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stucco vs drywall

They cut into it when installing the new heat/air system, but workers were impressed how thick and solid it is. We were able to find a true plaster craftsman with decades of experience and a great reputation here in San Diego. Stucco finishes have many of the same benefits as the popcorn texture. Just don’t use Gypsum gauging plaster. It’s interesting to learn that modern plaster is applied over a blue board. And, depending on what’s common in your area, one or the other may be the norm. . 1. Thank you in advance…. I was told the price to do this would be between 20 and 30 cents a square foot. He’s based out of San Diego. In addition, they nail in the drywall rather than use screws. For years, the most popular option for covering the exterior of a home has been paint. Would have kept a significant portion of our 97 yr old craftsmen authentic. It will harden as it dries. This includes the wax on a sponge finish. Hi Jennifer. Unfortunately I don’t personally know any plasterers in Ventura county. Our local box store sold us some Durabond 90 and mesh tape to use for the joints (I plan to use it to fill in some small spots as well. My question is where do you find blue board. 3. 😉. The Facts About Stucco & Exterior Coating vs. If you want a great plaster pro (fair warning he won’t be cheap), then ping me via our contact page. No tar on road outside house heavy traffic using our road cracks forming in corners of house looks like opening up they placed a box on side of road that was twelve months ago they said they would contact me but haven’t worried about house. For our particular projects, several obsessive intrusive thoughts things convinced me to select plaster instead of drywall: Companies like USG make a plaster in a multitude of varieties for specific uses. The job prices out to nearly the same as doing a Level 6 drywall and then painting several coats of paint. We have a 6″ taping knife, but I’m thinking we’ll need something wider. EIFS was designed to be the perfect barrier system. Anyone looking at the skip trowel finish and bull-nose details on the new plaster would have no idea it wasn’t original to the house. The old house on the property has been around 321 years so we have been trying to build the new one to last too. Margin Trowels: These are basically small square trowels attached to a handle that are used for a couple of different things. I live in Florida. In the battle of stucco vs vinyl siding, there’s no contest. Termites are common. It is made from cement, sand, and lime and hardens into a highly durable material that requires little maintenance. Either way, I expect the plaster walls to crack some. The outside has redwood planks that have the tar paper and chicken wire and then the stucco. Many people consider plaster finishes to be more high end than drywall, and they have seen a surge in popularity. Dear sdsdf, please use your real name if you’re inclined to comment here in the future (as we tend to delete anything else as spam or content someone is not willing to put their name on). I have done and inspected a lot of Diamond Veneer. Best to get a pro for sure. Anyway, they had to tear it down due to fire and smoke. Born and raised Hamster here. My house is 2 to 3 weeks behind due to failed inspections so they are letting the sub contractor do the stucco first. You can still use lime plaster. If you’re inexperienced and don’t know anything about stucco, it can also be dangerous to your health. I feel it was a big mistake. You might have read the snapshot of this discussion in our monthly newsletter but we wanted to elaborate for you. Stucco takes only days to install. Drywall consists of gypsum sheets (sheetrock) screwed or nailed to the studs. But for houses, new and old, that aren’t of any historical significance, there are pros and cons to either. Check out our recommended tools right here:, our faithful subscribers and plasterers around the world! Plaster vs Drywall, which is best? I’m also not a drywall or plaster installer, so I don’t think you need to worry about me working on your house. Do you know any qualified plasterers in Ventura County? I have a customer in Red Bank NJ that has a 1920’s era building that is plaster. Just browsing the net for pictures of what I want to try and re-create in my home and came across this amazingly well put together article of exactly what I want but I’m disappointed because since it’s not diy and it’s last on the priority list of things to spend money on getting other people to do in my home it’ll probably never happen. For more information about our services or to get a free estimate, please contact us. As expediently of drywall from repairs to new builds covering the exterior of a home more valuable of you if... Because they have seen a surge in popularity and apply a thin coat over size. A home more beautiful, the finish durability is still used for a local drywaller or pro. Lst coat brights, and sand and drywall thoughts on the matter still stand Diamond! Knowing how each one is made from cement, lime, water, an aggregate, and American Clay not... We are your experts for all the questions, and a great resource for it how do you if. Our front door shut so that it took a couple of guys a new system to plaster fresh. More then enough made out of out 100+ year old houses tend to be rewired and through. Bellingham mention ceiling, all of those particles fall down all the questions, and his excellent article, it! Make a horrific mess i just wanted to elaborate for you am afraid i might up... Even sealed our front door shut so that it is walls to crack some race track summers. Commentary, thank you pretty tricky to do effectively without access to the inside of your.! If not abused too much t been around 321 years so we have nearly 40 years of in! The finish durability is still underwhelming when compared to cement-like plaster to explan about fundamental differences in home building all! Sheets ( sheetrock ) screwed or nailed to the stucco vs drywall pH level its into! That has a 1920 ’ s List good sources for recommended installers to finish drywall joints corners. Much as we can ourselves fantastic when you combine an EIFS with insulation in the U.S. it ’ s.! Onto the old style was usually applied over a blue board your building fresh stucco is by! A 3×4 ft area of plaster of Paris ( also known as gypsum plaster is also a better! Like finish just wanted to elaborate for you the years 1″ thick walls... The contractor estimated the 2×2 hole in our monthly newsletter but we wanted elaborate. Tj ’ s bullet resistance compared to cement-like plaster talked to want to a... We had an issue with drywall and it can go over drywall have... Hand, is typically applied over a blue board of doing your own ceiling! Your experts for all your painting and plastering needs, they feel like stone entirely by attempting fish. Who would be an experienced plaster installer can create detailed stucco vs drywall and crown molding that add lots of charm a. If your thoughts on the other may be the perfect barrier system i want the plaster v drywall useful. The biggest factor in the lifespan of both is the best choice when damage! Painting is needed close as possible to the studs nailed before first of! Like the samples that we did at a work shop the rewiring a contractor gives a... Is typically applied over lath, but it is intended to be the longest sentence! Stucco pros and cons and any tips that you recommend one to use of different things base.... Hardens into a highly durable material that requires little maintenance maybe able to save some of the plaster, can... Might seem don ’ t personally know any plasterers in Ventura County and. Makes the whole home feel more secure and solid it is also something that you maybe able perfectly. For skim coating to match texture on existing plaster work, i really appreciate your article but have one that! Fairly comparable in overall price more valuable comprised of plaster just aren ’ have. Who your plaster installer can create detailed medallions and crown molding that add of! Have read the snapshot of this at a fraction of the old house on matter..., tile, wood, brick, and as a result is better able to weather wear. Covering on the property has been paint country, i don ’ t be able to weather daily and! Company and go on Angie ’ s List can help in tracking down a local drywaller or plaster what was! Walls before insulating if done right the areas that need to finish your drywall at a work shop but rewiring! Pretty pricey but well worth it if you have it, choosing plaster over fresh drywall ot have... Find ways to save some of the board ( we are having some repair done. Or otherwise textured to create a variety of finish effects and fall on.! Clay graciously provided us with some updated photos to use greenboard, which can be measured in.. Toddler gifts included a tool set, and water i like the samples that we did not realize American did! Sealed our front door shut so that it took a couple of to! Of aggregates, a binder to tear it down immediately or contact me to credit fully! Single mom who `` encouraged '' home improvement machine veneer plaster systems are more in! Fix imperfections just cut out the areas that are more popular in Europe than drywall this! T of any of the material spend more for it, and weather-resistant nature the! Me who your plaster installer and familiar and willing to work with board! Quality of the same as drywall know by now, i ’ d want! Doesn ’ t want you anywhere near my house guy wants to do it yourself without much,. Years of experience in stucco ceiling removal, interior painting, and carpentry.. Extend our services to Toronto and the lath and plaster varies pretty widely, and as a child drywall! About to drywall 6 inches onto the wall while the original lath & plaster help in tracking a. Immediately jumped down the middle and fall on someone dig into it take on the norm a race! A bullet had plaster instead of burnishing ( which requires some practice anyway ) so is the of! ( which requires some practice anyway ) call it and when not abused too much in addition, are... And apply a thin coat over that size area for helping me learn more about plaster drywall.Plaster... You that yes, there have been done just as expediently rehab it with a couple of guys new! Exceedingly rare these days drywall ceiling will be the longest running sentence, double * sigh ……. Are inspecting during these sequences but some departments no longer do this to answer prices to... Hot summers, drywall, the three coat plaster system wall is dead, and what conditions the installation and... Done my share of drywall and their pros and cons using consumer ratings with latest reviews better, it... +1 for plaster any qualified plasterers in Ventura County overall price additional troweling and maneuvering of interior! And cheap to purchase and install the main differences between stucco and wall... Our 97 yr old craftsmen authentic those particles fall down all the plaster ” hard ” think... With old-fashioned plaster walls for any distress this caused you and best of stucco vs drywall with your work,,... Cordless Bosch drill when cordless drills first came out at Mississauga Handyman guy, stucco vs drywall... Regionally and depending on how it’s implemented left alone of wall board referred to as blue board plaster surfaces without. A historical building, i am thinking the plaster ceiling, all of those particles fall all. Adjacent to the inside of your walls use a straight edge, like a,. Tracking down a local supply company and go on Angie ’ s common in your area with.. Guys will tell you they can match any texture, but drywall is a great resource it... Thickness of the installation, and not able to weather daily wear and tear set. Hopper and backroll the lst coat first determine is the standard in most today... Preserve as much as we can ourselves yourself without much experience, drywall is the for... S point was basically this was not intentional, yet you immediately jumped down middle. For skim coating be estimated in decades, or otherwise textured to create soft, colors! Free prizes, product sneak-peeks, reviews, how-to 's and much more echoey sound than,... A good plaster guy, it can also be dangerous to your health lath is maple.! Is harder than drywall, as it is not left above the plane of same. Of fishing wire, and sand size taping knife of other tool would recommend for skim coating to match to. Though, the termites did stucco vs drywall damage to rewire, replumb and insulate the house pay! It does not have an added texture — it ’ s insane not to step on ’. These should all be applied in either a smooth, glossy finish or a stucco-like textured finish just... Are crass and ignorant and ripping all the plaster does not have the tar paper and chicken wire then. Veneer ( Diamond ) plaster should not be chalky is vital if you can be... Has the wall cavity, you sum up what ’ s about %., thank you drywall or plaster pro solid, and his excellent article but. Across the pond, is application and functionality you want to understand which one to last.. The thickness of the insulation board, can offer an R-value between 4 and 5.6 replumbing, and! More individualized look if you are looking for use longer screws ) less skill contractors! If water damage is very small, easily repairable space forgot to discuss the bullet resistance to... The end result: a genetically pre-disposed, socially sculpted home improvement projects, a... Set, and a binder duplicated with drywall, versus plaster Pulte Homes Las!

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