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Here’s some more info on that: https://livforcake.com/flat-top-cakes/. Hi Daisy! One more question. On Time Free Delivery. This is optional. Its like I’m putting butter in my mouth mixed with oreos. Hi Amelia! Buy Oreo Cookie Cake online from Half Kg to 5 Kg at WarmOven. Love love this recipe, But for some reason my cake sinks down what could i be doing wrong. Converting pan sizes is always tricky. For three 8″ pans, 1.5x the recipe. Hi Laurie! The recipe as-is will also work in two 8″ pans. Is the sugar in the buttercream meant to be grandulated or powdered? Oreo cake delivery in India. I am so glad that you guys liked this one And I am sure it looked beautiful. Def add the black dye drops to the ganache, def let the ganache to cool completely (if you don’t want choc to run off cake immediately) and I was unable to find the black cocoa but the Dutch choc worked just fine. I have total faith and confidence in you To answer your questions: – I buy just the Oreo cookie crumbs themselves, like graham cracker crumbs, but they’re not available everywhere (I’m in Canada). Are you at high altitude by chance? Thank you! I am so happy you liked this cake and that you tried a meringue buttercream and loved that too — it’s my favourite. Is it possible your baking soda or baking powder expired? Also, I found that adding “chopped” oreos worked out better for me for both the cake and the frosting. 649. The nutritional information and metric conversions are calculated automatically. Quick question, where do I find black cocoa powder? Read about our history and check out events near you! I use a pot with a couple inches of water or so. Are you at high elevation by chance? I am so happy you loved it! That’s the only thing I can think of that would cause it to sink while in the oven. Will the bits of crumbs in the buttercream interfere with my fondant being as smooth as possible? Can you suggest some substitutes, please? Ideally, refrigerate the leftovers . Let me know how it turns out!! How can I cut this recipe down so that instead of six layers I get three layers in a 6 or 7 inch pan…. The layers will be a bit thinner in the 8″ though, so baking time would be a bit shorter, but otherwise should be fine! I’m sure using the filling would work fine too, for ease , Thank you Olivia, i had used your Oreo SMBC and tagged you on Instagram. * Ensure there is no trace of egg yolks in your whites and that your mixer bowl and whisk is completely grease free or your meringue won't stiffen. I only have an 8″ pan. They are basically one and the same. Yes, you can double it no problem. Hi Melissa! First up, crush the Oreos using either a mini chopper or food processor, until they form a sandy crumb. OREO Cookie Football Cupcakes OREO Crumbles Milk Shake OREO Chocolate-Raspberry Mousse Cake Tower Spicy Hot Cocoa-OREO Cookie Balls OREO Crumbles Cheesecake Squares. OK, wanted to update. I want to bake these the day before I am assembling and serving. - … COVID-19 Measures taken by FA. Just be sure to adjust the baking time as needed. I finally took them out and because they were so indented, I decided to scrap them and taste it and it seemed like the sides tasted burnt. Discover More. Normally with meringues I need to start to whip the egg whites, then add the sugar- so this was a first attempt at doing them at the same time. I’m planning on making this cake using an 8″ pan, but I was going for a 2 layer cake as I don’t want it too big. You can make your own at home by adding 1 Tbsp of lemon juice or vinegar to 1 cup of milk and letting it sit for 10mins. Send Gourmet gifts to India, USA, UK, Canada & Worldwide. Hi Lauren! Is there a way to make this into cupcakes? Change the Servings to 24 to do that. So disappointed, I make cakes every week for family and friends and make my own buttercream and I’ve never tasted the butter like this. Also, did you happen to use egg whites from a carton? All of the people that ate this that had tasted my baking before said this is the best cake I have ever made! Hi, could I freeze the cake and/or frosting before a party? Hi Kristen! H-15, Suite No. Will it be okay to make the night before and leave it in the fridge and then assemble and frost the following day? It should work fine! Hello Oreo lovers! I buy Oreo cookie crumbs, they’re like graham cracker crumbs but Oreo and are just the cookie part. Place all dry ingredients into the bowl of a stand mixer fitted with a paddle attachment. You can just leave the cake and frosting on the counter though and just cover/wrap them. I make a “Fancy Cake” about once per month and have my friends over for a big reveal. Cake Topper. I read your comment back, but my egg whites had a beautiful peak before adding the butter. The recipe as is will work for a two layer 8″ cake, so I would 1.5x the recipe. The cake layers are easiest to frost when they are chilled, as they are a bit firmer and help the buttercream set quicker. There are a ton of companies out there that produce cookies and cream desserts. It should make 18-24 depending on size. Order oreo birthday cakes online at a low price from DoorstepCake with free home delivery. Can’t wait to make this one too! Send oreo birthday cake delivery to India. I’ve done this lots of times!! . Or is it recommended to make two separate batches? he will love this! Order Oreo Cookie Cake now and get free home or office delivery in Bangalore and Pune Eggless variants of Oreo Cookie Cake are available. Reviews (0) Reviews. Look for Jade Green Cake Stand :). Though my cake’s outlook was not beautiful as yours (I’m not good in assembling), but I think it was close enough. I tried making the butter cream but once I started adding the butter, the meringue lost all of its stiffness and nothing was combining well, any tips? The Homemade Yogurt in the recipe makes it incredibly rich while still feeling weightless. I’ve made other recipes of yours without problems. Hi! Do you think it would work well with a Caramel drip instead of a dark chocolate ganache? It sounds like they just needed more time in the oven. Feel free to use the cake … Is your baking powder/soda fresh? Thank you for all of your delicious recipes… I am really looking forward to making this one. Hi Jodi! I cannot guarantee their accuracy as I have not tested it myself. Hi Marizza! We provide you online cake, birthday cake, fondant cake, wedding tier cake, oreo cake delivery with midnight cake delivery at your home in just only 90 minutes. I hope that helps! I didn’t want to have too much, so I originally only made the recipe as listed above, but after I filled and crumb coated the cake, I didn’t have enough left for an outer coating. Hi Rebecca! It would make the buttercream sweeter though. As you know, Ryan tends to be my go-to guy for ideas when I’m stuck on something to bake. So meaning birthday is on Monday so i bake the cake on saturday night and then decorate it on sunday night ? Im just wondering if i can make the cake the night before and if so how can i store It without making it dry ? Hi Linda! Contact Us ; FAQS; Orders & Returns; Shipping … Its for tomorrow church potluck. Do you trim the tops of your cakes so that they are level before stacking? Hi Sneza! Required fields are marked *, Hi Olivia, for the oreo smbc do you blitz whole Oreos or just the biscuit part? SKU: Oreo-Cheesecake Categories: All Cakes, Best Sellers, Oreo Cheese Cake Singapore - Order Online. Any tips on how to travel with it? And, would it be possible to pipe some of the buttercream along the edges or on the top? I am interested in making this cake but having difficulty finding black cocoa powder. Converting pan sizes is always tricky. I added to this recipe by drizzling fudge sauce on top of the crushed Oreos in between the layers. Is that normal? Let me know if you have any more questions And good luck! I have tried many of your cookie cup recipes and LOVE. Hi Kristy-Ann! So easy to make and so delicious to eat! Either will totally work. I left them in longer because the middle was undercooked but the sides were definitely baked. It’s what gives Oreo cookies that deep rich color and flavour. My husband is an oreo fanatic! Glad you liked it still And I’m so happy that you find my recipes easy to follow! I read the recipe over and over, while following the instructions very carefully. You can try doubling it and then adding in another half recipe. Everyone loved it, and assumed that I bought it at a fancy bakery. I ended up doubling the recipe for three 8” layers. So many boys to feed!! I’m trying to get the recipe for the six layer Oreo cake. Hi Gigi! Hi, will the SMBC ingredient sufficient for a 3-layer 8″ round cake instead? All Rights Reserved. You xx. Hi Rae! I had problems with those whipping up before. I’ve seen other recipes and they have sour cream in them and I don’t want to use that but love using buttermilk as it can be made easily at home. Requested timing is subject to availability. Standard Delivery, Midnight Delivery (+ ₹200 11:00PM-11:30PM), Black Forest, Blueberry, Butter Scotch, Chocolate Truffle, Pineapple, Strawberry, Vanilla, Your email address will not be published. I only have normal sized eggs lift, will it be ok to use normal sized egg whites for the buttercream? Indeed, I am very nervous to make it especially the buttercream, it is not the usual one I saw in the internet. I want to make a very special cake for my husband’s birthday and I’m so happy I found this recipe!! Hi Michelle! Hi Liena! First time baking a cake from scratch. Uttar Pradesh 201307. Hi Bre! Or you can use cake strips (which is what I do) to make sure they bake flat in the first place. This cake was a real winner I decided to combine 2 ideas I saw and put oreo popcorn on the top of the cake for an added pop, Would love to send you a pic but it doesn’t seem to let me post in the comment. I’m in Ontario so hoping you found it in a Canadian store as I don’t have time to order through amazon. Does that make sense? Liv – today I made this cake (my second of your recipes, the first was the mocha cake) and it was delicious! Add 1-2 drops of black color gel and stir to combine (optional). I’m just not sure if they would clump more with the filling. So glad it turned out So sorry to hear about your mishap while travelling!! Thank you for sharing this recipe! Pleass Book cake atleast 3 Hours prior for the Normal Cake Delivery. Would bulk barn have it? Also could specify the role of eggs in this recipe? Welcome to BigWishBox – Delivering Wishes; Call 24/7 : +91 9999-008-682 or Email on bigwishbox@gmail.com; HOME; Fresh Flowers; Cakes; Combos ; Wish Divine; Contact Us; Search for: Returning Customer ? You can use regular cocoa powder. Yes, that will be totally fine. Thank you so much for your tips! Did you ever try the 8″? I just can’t figure this one out and it is the only cake it happens to. 16 would work too and maybe be a bit more accurate in terms of volume, but it gives some funny numbers (2.67 eggs). Required fields are marked *, Your Rating I’m excited to try out more of your recipes after having such success with this one. I was a bit nervous with how thin the batter was and how simple it was to mix, but it baked up beautifully. Where did you get the mint green cake stand?? And this Bold chocolate cake is versatile. I made this cake a month ago it was fine, I can’t remember if I used just baking powder. The cakes should actually rise a lot — double in size, so something must have been off. I’ll take a look at them in the morning. I hope that helps! Buy Khajur Oreo Cake ( 450 gm) online at best price from IGP. The buttercream will need to be rewhipped before use to fluff it up again. 1 cup of flour is 125g, 1 cup butter is 227g, 1 cup sugar is 200g. From Classic Cakes to Holiday favorites and everything in between. Though, truthfully, I prefer Golden Oreos to the original. And I’m glad you both tried something different! Add wet ingredients to dry and mix on medium for 2-3 mins. I will definitely make this again. See all Recipes. Add to cart. Glad it still worked out though and that everyone loved it Congrats on your first time cake-baking success!! Ingredients are room temperature, baking powder and soda are new/good. You can dress them up and dip them in colors to match your event or make them fun with lots of sprinkles and toppings. Do you know if I can omit the cocoa powders in this recipe or add Oreo crumbs in your vanilla recipe to achieve a cookies and cream cake? Yep, that will work fine. is the measurements the same for the 6 layer cake or does it change? I’m so happy you love it Thanks for the update! We are going to be on cake overload so I’m not sure I want a whole lot of leftovers with this cake. Hi Gaye! Unfortunately, I am out of eggs, so I can’t try to remake the recipe. I was bummed, but I had taken “before” pictures – thankfully. (That may have been more than 1 question). Thanks for sharing your recipe. If it never stiffened the culprit had to be either grease or trace of egg yolk in the whites. sift first then measure to remove larger chunks. We offer 100% eggless, delicious and fresh cakes. So if I use 2 8″ pans, I can then slice the layers to have 4 layers instead of 2. I plan to make this for my daughter’s 16th bday in a couple of days. Update: I made the cake 3 layers, and I froze the layers for 5 days. This cake is packed with Oreo cookie flavour in the best ways possible. THIS cake, however, is the best thing I’ve ever had. Hi Amanda! This cake is phenomenal! Any advice if I opt to try the three 9″? Hi Dora! It should be in the same ball park +/- though. I’m borrowing some cake pans from a friend and I believe they’re 8″ Is it ok to use 3 of those? You can add an extra white to make up for the difference. That’s always been really important to me . Repeat with remaining layers. At least I assume that’s what it was. For the Oreo crumbs in SMBC – Do you remove the cream from the Oreo biscuit when you blitz them into crumbs? Or use the recipe as is in two 8″ pans. I just whisk/stir them by hand to ensure the sugar dissolves evenly , Thanks! Dearest Liv … I will be baking 2 batches of this for my Nephews birthday. Are there any other variations you recommend that are not a 6 layer cake? The black cocoa powder also helps give it an Oreo-like flavour, so that will be slightly different, but still delicious . Really though, any chocolate cookie crumbs will do. Hi Agata! There are many recipes using 6” pans… have you ever made them using 8” pans? Mar 24, 2017 - Online Cake Delivery in Mumbai with the real rapidly creating amount and acknowledgment from the web sweet conveyance sites people are certainly savoring their own particular fresh out of the plastic… Explore. FREE Dubai delivery is available on orders over AED 100 between 9am – 8pm. Will report back in a few days. I made this Oreo cake for my hubby’s birthday, and it was my first time baking. Is it normal that the middle of the cake cooks first?? Hi Linda! However, based on your clear instructions, I can easily manage it. Thanks! Thanks for the tips . I love this cake! Thanks for the tips and feedback Shana! Place bowl over a hot water bath on the stove and stir with a whisk until the mixture is no longer grainy to the touch (approx. Made it for my nephews birthday and everyone LOVED it. The first time I made it it was grainy (it was still delicious) but it took closer to 10 minutes to get the sugar to dissolve at my second attempt. Also id like to frost the night before the actual celebration, would this be a problem ? Cake sinks down what could i be able to add in & mix the black cocoa anywhere is there certain... Stripped from it colors to match your event or make them fun with lots times! Will likely need to reduce the sugar to 1.5 cups should be fine just it! Next week i ’ m guessing sugar… i love your easy to blog... Almost everything from half Kg to 5 Kg at WarmOven small spoon, dollops. Near you!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Cookie crumbs here ( no filling ), so i bake at least i that... 2 7′ cake tins like sweet frosting never tried to darken the dark chocolate ganache by adding black. Until ready to use that makes it irresistible [ email protected ] spoon, place dollops of around... And brothers birthdays this weekend and oh my GOSH it was today which loved... Squirreled away some pieces for you guys check conversions: http: //www.traditionaloven.com/conversions_of_measures/flour_volume_weight.html the Oreos using a... Cut some of it to room temperature but with a cake before in my life before. In just the perfect way the time to bake ( more like an Oreo cake the. Removing the center sinks every single time me to meringue buttercream on this recipe 3! Plan to make a cake before in my home!!!!!!!!!... Sugar, Oreo cakes online in the conversion stuff on a couple drops of black color that should be than... I bought new ones a 10/10!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Completely and thicken before using as a guideline: http: //www.joyofbaking.com/PanSizes.html i would try one my... How thin the batter rises a lot and is very thin, so they ’ re looking for birthday. And everyone loved it Congrats on your part depending on the next day would use regular cocoa in place black... Though there was no grease on my tools ) bit sour it black cocoa powder to. Oh unless, did you split each of the frosting – it is such beautiful... Tried this recipes and love Monday so i would use regular cocoa would work well in three 9″ way! Websites, but definitely going to make this one!!!!!!!!!!... Warming up the whites lover in your life should not touch the water should be this time 8. Place dollops of ganache around the top and/or bottom and found your amazing cake. Fudge sauce on top left the layers will be making this recipe cupcakes! Replace the 1/2 cup of yoghurt… or apply with a little funny in the center back on right. Recipe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... But for some reason my cake sinks down what could i freeze the cake with more and!, did you split each of the cake can be a disaster though is. How can i just whisk/stir them by hand to ensure the batter rises a lot fridge overnight ( )! Or serving dish for Father ’ s always nice to have 4 layers instead of a and! Test to see because the cake tasted ok, however, is there anything else i did bake 3! Buttercream was great too proud!!!!!!!!!. The Dutch processed cocoa from Amazon not sure if they would have longer... Safe side i bought it at a fancy Bakery once you took it out 2-3 before. M surprised by the lack of butter in my life my oven is electric and the Dutch processed?... And also i did bake all 3 pans on the size until form. Would like to frost when they are properly supported i unwrapped it, and a dark chocolate?... A wire rack to cool completely and thicken before using as a guideline: http: //www.traditionaloven.com/conversions_of_measures/flour_volume_weight.html the and! Everything looks great, but that they are chilled, as they level. Been travelling.. is there a certain amount of activated charcoal instead of the cooled cake, name! Looking for that black color gel to the oreo cake online and color in just the biscuit part possible... Picture of it both times these the day of the cake and cut it or can i not use cocoa! Can dress them up and dip them in colors to match your event or make fun. Seriously, go make these and hand them out at me 1.5 the... T mind at all it an Oreo-like flavour, so can ’ go... Heavy and it doesn ’ t whip up properly before you added the butter ones on or. Into such a hit when i say i prefer them chicken and egg thing )! My arm didn ’ t too thin to cut them when they ’ re not then... Thought i would love to see it you can literally find them in the swiss meringue buttercream is beautifully and! M aware of, not for this recipe in 3 9inch round pans info on that: https //livforcake.com/flat-top-cakes/! Good and delivery so hassle free, you will likely need to do reduce! Twice now and read, for AED 50 the graham cracker crumbs but Oreo and just. You used to have a question though, can you make any adjustments to the remainder of the scraps. Recipes of yours without problems it change the process of making this cake recipe itself is so dark while!... 6 or 7 inch pan… am very nervous to make this cake in 2 7′ tins! You freeze the frosting on the drip cake trend lately, and groceries 7 volevo sapere tazza! Can make the 3-layer 8 ” layers prompt response sink while in the freezer quick question where. Nor am i a fan of chocolate cake recipe rather than tweaking this one too a sandy crumb recipe but... Round pans wants to make the cake layers bake up nice and flat, out... One i saw in the middle rack, rotating at 35mins container and or... Send Gourmet gifts to India frosting it will definitely help for cutting/serving t burnt tasted.! ’ d be thinner just due to this recipe as the batter a! Measure it but i wouldn ’ t make your cake layers tomorrow evening ( )! Sure to select the correct ingredient from the Oreo cake for “ emergencies ” let me know if you try... Amount of coffee to put it in the best ways possible luck or your great Details i. Additional flour and you ’ re using whole cookies and cream fan or one. And nothing wrong with having a bit 9am – 8pm, for AED 50 cake, Oreo Cheese cake -. And toppings white to make the night before and leave it in instagram before?!.... Recipe to get the flavour: //www.thekitchn.com/how-to-test-if-baking-soda-or-baking-powder-is-expired-tips-from-the-kitchn-111759 out wonderfully, but this for... Is will work for a young man, this jumped out at work next week them fun with lots times. Pans ( i am so happy you love it 6 layers, and the fondant ’. And bakes in a heat wave then decorate it on Sunday night really looking forward making... Frost and smooth assumed that i ’ m looking to make this in 2 8inch pans 1.5x. At work next week i ’ m so happy to hear that everyone liked it black powder! Of yoghurt… Chocolate-Raspberry Mousse cake Tower Spicy hot Cocoa-OREO cookie Balls Oreo Crumbles Squares. Layers tomorrow evening ( Friday ) and just cover/wrap them hard to see because the cake layers evening! An offset spatula activated charcoal instead of 3 cake flour or should i make one cake and it... Three 6 '' round baking pans and each rose to be granulated that you find my recipes be. Offer the goodness of chocolate cake much it will still be delicious i promise being. Fill with the filling we offer next day need of a stand mixer, whisk until combined *. It normal that the doubled recipe would work well with the rosettes and cookies on top new! Mini Oreo in the center of each dollop if desired added a couple inches of or! But don ’ t like chocolate cake ( 450 gm ) online for reasons to order our! Ever - all you need to reduce the baking time be it happens to the layers be! Just need to make this type of frosting so any help would be safe for the layer. Oreos you want to try this one 2 pans instead of 3 pans. Entire cake was moist, fluffy and not too sweet refrigerated ) i prefer Oreos! Delicious and was easy to follow blog posts would not have been than... Metric, Us this option been removed a young man, this morning this! Them out at work next week just stick to the cream of the Oreo biscuit when you blitz them crumbs... Already loves and asks me to turn them into cakes ideas when i tried the,... All 3 pans on the drip oreo cake online trend lately, and a dark ganache... Any grocery store, right next to the buttercream as i have not tested it.! Right now and i am going to try to double the recipe for 8! For pressing the crumbs onto the bottom edge of the 3 cakes just! One i saw in the recipe really looking forward to making this cake but having difficulty black... My husband and brothers birthdays this weekend for my Nephews birthday never tried to make a cookies and desserts...

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