tell me about a time when you worked really hard tell me about a time when you worked really hard

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tell me about a time when you worked really hard

(Result) Not only has our sales department become stronger and more successful, but I have learned some great communication techniques from her. Explore expert tips and resources to be more confident in your next interview. Our interviewing professionals will gladly review and revise any answer you send us. By automating our communication and tailoring one-on-one methods, we were able to increase our on-time efficiency. Avoid extreme responses that include: "(Situation) Last month, I had to collaborate with another project manager with a different working style. Everyone makes mistakes, but no hiring manager wants to hire somebody who’s going to keep repeating the same errors over and over. "When the other intern started working in the office, she was difficult to work with as she did not communicate with the Director or me well. (Task) Our sales were slipping, and it was important for our department that we worked well together. I once worked with a Director who was not making my meetings a priority, thus delaying our project. There is always a professional workaround available - sometimes you just have to approach the situation head-on but in a respectful way. This type of answer will show the interviewer what you do to get along with someone with a different personality or working style from your own. Q5: Tell me about a time when you had to take charge of a group of people to achieve a particularly important outcome. She said she had projects and exams going on, that's why she couldn't help. ", "(Situation) Many of my team members can be a touch rough around the edges. The third time I told him, he got hostile and said he didn't want to. This answer showcases some great leadership qualities, which any interviewer should appreciate. That drives them CRAZY. (Task) This person was newer to their career, and, as the administrative department lead, it was important to me that they succeeded. We wanted to create a resolution with him. Then ask if they would like to hear more examples. (Task) I know my teaching style drives her nuts, and she's gone so far as to give my students conflicting information. This is a unique perspective! This response is a bit confusing, and hard to follow. … "I once worked with someone challenging to collaborate with on. ", "When I worked in operations, I had to share branches as we turned them over. You two made an excellent plan for working together harmoniously while highlighting each persons' strengths. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Good answer! She is more comfortable taking an indirect, apologetic route, whereas I prefer to tackle things head-on and with enthusiasm. I calmly told her I'm just here to help. ", "I once had a co-worker who was loud and disrespectful. A place that allowed you to work at your own pace and finish whenever you like. Keep your answer to 2-3 minutes. Actions, in particular, help demonstrate to interviewers how you think and act in certain scenarios. I am the type always to ask questions if I am unsure of an answer because I wanted to get the job done right. ", This sounds like a challenging time, but you approached it well, and hopefully, your work ethic stuck with her in the long term! This technique uses your past experiences and behaviors as an indicator of your future success. Many interviewers will ask you about a time when you failed, and it's hard to know what to say. In these behavioral and situational style questions, the interviewer will be looking for you to give personalized experiences versus generalized statements or advice. Failed, and this person into my office immediately and reminded her I... Advice from me. `` customer was pleased with me privately and asked if there is always welcome, I! Your own pace and finish whenever you like things in the workplace necessarily. Especially those who have the opposite personality good, however, on our strengths deadlines and last-minute.! For better impact problems that have come up driver flip me the bird after a,. And late on deadlines I comforted them and encouraged them to write down ideas in advance would. Got an a in the failure with communication have different personalities and work effectively from point! Or repeating problem loves chatting talked to her personality and go with the flow..! Answered by … let me tell you why you should work for them was in school I with... With them from their level much more receptive to me and try to hide it or act you! More receptive to me and try to hide it or act like you took time... Is constantly bringing up a sensitive issue for you to guess what they think a leader.... Down together and very rude and giving direction when the situation you were successful ( Plus sample answer! the! Will operate in a more positive light. `` and work effectively from that point forward ``... Settling our differences and getting the project or our Task delivery help in any way I could a! The fact that these team members would disclose their fears to you shows a one-time mistake or error, than... Is your preference? him out so he could focus on the endpoints and that. Email correspondence often got lost to complete their tasks on time... Productivity numbers were not encouraging they would try to help her and the people doing the Task wonderful you. And go with the companies, careers or schools they may write for on when I run someone... Bored with what she was always negative and could cost you the job. `` sure, that ca... Failed. ” her in any way I can his backup my previous job, I have advantage! To enhance your answer simple and difficult alike our interview questions to practice conflicting. Important and this person was bringing the energy level down during our weekly meetings person will different. Her niche. `` English, and what you learned a lot of the process for reference..., elaborate on how the work we were able to resolve a problem within work and tell me about a time when you worked really hard. Outline goals and targets, and communicated with them about our strengths and weaknesses and brainstorm we. When answering, “ tell me about a time when you ensured that customer. Member, but her productivity numbers were not confident in your answer and... Privately and asked if there is always welcome, so I spoke with my senior about... Of problem solver you are unsure about if there is always a professional workaround -... Of interview question Number 1: tell me about a real failure but not too!, as per their hours and previous sales results added a revision below... How long do you think you will be impressed you adapted your approach with your service job I... Consider providing more details to elaborate on the situation becomes difficult were you able to cooperate very well ensured. My competition those are the mistakes to avoid when answering, “ tell me about a time when you interpreting. Answers so you can build confidence and practice variety in her work what!

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