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When new UK travel restrictions start, and how many Covid-19 cases there are Fines for those who … The restriction pertains to international railway traffic beyond the external borders of the EU. You can change the settings of your browser at any time. The restrictions, including the limitations concerning the entry of foreigners into Poland and quarantine, still apply at the external border of the EU. When using our website, the cookie files are downloaded onto your device. The United States remains on the banned flight list but all EU countries have been removed. Poland is keen to welcome tourists back and hotels were allowed to reopen from early June. This has now been extended to December 27. The highest Polish infection rates have been in the Katowice / Silesia and the Warsaw / Masovia provinces. Kraków is in the Lesser Poland province, which currently has the third highest infection rate in the country. Poland has 43 countries open to travel. There are, however, certain restrictions as to the age and venues where people are permitted to drink alcohol. Note that Kraków is in the Małopolska district: Forum Przestrzenie – image © Jason Weaver. foreigners who are spouses or children of citizens of the Republic of Poland or remain under the constant care of citizens of the Republic of Poland; heads of diplomatic missions and members of the mission's diplomatic and consular staff, i.e. A real timesaver. Check our Kraków Itineraries for two-day, three-day, and four-day trips, as well as our Things To Do In Kraków guide for ideas of where to do and what to do. On October 17, Kraków was added to the list of ‘Red Zone’ areas by the Polish government and the entire country was declared high risk the following week. In order to ensure the highest quality of our services, we use small files called cookies. Book accommodation that allows for cancellations. from Be the first to know if and when it’s safe to visit Poland, with up-to-date information on travel restrictions, quarantine regulations and entry requirements. Most public buildings, including hotels and shopping malls, provide hand sanitiser and ask customers to apply before entering. However, things are changing very quickly and not all firms will cover costs incurred by COVID-19. Both in the case of international and domestic flights it is mandatory to: - once every 24 hours when performing passenger flights. This also impacts the frequency of flights into and out of the country. Given the current domestic and international situation, the safest thing to do is not to travel abroad. Low restrictions. pupils and students receiving education in the Republic of Poland; foreigners who fly an aircraft within the meaning of Article 2 item 1 of the Act of 3 July 2002 - Aviation Law, onboard an international law who are the citizens of: Georgia, Japan, Canada, New Zealand, the Kingdom of Thailand, the Republic of Korea, the Republic of Tunisia, the Commonwealth of Australia or hold a right of residence in the territory of the aforementioned countries. Polish malls to reopen, but PM warns against Christmas travel, Poland Becomes Latest Country To Re-Shut Cinemas In “Circuit-Breaker” Lockdown, New restrictions announced as coronavirus infections surge, Covid: Poland and Turkey added to UK’s quarantine list as fines rise, how to get from Kraków Airport to Kraków city centre, the best hotels in Krakow for various budget categories, Travel Health Pro COVID-19 Travel Risk Assessment, how to get your phone set up with a SIM card, Zakopane – Poland’s Outdoor Activity Capital, Getting From Kraków City Centre To Kraków Airport, Getting From Kraków Airport To Kraków City Centre. Stay below the legal blood alcohol limit of 0.02%. :: Need inspiration? The restriction applies to international flights. ... Flights to Poland are prohibited from the following countries: Bosnia and Herzegovina China Montenegro Sao Tome and Principe Russia ... Must-Have Travel Accessories. These rules are updated daily, based on where new cases are highest. Log into your account. From 13 June 2020 Poland has restored full border traffic within the internal borders of the European Union. Use ctrl + scroll to zoom map. Poland has lifted stay at home orders, and resumed some transportation options and business operations. You can enter Poland from any country within the Schengen Zone – although you will now need to quarantine for two weeks on return if travelling from the UK. Poland is beginning to re-open to tourists, announcing new policy measures for visitors and organisations within the sector to help restore the sector ahead of prospective border openings. Can I travel to Poland? Update: November 9 See also our comprehensive guide to Kraków Airport and how to get from Kraków Airport to Kraków city centre. Although masks should be available from pharmacies, supermarkets, and a number of enterprising vendors, we recommending bringing them with you. From 9 December 2020, civil aircrafts travelling internationally from airports located within the territories of the countries listed below are prohibited from landing in Poland: 9) the United States of America, with the exemption of airports located in the states of Illinois and New York. Pay when you check out. Do you want to get notified when the travel restrictions change, or would you like … Kraków’s Christmas market has also been cancelled, Shops and malls are allowed to open, with restrictions on the number of customers, On October 3, Poland was added to the UK’s list of countries requiring a 14-day quarantine. From 25 November 2020, civil aircrafts travelling internationally from airports located within the territories of the countries listed below are prohibited from landing in Poland: 1) Bosnia and Herzegovina; 2) Montenegro; 3) Georgia; 4) the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan; 5) Republic of Armenia; CovidTravel provides the latest travel restrictions from governments around the world, as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak. Polish can travel to 85 countries if they meet certain conditions. You may get fined up to £6,000 if you don’t! Although international flights are now permitted to Poland from countries listed in the previous section, many services are now being cancelled until 2021. Poland’s containment of the virus was relatively successful for most of the first wave, but there was a significant rise in new daily cases since the initial lockdown was eased. Whether you can travel to the Netherlands depends on … The restrictions apply to civil aircraft with passengers. :: Find available Kraków hotels on Booking.com - usually you can reserve a room with no upfront payment. Check with airlines for clarification. Coronavirus: information and recommendations. If you decide to travel to Poland: See the U.S. Embassy's web page regarding COVID-19. Below you may find an exhaustive list of people who may enter Poland: foreigners who arrive due to their participation as a competitor, member of the training staff, medical doctor, physiotherapist or a referee in international master league sports events organised in the territory of Poland by an international Olympic or Paralympic sports federation or other  body recognised by the International Olympic Committee or organised by an international continental sports organisation being a member of such federation, as well as accredited journalists, after presenting the Border Guard with a proof of the competition, the date and the nature of participation with an appropriate letter issued by the organiser of such sports event or certified by the relevant Polish sports federation. POLAND TRAVEL NEWS edit post Destinations Poland to resume air service with China, Gabon, Singapore, Serbia, Russia and Sao Tome Poland Covid-19 (Coronavirus) Travel Restrictions - Travelbounce Get the latest information on Covid-19 related travel restrictions in Poland, including restrictions for UK travellers, entry requirements and safety measures. Poland is … Travelers should avoid all travel to Poland. See, Although there is currently no legally enforced lockdown, people are strongly advised to stay indoors, except for essential shopping, Children are only allowed outdoors between 8am and 4pm and must be supervised by an adult, Public restaurants, cafes, and bars are now closed and can only offer takeaway service. :: Make sure you don't forget to bring any of the essentials with our comprehensive Packing List For Kraków. All Rights Reserved. Learn how you can avoid risk and what to do when you or your family members suspect having contracted the virus. Similarly, if you display any symptoms of the virus before you leave or are considered at-risk, don’t travel! Poland lost its ‘Air Corridor’ status in the UK earlier this month, due to rising infection rates. :: Wondering where to stay in Krakow before you book your hotel? There is a high rate of motor vehicle accidents in Poland. See our recommendations for the best hotels in Krakow for various budget categories and ideas on the best areas of the city in Where To Stay In Krakow. Poland has restricted entry to all foreigners at all external borders (land, air, and sea), including for transit purposes (see more information about transit below). The travellers have the right to free entry, exit and transit through the territory of the Republic of Poland. Kraków is a very walkable city, so consider exploring on foot, instead of via bus and tram.

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