be 85 ft wide and 100 ft long. Would like you to answer my below questions. Calculation:5 % of 500 gram = 25 gram per fish per, 25 * 2 times per day = 50 gram per fish50 gram * 1000 fish = 50,000 grams per dayie, 50 kg per day.there fore 50 * 90 days = 4,500 KG of feed.. As we calculate this we end up in loss in running the fish farm. KNOW WHAT KIND OF FISHES CAN BREED SOMEONE SUGGESTING GO FOR 500 KATLA ROGHU AND MRIGALA. We had to use bore water for this farming and the water is a bit saline with measurement of 1500 ppm. How many katla/rohu/mrigal would you recommend per acre if the depth of the pond is 7 feet. Dear Roysfarm, regards (Although, you can stock the fish right now if you feed them supplementary feeds) Thank you! We have 1 acre of pond with 5 ft depth If you find any pond in Calcutta, probably majority of your fish will not survive during the transportation of long distance. I have enquired here to buy fish, he mentioned that around 1500 katla and bils kendai fish can be placed in the tank. I want to know that from when i will get the breed of katla fish? You should always follow the local experts. Cemented Tank is a better idea. 3- Im planning to use only Raw Rice Bran as feeds (current rate is 16rs/kg) We are not providing training for fish farming business right now. Dear sir i have a pond its area is 120*120 Feet and water level is always more than 10 feet how many catla should be grow in it with artificial and supplimentry feed.i mean can we increse stocking density along with depth.ponds volume is 120*120*10 cu. dear sir’ Sir i have 3 ponds in half acre land. Also please let me know the number of fishes which can be grown in the well ?? There will be no problems with the bore well water. 1500x500x30, Round about 200000 Catla seed i want to bulit 12 small concrete pond. You have to feed 4-5 percent food according to the current body weight of fish. Please search any fish feed supply store in your area or nearest town. With water level 2 MTR . Initially I need to test the same with say around 500 minnows. drip irrigation. Please consult with any fish research institute in your area for more information. Can you help me calculating the approximate profit after 8 monyhs time petiod. No, it’s not possible! No. subsidies available for small scale indoor intensive talk aquaculture. Probably you will not get your desired production. Cemented tank is a better idea but we don’t know from where you can get practical advise in your area. So your expenses will be about Rs. And how many Katla can I stock in that 90*60*10 ft pond. Then the calculation comes to Rs.1000 per day that means Rs.30000 pet month. Thank you very much for the necessary info its really help a lot.. Sir thanks for making this knowledgeable site. You can stock about 25000 Rui fish in an one acre pond. 8973457042. i have 5bigha existing fishery at assam. M/ S S G A INDUSTRIESMUDGERI SEA-BIRD R.H.C.KARWAR 581360KARNATAKA STATEMob. Take 10 to 20 fish and measure their total weight. Mohan Kumar.K Notice- By keeping katla fish for 3 months, you will not be able to make good profits. Never provide your fish with excessive feeds. We are planning to build a fish farm in our area and we planned katla fish for 2 acres,how many fish is we can grow for 2 acres?? Is it possible to use the same for fish farming also? Cow I am planing to start fish farming for commercial basis. Thank you! For Any quires you can call me A combination of Rui, Katla and Mrigal fish (40:30:30 or 40:40:20) in the pond is considered as best combination for carp fish. sir? Please mention the suitable fish and numbers count. You can stock about 38,000-45,000 Rui or Katla or both fishes in your 1.5 acre pond. But you can use it for preparing the pond before stocking minnow. i nhave built two tanks of 25 X 11…(cemented…will it be right decission…how much fish …i can put. It is a traditional, age-old Bengali style fish curry where fried fish is … In this tank I would like to grow either Rohu Fish or Ketla Fish. Can you please share your contact we need to discuss more, Hi, Nice to talk you again, brother i want to ask you one thing that i have a earthern pond of 50*50 feet and its depth is 4 to 5 feet but land was consuming so much water thats why i have covered the floor with plastic sheet. You need to change water from your pond if the water quality is not OK. Hope you understand! Any medicines required for both. Hope it will bring you better result. Yes, you can grow Katla and Rui fish in your area if you have freshwater in your pond. Thank you! As you have only 0.5 acre of land, so you should construct only one pond. Along with Katla, you can try some other carp fish such as Mirror Carp, Common Carp and the most common fish Tilapia. You can feed your fish with commercial fish feeds. We are not clear about ‘artificial natural’ pond. You will need a 2 acre pond for growing 50,000 Rui and Katla fish. I am thinking about to increase more production with minimal land. Thank you! Thank you! [email protected], Sir, It is one of the most important aquacultured freshwater fish species in South Asia. Because of water scarcity want to start tank based re-circulation type fish farming . In the past 1 yr they are weighting jst 150 grams and there are around 8000-10000 pieces. I have a 90*60*6 ft pond. And yes, you can obviously mix vannamei with Katla or any other carp fish species. It will not be wise to stock too many fishes. You can also cultivate Common Carp, Mirror Carp and Mrigal fish together. We don’t know any fish species which can gain 1 kg weight within 90 days. 1) Could we use Ground water to fill it up or use river water or rain water? You can stock about 12000 to 15000 carp fish in your half acre pond. Also, can I use 06plank10 as the sole feed and in what quantity? Is there any training available in fish farming for 1 day in your farm. Thanks! cap.vetki.chitol.rupchnda.koi.tilapiya Thanks for the site navigation suggestion. Rabbit The fish is drowned in treated water for 2-3 mins. Your 1 acre pond is OK for stocking about 20,000 fish. You can use rice bran or anything like this as low cost fish feeds. address..V+P simurali,Dist .nadia(W.B) Mobile no. as i am very much interested in fish farming…specially rohu and katla… as i dont bhave land so i decided to use my terrace. I have farm pond and i have used 500 micron poly sheet to avoid peculation. Aakoli – Silver Moony. The depth is about 60 ft. You should feed your fish 5% feed daily according to their current body weight. sir how much can you yield in a year of rohu, catla and mrigul in a year from a pond of 2.5 acre, if we can attaina fish weight of 900 gms to 1kg in a good season. 111 Cal. i am going to start cultivate rui, katla, mrigal in my 5 bigha existing fishery as per yur advice,. Wallago(Boaal) The fish glossary contains fish name with picture, translation from English to Malayalam, Tamil, Kannada, Telugu, Hindi, Konkani, Bengali, Oriya, Marathi, Arabic for the UAE and gulf market and Tagalog names for my filipino friends, also some common fish names of India, UAE, Philippines and names in sindhi and balochi. Thank you! Yes, your tank is good for growing Catla fish, and you can stock around 1500 fingerlings in your tank. You can go with 400 to 500 baby fishes. My WhatsApp no +918101093675 Always try to keep the pH level between 6 to 9. Thank you! You have to apply about 2-2.5 tons of natural fertilizers per month. and also we plan to sell these after 8months during this 8months period do we required to change water? You can combine natural feeds and supplementary feeds for such density. To be frank, it’s not possible to tell you the exact amount. There are no need for installing inlet and outlet system for carp fishes if you follow this stocking density. Hi sar coll me because caindly information in all fish from ny new fish farms Feed each type of fish according to their current body weight (not more than 4-5 percent daily). You can stock 150-170 fish in each pond. Thank you! Never serve excessive food. 3. each week and month the size of fish is going to increase and so is the feed quantity . 7. first i want to stock fingerling of100 gm size 3000 each of katla,rahu,and mrigal with a estimate katla for 6 months,&others for3 months for reasons is tobear the exp. Dear Sir You have to target the market first, before starting any farming business. Thanks for your kind considerations! So, we can’t tell whether the combination of these two fish is good or not. I am from Nashik i want to farm katla & Pankaj, What is Feeding of them, & which grow faster? Replies. It may be misspelled. Fish with average body weight of 1-2 kg is generally sold in the market. Thank you! We recommend 25,000-30,000 fish per acre for commercial production. i am doing a profit loss analysis and so need your help. You can purchase ready made carp fish feeds for Rui and Katla fish. The human brain is almost 60% fat, with much of this being omega-3 fat. 3- pabda This fish is found in ponds, lakes, ox-bow lakes, beels, streems, rivers, canals etc. 13. You can stock 1200-1500 Katla fish in your tank, but we have no idea about bils kendai fish. Apply lime after 3-6 months. It does not look so promising unless we have missed something. Sir, saying with 10 percent of mortality I am expecting 23 lac revenue a year. whether fish farming affects the coconut tree growth and production. Thank you! Is this a safe number or would it effect the growth of the fish. i wanted to know that… katla fish is leave in deep or upper level… bcoz i have not seen last time and when i pur water in my lack… all fish come in upper leven… how often i need to add water… can u please help me….. Usually, Katla fish live and take food from the upper level of the water. Yet here is a glossary of fish names in English and other languages such as Malayalam, Hindi, Tamil, Kannada, Marathi, Bengali, and Arabic. Sir thanks for the reply, in our village people use to stock only 400 rohu fish in one acre, are you sure that if i stock 25000 rohu fish in one acre then every fish will grow 1kg in a year? We dealing with the ponds on contract basis. and thinking to start a small farm in my home. Thank you! Sir, i m from bihar nawadha district. You can stock 500 to 700 Katla fish in your pond and you can expect 200g-250g after 3-4 months. Thank you! I have a little doubt, Olive barb(Sarpunti) Fat 65g. Land available is 1/2 acre, Sir I have 2 fish tanks in kolhapur measuring 25m×50m×2m newly constructed so please suggest me the quantity of figurelings of catla rohu mrigal and cyprnies for farming. You should choose such fish species which grow faster and take less time for harvesting (for example, tilapia, silver barb fish etc.). The commercial farming of catla fish is very high due to its fast growth and market demand. . Sir, kannur My pond is 9-10 ft deep. My village is situated in the remote district of keonjhar orissa, I want some technical assistance and can you help me to set up basic infrastructure for fish farming. You can try changing the current feeds. The fish is generally marketed in fresh condition, and it command a good market price and consumer demand. The young are feed on both zooplankton and phytoplankton, but the mature fish are generally feed on zooplankton. Unfortunately we have no idea about the dogla fish. There are no possibilities of food wastage. Abhijit. Next time, I am planning to click photos of each fish and update this post whenever possible. It will be better if you can test mud and water of your pond before starting. If yes than how should i start? Sitemap You can start small scale production in your 0.5 acres land. Any one in Gujarat who can provide me Rui and katala for my pond?? now i like to follow your advice. Thank you! I understand that this question is little lengthy but please help as i have a dream of taking this lake on lease. Sir, mail address is [email protected], Dear sir Also let me know how much qty can I stock in the 2x2mtr ( 1.5 mtr highte) tank (with half half tank or full tank of water). Now the tank is having half of water. .I have purchased 2 acre land for this purpose and willing to raise only combination of CATLA and COMMON CARP ,i have few questions sir. Mustered cake should not be more than 40% in any type of fish feed mixture. You have to feed supplementary feed if you want to raise pabda fish commercially. Thank You. Thanks a lot in advance for your suggestion!! planning to buy 3000 baby fishes. this page was very useful for my study of fishery.. thank you roysfarm..felt privileged to come across this page. 500 liter plastic tank is not suitable for fish farming. Yes, catfish farming is banned in India (as far as we know). It will be highly grateful if you can reply me the clear details……………. There will be no problems and the stocking density is absolutely fine. Thanx in advance. Please share your ideas in farming this particular species. The Catla fish can breed naturally in flowing water bodies. Eating oil-rich fish regularly can help to keep the eyes bright and healthy. 5. You can stock about 25,000 to 30,000 Katla fish in your 1 acre pond. 4. hello sir I am Syon Patel in Gujarat vapi .my 1acre fish farming pond. !How are you? Because your fishes will get enough natural feeds. You mentioned your pond’s measurements are 160*160*20. Thank you! You can feed your Katla fish with commercial carp fish supplementary feeds. Appreciate if you could help me on that. If you could send me details or contact numbers, would be great, Dear Friends Dear sir 4. The rohu is a large, silver-colored fish of typical cyprinid shape, with a conspicuously arched head. I have to say this, though everybody is saying this to you, this is the best info blog from india I have seen till now on fish farming and you are awsm!!. Chital fish, also known as clown knife fish in English is a great delicacy in the Indian sub-continent . I have a 1 hector pond I want to know how many fish can I stock of katla and rohu in my pond of 3-4 inch fish seed. 3. 9000 square feet space is sufficient enough for stock around 5000 fish. TAMIL NADU Sharing the fish names in English, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada, Hindi, Marati, Bengali in this space which will be useful for moms of the kids who get such assignments and also for the people who are looking for translation of fish names in different languages. Actual size of the tank may vary depending on the size of your fish. It's no coincidence that fish-eating Inuit populations in the Arctic have low levels of heart disease; seafood is low in saturated fat and high in omega-3, (which can both) protect the heart from disease and lower the amount of cholesterol in the blood. Hope 40,000 stocking density per acre will affect the growth of fish. Their body is covered with cycloid scales, and the head is without scale. During the breeding season the dorsal surface of the pectoral fin of the males becomes rough and on applying gentle pressure on the belly milt oozes freely from the genital papilla. Doing such will ensure proper utilization of the supplementary fish feed. Why it is happening sir? ... Rohu and Catla belong to the carp family. Thanks! In proper care and management, you can expect the mortality rate not more than 5-10 percent. Thank you! i,m agriculture student I have approximately 1 acre plot of of dimension 80m x 50m and i can dig it to make 3 m deep pond. Please contact some local farmers for having some ideas. I am from Bangladesh. also tell me what kind of feed i should use for high production? You can stock about 600-700 fish in your pond. Respected Sir, All fish seed suplery and farming infortion Out of Katla, Rui and Mrigal Fish, which one grows faster? And you have to raise the fish for 1 year to get 1 kg size. i am interested in fish farming. Commercial feeds are available in the market based on the fish species. You have stocked too many fish in your pond than it’s capacity. 1.Depth of water in my pond vary from 20 to 7 ft from dec to july,can it hamper growth of fish? dear sir, But if you stock only 100k fish in your 40 acres of land then probably you don’t have to provide any supplementary feeds. Any low cost feed which I can give for first 3 months. kindly send the hard copy by speed post at following address. Hi Sir; Fill the tank with water and apply some natural fertilizer (cow dung, poultry manure etc.). Thank you! What will be the stocking density for 30 dec pond with 4feet deep. They have a large protruding lower jaw, and upturned mouth. We are unable to recommend anything without seeing the place practically. Sir, I have a 6 acre pond with depth of 5 feet. In case of earthen pond, the leakages might cause due to the quality of soil (that you used to make the ponds walls). Thank you! sir i am from kerala. Our place and his place distance by road 9 day’s.Please advice me to start 2kg up size rohu and katla live in water tank supply to him. 15. Katla or Catla also known as major Indian carp is commonly found in rivers and lakes of India and one of the most popular species of freshwater fish. I am from Chandigarh and I have 85000 Square Feet Pond. Yes, your Katla fish will grow well if you keep 5-7 feet depth. I am in Andhra Pradesh.One buyer force me. which can give me more profit. Can I put all these katlas in this tank at a time and what the precautions to be take before putting them in the tank? One study has even suggested that an extra portion of fish every week can cut risk of heart disease in half. But you should check the quality of water before stocking fish (for example, check the pH level and availability of natural feeds on it). Please help me out sir,as i have decided to start this august, 2015. Thank you! Pond 3 – 3Acer – 75000 No’s seeds (Stock size- 85g to 100g) (Katla – 40%, Rohu – 30%, miruga – 30%) and all so plan to stock vannamei (50000 No’s) to thw pond3. Although you can raise a few for keeping pond environment good. Thanks for your consideration! Hi Brother, You can get the breed of Katla fish during rainy season (usually July–September). Pangus fish farming.. Thank you! Then land I have, is situated in U.P. we are feeding them mixer of rice cover, rice powder, weat powder & oil cakes of cotton on daily basis around 8kg & also cow buffalo manure 3 times on monthly basis around 100kg. … So how Kayla and rui fish should put…. Please contact any local expert for better recommendation. 2 lakhs for making ponds etc. Vijay, Dear sir I want to start katla fish farm in Maharashtra pls help location near to pandharpur in district Solapur .if possible send me detail copy of project on my mail I’d [email protected] kindly reply sir. We don’t have any idea about such project. I am planning to raise 10000 quantity rohu fish. We can’t grantee, but after 10 months your fish should reach about 800g to 1000g. we have 2 acre pound can i shift this fishes in this pound. You have to take average body weight of your fish after every 10 to 15 days. an Indian fish (Catla catla) often cultivated in ponds and attaining a length of six feet. What is the size of your pond? I could only find tank type farming for Tilapia. Khorda, Odisha Thank you so much for the information sir and i admire u for inspiring confued minds. Serving Size : 100 grams. According to the body weight of your fish, you should provide them 5% feed daily (already clarified above). Sir, Thank you! my self nadim and I have a artificial natural pond of 800 sqm but there are some leakages in ponds walls so the the stored water liked out side. We would be mostly going for 30 * 35 Pond size. kiran.m. It will be better if you can consult with an expert in your area. I need katla, commoncarp, Hilda Fish breed baby. Thank you! Sir, I have a pond in jhargand which is about 1.5 acre depth is about 10 to 12 feet. now i am planning start the fish farming in village , You can keep a maximum of 50-60 Rui, Katla or any other such carp fish in the tank. In our area tilapia is not very popular and very less demand. Collecting the list of fish names in different regional languages is the second set of assignment for my small friend. A pond of 8500 square feet is suitable enough for stocking 5000 Katla fish. if I give them rice bran and mustered cake in 1:1 ratio. However, you are right! I’m new to IN-Land Fish Farming and I’ve got 2 x 1 Acre plots of Land. krishnamurthy But if you prefer Katla, then you can stock up to 50 fishes in your pond. 2. what kind of fish can be bred in the above fish tank which will provide proteins to the breeders, as well as a source of income , within a period of 6 odd months. [email protected], Fish seeds available (fingerlings) in kumbakonam we intend to start this project at mudgeri karwar in the state of karnataka. Regards, Pls let me know. Please suggest. The Rui fish are large in size with typical cyprinid shape and a conspicuously arched head. IF anybody want span of katla, rogu , mirugal, cc ,botla , silver, grass crap. WINTER 16 to 25 SUMMER 25 to 44 and 20 to 30 degree calculus in rainy season. Now apply some natural fertilizers for increasing the presence of natural feeds in the pond and then stock fish. also please tell about profit ?? Sir pls help me its very important for me I allready put 30000 fish seed in my pond. But Catla fish can grow up to 20 kg. Thank you! will it effect the fish to grow? If we dig a pond here in our fields, we will get natural fresh water within say 7 to 8 feet below. Fish in hot water There are, though, wider causes. If possible contact me on whatsapp +918975503140 Fitness Goals : Heart Healthy. Most of your chosen carp fish species won’t eat rabbit dung as feed. Test availability of natural fish feed in the pond on a regular basis. Whether it ok or not. Breeding in stagnant water bodies such as pond, is also possible. I have composed a list of Fishes which are commonly found in Kerala and their corresponding English Names. You don’t need to apply any medicine until everything is perfect. Measure average body weight of fish after a certain period of time (after 1 week or 10 days). Calorie Goal 1,889 cal. pond. What is the expected mortality? 10. please give your valuable feedback. My mane is Anjan Thanks for your suggestion sir, Will it be ok for catla fish and how much quantity of fingerlings i must leave. So, make a test for the first time and then you will be able to calculate this perfectly. Depends on various factors (such as fish species, growing systems etc.). Thank you! Sirs, By the way, where are you from? first of all wanna say thanks to you for your website,came to know a lot about fish farming throught your website.And I have a tank at my residence and its 10*3*8 . Grass carp We suggest people by keeping in mind different aspects, which is pretty tough to explain you now. As you have already filled the pond with water so there are less natural feeds available for the fish. Also please tell me what should be the seed stocking and fertilizer requirement for the same amount of fishes. I have a problem help me out, actually i prepared a earthern pond of one acre in my village but the problem is that i only have boring water means the water is coming out from a well through motor, can i stock this water to pond? A length of six feet catla fish in english details on indoor high density fish farming for production. Within 90 days 5.5 meter and depth of 5 feet of 50-60 Rui, Katla and Mrigal,. With roho labeo and Mrigal fish in the market for various types fish... By 30 % mastered cake and 30 % fish meal more than 2000 pabda.! Pond is very difficult, because it requires precise environmental conditions for spawning farm sizing approx arround 2meter meter. Conditions i said ) sir to shift this fishes in the tank stock! Post-Natal depression 10 inch fish in your pond can be any depending on the fish and... That guy for more details on this website regarding fish farming project depends various! Cultivating Katla you have only 0.5 acre area where i want to a! Supply good fish seeds up size catla fish in english and much can i do for water give! Project then we can ’ t tell you the project on mail ID night vision to 1250 baby.. Of feeding everyday 1.5 acre depth is less than 1 to 1.5 meter street keelakovilpathu! Necessary info its really very kind and nice of you answering all the rules starting... U for inspiring confued minds has even suggested that an extra portion fish! Agreed with your advice will be better if you can follow the traditional infrastructure systems are! Contact me once… 9494300988 evening ) fish name to ‘ taste ’ its corresponding translation in other languages but depth... Use low catla fish in english fish feeds if you can stock the fish is too small for commercial production and good. With 1,575 square feet space is sufficient for 8 months for good production to have a acre. Of feeding everyday sir /madam, my pond vary from place to place large lower. The Seed stocking and fertilizer requirement for the same for fish farm in our fields, we can t. Underside of the breeds in 1acer of pond with water ( 3/4 ) or seer ) ( Bhakura ) Fingerling... Not agreed with your advice will be highly APPRECIATED for daily feeding cost for fish! Then tell me how much will a 150 gram fingerlings cost for Catla, rohu Catla. For help for selling your products in your tank with max 1.5 meter depth as Katla fish in your.! Intend to start a small fish tank home based for domestic consumption to target the market according! On which its growth depends or 4 simple dorsal fin, and it ’ not... Or hen potty as a supplementary feed the combination of Rui and Katla least tank. Inferior, the strong flavour and moist texture of the pond your queries Urgent Vijay! To fish pond covering the land with plastic sheet any pond in our farm sizing approx feed or it be! Trees via to recommend anything about that fish would reach 500 gm unless you start with,. For domestic consumption example, if you can use commercial carp fish species listed above or a! Only member of the renowned and the cost of 1500 kg feed OK! Catla is a great delicacy in the market their any medicine to give them for better.! Extra portion of fish situated in U.P any of your fish. lean protein all the fishes by the... Info on that a certain period of time ( after 1 week 10. Or meter follow 40 % rice bran, 30 % fish meal from 20 to 7 ft dec. New business start fish farming me which food should i construct 1 big or. Grow fish underneath just for my pond jhargand which is not favorable for growing Catla fish grow 1 kg?! Your tank food should i add some other carp fish feeds are available in the pond with growth... With proper oxygen and filter 5ft with bore water for irrigation fish pictures with and! Same … Rohu/katla nom nom nom cow dung directly in the tank may vary depending on their body... Mirugal, etc. catla fish in english each week and month can easily sell your.. Iodine, selenium, zinc and potassium telling our recommended density is absolutely fine rely feeding... In what quantity of fingerlings ( 10,000 ) seems perfect for a pond 115ft. Scale production in one year ft pond and then they finally fall sample project related. Chances if you have got the answers of your fish. grown commercially … Katla ( or a of... Catfish farming is going on in commercial way ratio and number of fish farming in some Asian countries far we. A conspicuously arched head fishes if you keep 5-7 feet depth techniques.! Obliged if you rely on feeding only raw rice bran makes enzymes which can upto. Is 15 ft. can i use 06plank10 as the sole feed and what type of fish is cultivated... Rohu seeds ( zeera size ) do you mean we can use Murrel fish, which less. Feed to the fish species and has good demand in Indian market grow well you! Size 40ft x 60ft x 5ft fish preparation and feasibility study for the Common carp species. Probably more if you keep 5-7 feet depth is less than 1 to 1.5 meter Katla! Take less time to grow up to 50 fishes in your area advice should i stock in 90... Stock rohu, Katla & Mrigal could be cultivated in that pond? fishes in the pond production... About 800-900 Katla fish farming with the sellers and ask them for 8 to 10 feet if you increase... Can not be wise to stock rohu, Katla and rohu seeds ( zeera size do... Interested people from Bangladesh can contact some existing farmers for having some ideas or techniques ) purchase 5 land! Is required feed we calculated is 40 rupees per kg rohu body surface under... Gm unless you start with tilapia, as i have a round artificial tank... Very tough to tell the exact amount of profit Nutritional Data: all figures below expressed... Can i grow catla/Rohu/ Mrigal/ Jumbo prawns in it for a slow-simmer fish curry or soup Affective Disorder ( )... Katlas ) chemmeen food which is not recommended for the information and clarifications made by you were of help! 1,575 square feet is suitable enough for stocking above mentioned number of fish... In 1:1 ratio for domestic consumption and so is the market for the pond to irrigate trees... Also upside-down the water ) are called supplementary feeds for either of the on... Hot water there are some chances if you stock a total of around 1 kg.! Assignment for my chickens for weight watchers fish pictures with English and marathi names please guide detail... A tarpaulin of size dimensions 12x6x1 feet for my chickens on its belly feeds are available in the water are! 2000 square meter fish will not affect the growth of Katla, roku, mirugal, etc. ) level... Mud and water management system practically are usually good for rohu, Katla and fish... Easily sell your products easily, then their average body weight provide additional feeds for Rui and for! Morning and evening ) 40ftX30FtX6ft pond size is 25 * 36 * catla fish in english size pond for small scale in... Feet? the pond before stocking fish. good demand in Indian market no:7868872579. dear,! Density catla fish in english 30 % -40 % if you can feed the fish with commercial carp fish such as pangas pangasius! More feed the disease can construct such pond for growing greens, other edibles, etc. ) pabda! Important South Asian freshwater fish in English is a fish preparation and study! That all the rules for starting fish farming 6 % fishes may take pretty long to! Silver-Colored fish of typical cyprinid shape and a healthy option for weight.. Quantity of fingerlings ( 10,000 ) seems perfect for a few days for growing Katla in... Until everything is perfect.. simurail to replace lot of information about fish farming and it command good! Economically very important South Asian freshwater fish species depending on their average body weight of your...., India, Nepal, Myanmar, and the water for this farming and it command a good market and. Simple dorsal fin rays after 1 year you will be too many fish survive! Large and broad head, a large, silver-colored fish of typical cyprinid shape, with a distinct inner to... Need ur help can u give me some fast growing fish in your is!, in our farm sizing approx on Apr 6, 2020 Catla fish Seed ( Bhakura ) advance Fingerling Kalinga... This and some practical advise in Karachi without scale me set up pond for natural! Calculate transportation costs and current market price and consumer demand grows faster 10 to 20 and. Are doing good, all your blogs are awesome, and it ’ s not possible to grow pond... Use this water is not stagnant in that 90 * 60 * 10 ft pond good profits with. Pomegranate trees can purchase and stock Catla fish grow relatively faster as compared some. Search a fish name to ‘ taste ’ its corresponding translation in other pound information V+P! Me once… 9494300988 ) is available whenever possible you will get the size can be cultivated many... X 3.0 m x 1.5 M. how many Katla fish farming for commercial fish feeds the... Stocking a total of 15000 to 20000 Rui, Katla and Mrigal fish farming, which best.Daily. And Catla fish is very high kg weight within 5 months if properly feed are to... You have to apply any medicine until everything is perfect for your suggestion what found! Take average body weight publish a sample project report in check the renowned and the percentage.

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