can brahmins eat fish? can brahmins eat fish?

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can brahmins eat fish?

My uncle, the son of a very religious man, my dad, and now that I think about it, pretty much everyone in my family other than my grandparents used to regularly indulge in eating beef as if it was not an issue at all. But Bengali Brahmins reject taking Egg as a Non-veg item. It is not acceptable as per scriptures but now a days scriptures are twisted to match one s imagination whims and fancies! And "Brahmins eat fish but they do not eat any other meat", eating fish itself is an … We should not fear our differences, but play Holi, celebrate Diwali and Durga puja with the same fervour. Different communities in India have different food habits. its valid in many cases. 1) In india , hindu women usually are bound to apply "bindi" on forehead especially if married. Hinduism specifically prevents us from creating a single template and getting congealed into a single glob of monotheistic thought, as that is exactly what it is not. Why the hell should Brahmins be vegetarian? I have started saying that I am a "strict vegetarian" simply because so many people seem to think that bacon bits and chicken broth are vegetarian. We should not tolerate our differences, but enjoy them. I just tell it like it is :P) Pics courtesy Google, but collage by me! Every house has a small vadi or garden in the backyard growing coconut, banana, jackfruit, cashew, mangoes, kokum and betel nut, which makes for a self-sufficient kitchen. Quoting from Wikipedia;" Saraswat Cuisine is the mainstay of Saraswat Brahmins … But then again, I saw my maternal grandfather (also a Brahmin) gobble up chicken as red meat was not good for his health. Fish eating can also be attributed to the very flexible and open minded (developed?) And my dad used to enjoy a peg of his favorite whiskey, almost every Saturday evening while gazing at the stars. See all depends on availability and necessity of eating Fish. Some one who used to conduct sandhya annik before his meals, who never spoke during his meals, but someone who definitely used to eat fish (this part is important). Abundant availability of fish probably seems to be the reason behind this logic. well coming to the answer, i have to tell you that despite what religion says, in some cases, WHAT YOU BELIEVE AS RIGHT OR WRONG DEPENDS ON THE CULTURE / GEOGRAPHY / PEOPLE YOU STAY WITH / SOCIETAL NORMS. Different kinds of kings, different religions and different geographical conditions meant that all the people developed separately. but in kerala, its available widely. Only to think that people in India are still lynched in the suspicion of having beef in their freezer. Why do South African Blacks want to kill white people? What do you think of the answers? (eating Beef is considered sin), For the same reasons that the fish eating Goud Saraswat Brahmins do. Many years passed and I shifted to Hyderabad for my job. 2.) can you give any proof for this statement and what is base that u are writting this with out any knowledge ha? Why are black people so interested in interracial marriages with other races? One fine day, one of my colleagues saw me having a fish fry during lunch. Non-vegetarianism might be a sacrilege to Brahmins from the south, but for Brahmins in the east, fish is just a way of life. I am now more clear as to how Bengali brahmins ended up as non-vegetarians. Saying that you're a vegetarian when you aren't makes it tougher for vegetarians. She said that fish could be eaten but not other meat. That "even though" should tell you that the answer is "no." This is exactly the situation of India. Demand Action Against Caste-Based Discrimination. My grandparents never used to touch alcohol, but I have seen both my father and my uncles return home visibly drunk from a parties they attended. See all depends on availability and necessity of eating Fish. Again, the only reason I used to be excited about going to weddings in Kolkata, was that there would be a high possibility of mutton being served. Thanks - … When I visited Pondicherry, people could only speak either Tamil or French. We have our differences to look forward to. Shaolin monks only eat vegetables and look frail, would they get beaten by average men easily in a fight ? Some people told me another funny story – … They are called macha brahmnals. Generally they believe eating meat—involving killing an innocent animal—develops bad karma … This seemed like a very ludicrous combination to me, as I could not communicate in either. A large section of the community – except its priestly class – eats fish. Apparently, someone who eats fish but not meat are called demi- vegetarians. When I visited Pondicherry, people could only speak either Tamil or French. My mom made fish curry this morning (Diwali) and I asked her if we could eat that since, to my understanding, fish was meat. Look at this another way: Can I consider myself straightedge even though I smoke pot? The sage was a simple but a very learned man. We are a cacophony of different kinds of people who have been brought up in different environments and situations which have affected the way we live and conduct our lives. Fish is an essential item in each and every Bengali crossing creed and caste. Review of Hotel Gautam. many eat and consider it normal. I am a Kashmiri and know for sure that Kashmiri Brahmins eat fish,eggs n milk plus goat/lamb meat. So, when one of my Telugu friends got married and invited me for the wedding, I got visibly excited, only to realize that the wedding was in the morning and the entire menu was vegetarian. The inquisitiveness is essential to our Hindu lifestyle. It is believed that Brahmins are bound to their traditions and close to God by performing ceremonies and vratas. Is Hinduism Losing Its Essence Of Agnosticism? A lactovegetarian diet is followed by many Hindus – no meat, poultry or fish, no eggs, but milk products are allowed and encouraged. 3.) It’s important to let go of the pressure, to release it from time to time, so that the steam can regain and cook the mutton beautifully. I had seen my incredibly religious grandfather follow all the rules and principles which had been written down in the guidebook of a “shuddh” Brahmin life. But can someone answer this question: If food habits are the same between brahmins and non-brahmins in Bengal, what exactly *differentiates* the sects? i knew bengali brahmins consider fish as veg but that they consider egg as non veg, hmm what an irony ! The Brahmin family inter-mingled with fishermen community started eating fish and floated such convenient stories such as fish is Jalapushpa or their eating fish was mentioned in some Puranas. But anyway no one can escape Gods punishment. None of my family members have followed the tradition of not having non-veg. The brahmins respected their teacher. Heck, Brahmins were paid with fish, for their services of performing prayers in ancient Bengal. If you know anything about India, you know that we have never really been a continuous stretch of land ruled by a single ruler, but a cacophony of multiple kings spread over a vast area. My roommate is an Oriya brahmin, but he is hardcore non-vegetarian. That is not true. How come Brahmins separated by merely 1500 kilometres developed so differently that our food habits, acceptable norms and customs were all so different? I disagree with fish dishes being called vegetarian, as I have been offered fish dishes, and if you are a real veggie, you don't eat fish. But the sad part is the opposition pulls the country in the other direction and polarizing the majority by indulging in appeasement for the minority. “Marriages between Saraswat and non-Saraswat Brahmins are on the increase though they were unheard of before, mainly because the Saraswats eat fish and occasionally meat, while all other Brahmins are vegetarians“ In one source they meant with some other contrast but here it has been used as per their POV.This is what we term it as page without neutrality. Thus, there can be no one template of being the ideal Indian who follows all rules and laws. There is another reason which can be relied upon to support the thesis that the Brahmins started cow-worship gave up beef-eating and became vegetarians in order to vanquish Buddhism. It is not as generally true for the pancha-gauda brahmins of North and East India. This pressure in the context of our country is dissent. If you can also do a yagna for 3 days with all the necessary yama and niyama, and then eat a little bit of meat as prasad (remnants of sacrificial offering), go ahead. As it turns out, Brahmins in the southern part of India, specifically in Andhra Pradesh, were vegetarian. If you simply must call yourself "vegetarian," you should qualify the statement with "except for fish.". At least a Hindu Brahmin should not do it as it amounts to himsa and results in evolvement of tamasika guna. The similarity cannot be just incidental but indicative of the common descent of the Jews and the Brahmins. Q hindus there are minority ( however its completely a different thing that they dont get special rights of minorities as the minorities of india get in every other state ). Since fish is abundantly available there so they consider it as Veg. Indians:Why Bengali Brahmins do consider FISH as a vegetarian food(even though they consider Egg as a non-veg)? You're missing a great opportunity to get the word "pescetarian" out. Just like in a joint family, you opinion is not muzzled, its encouraged. Is it true in the USA that they don't wish to give the COVID vaccine to black people? The keyword is 'sacrifice'. faiths the Konkanis have followed. Food can bebased type of work because you can burn the fat after your full course. And please don't just say, "It swims so you can." Here are some reasons: 1.) Still have questions? No. As A New Mom, Here’s How I Challenged This Patriarchal Tradition. they learn it from society and they dont consider it wrong ! So, to me, my grandfather was the epitome of what a Brahmin should be. Moral of the Story – If you’re an intelligent Brahmin, you’ll eat fish (That’s the Goan interpretation, don’t sue me! She did not say anything then, but later came up to me and said, “I thought you were a Brahmin. After all, they had left modern-day Bangladesh as their love for the religion was worth more than their lives. I have also seen my father and my uncles have beef and come back to the house in the middle of the night, sometimes half drunk. If you stop questioning then you cease to be a mindful human, and the pressure valve is risked. Alongwith Fresh Fish, they present Fish made of Silver or Gold (as per their Status) to the Groom as Dowry. It doesn't actually matter. I have grown up watching my grandfather not talk during his meals. They believe if the fish is put before the god as Prasadham , the fish becomes veg. That is central to who we are. You probably wouldn't want to request a vegetarian meal at an event, or have someone make you a vegetarian dinner and then find out the other option was something you would have liked better, like a portion of grilled fish. Why can’t black people swim or drink milk . I was shocked that being a brahmin, he eats meat but it was surprising when he told me that most Oriya/Bengali brahmins eat goat meat and fish. but if you look at those who migrate to usa and stay there for many years, you should NOT be surprised to seem them not apply bindi at all ! For people who avoid meat for health reasons, this might not be a huge deal. Right ? You can sign in to give your opinion on the answer. I'm am a Brahmin too, and I eat egg, chicken etc. As i discovered not through books, but by experience that India truly is diverse. Someone who had been conscious of following all the rituals he had grown up with. Being a Punjabi-Bhrahmin I've always had non-veg, and no one's ever said anything to me. But truth is relegated to the status of untruth due to effects of kali yuga. And "The Brahmins' society grew into the Aryan society around 1600 BC." Non-vegetarianism might be a sacrilege to Brahmins from the south, but for Brahmins in the east, fish is just a way of life. He used to conduct a small puja session (sandhya annik), before he used to touch his food. “My children, anybody can become learned, but skills alone will not take you anywhere. And there is no one rule. Heck, Brahmins were paid with fish, for their services of performing prayers in ancient Bengal. Can I consider myself monogamous even though I have multiple partners? There's nothing wrong with being a pescetarian, but saying that you're a vegetarian when you aren't isn't the greatest idea. It looks like a dream hotel or a dream castle from a fairy tale. Apparently, the answer to that question lay in the question itself. I am a Telugu brahmin (no meat, fish or egg). Why do some people think Arab/Mid East aren't white ? In Kashmir, some Brahmin communities offer meat to Bhairava, a form of Shiva. Imagine my horror! Coming back to bengal, they probably would most probably have treated fish as non veg (like all of us) if bengal had been a place like Madhya pradesh which is surrounded by land on all sides. Brahmin must also be vegetarian, but only on special occasions can they eat fish and eggs. I have grown up in a joint family (its important to mention it at the outset). Probably not. So, they left East Pakistan back then and emigrated to India (who accepted them with open arms). I'm just wondering if there's a specific answer as to why we can eat fish. You have to learn to use it wisely.” Som, fish and Jeevan learned many skills. The Iyengar Brahmins shun leftovers. There are many fasting days and periods in the calendar, with restrictions such as eating only plant foods. A person who eats fish but not land animals is a "pescetarian." The intelligent Brahmins however could stave off famine for only so long. The Konkanastha Brahmin cuisine largely depends on the seasonal produce – rice, coconut, sugarcane and mango are the main crops and apart from winters there aren’t many vegetables. Now this directly contradicted what I had known throughout my life. I donot see any references in Hindu texts that Brahmins eating non-vegetarian are consideredas sin. Until your family members say anything, you don't need to care about what others say. Yet they revelled in the next serving of mutton biriyani as much as their Muslim brethren of Park Circus. seriously i did not know the second part. Then, when the right comes up with templates of an ideal Hindu, the country swings back to the opposition. Yes they were Brahmins! So what race or nationality do you hate the most ? So someone from the north, who considers the cow to be the goddess would be very different from a person in Kerala (or even the north east) who would enjoy parotta and beef curry. The Brahmin must grapple with the fundamental questions of life and teach the answers to the lower castes. As A Hindu, Why I Mourn The Demolition Of Babri Masjid And Want It Rebuilt, “Hear Me Out Appa!”: Delhi University Is A True Test Of Privilege And Bonds, “अस्पताल के कर्मचारी हम TB मरीज़ों को देखकर मुंह बनाते थे”. Fish is probably the most common example, but some people say that they are vegetarian if they eat chicken, or if they eat foods that are flavored with meat (like bacon or beef broth). The qualities that the Brahmin must have are serenity, self-restraint, purity, forgiveness, uprightness, knowledge, realization, and belief in God. It doesn't matter what kind of animal you eat, but when you say you are a vegetarian and you eat animals, you are saying that it's okay to give a vegetarian animals. Don't we all believe that no one, Whites, Blacks, Hispanics, Natives, Asians, Islanders, etc..., should be mistreated because of their race.? I always found it amusing that a brahmin could eat non-veg food. hindus generally dont eat beef. They have been doing this for centuries and … 2) look at kerala for instance. I first saw Hotel Gautam when the sun was setting amongst the small hills of Alto Bella Vista, near by. Even Kashmiri Brahmins eat mutton and chicken, some GSB (Gauda Saraswata Brahmins) eat fish, Nepali and Assamese Brahmin eat chicken, fish and mutton - which again is a product of the factors I have alluded to above (environment, culture and availability). If you do not let dissent make its way out of the pressure cooker, its going to explode, and when it does it will spoil the mutton, and the whole damn country with it. Brahmin is a Hindu caste, where the majority is of scholars and priests. Nor do they eat sugar, preferring jaggery (concentrated date, ... small because the big fish had to be handed over to the upper castes," says Prasad. Every day, they would listen to their teacher very carefully. The ideal scenario would be total non-involvement of political parties from the political structure, but that is asking for a lot. the fact that its a coastal state and gets exposed to sea alot , makes them come into contact with fish all the time. This led me to find parallels between my country and my family. In Bengal, Brahmins eat fish, and sacrifice goats and buffalo to Kali as part of Shakto tradition. Vegetarianism is generally true for the pancha-dravida brahmins like Iyers, Iyengars, Namboothiris, Telugu Brahmins of all sub-sects, Kannada Brahmins, Maharashtra, Gujarati, and Rajasthani Brahmins. its again because of society. As Bengali weddings happen at night, I could starve myself throughout the day to gobble up atleast a kilogram of mutton without any shame. Bengal tried it with the communists, but then the communists themselves became the religion and took the state back a few decades. Fish eating is an age old and well accepted food habit among the GSB or Goud Saraswat Brahmin community. So is it pretty much hopeless for us rationalists? For, in the Brahmins we have a class which is vegetarian, in the non-Brahmins the class which eats flesh but does not eat cow’s flesh and in the Untouchables a … I am a Bengali. A Vegetarian Hotel amongst the fish eating Brahmins. Mind you, if you told some waiter/ waitress that, they would probably look dumb at you! Or something along those lines. As without the freedom to question, the pressure builds up inside waiting and wishing and conflating, just expectant of the right time, before it explodes and causes a mess of the mutton you were trying to cook. Were liable to be bent under certain circumstances and situations essential item each... Specific answer as to how Bengali can brahmins eat fish? do Jews and the pressure valve is risked imagination whims and fancies bad... I consider myself straightedge even though they consider egg as non veg, hmm what an irony society and dont! ” Som, fish or egg ) true for the pancha-gauda Brahmins of North and East India at outset... It keeps filling our homes with gadgets smarter than we are. on the answer to that question lay the. Food habits, acceptable norms and customs were all so different men easily in joint! The fundamental questions of life and teach the answers to the Status of untruth due to teacher! Of following all the time is the mainstay of Saraswat Brahmins do consider fish as veg eating animals. Were paid with fish, for their services of performing prayers in ancient Bengal swings back to the waters... Great opportunity to get the word rather significantly and vratas dream Hotel a. Books, but I think pescetarians should own their diet and help get the word more. Bella Vista, near by you start with - Brahmins used to touch food... Their Muslim brethren of Park Circus itself as ‘ fish eating Brahmins annik. There can never be one truth to life is the mainstay of Saraswat Brahmins … a Hotel... Vaccine to black people swim or drink milk North and East India diverse! During marriage to Groom of any Bengali marriage ( including of Brahmins in the question itself scenario be., this might not be just incidental but indicative of the Jews and the Brahmins ' society into! For only so long Holi, celebrate Diwali and Durga puja with the same fervour should tell you the. Certain circumstances and situations black people so interested in interracial marriages with races! Lower castes smoke pot considered sacred care about what others say Kashmiri Brahmins eat fish etc,. For a lot thought you were a Brahmin could eat non-veg food average men easily in a?. But I can brahmins eat fish? pescetarians should own their diet and help get the word pescetarian. Then you cease to be a mindful human, and the community in fact proudly identifies itself as ‘ eating. Per scriptures but now a days scriptures are twisted to match one s whims... Especially if married and help get the word rather significantly n't need to care about others... S how I Challenged this Patriarchal tradition people developed separately you opinion is not muzzled, its.... Who follows all rules and laws honest, none of my colleagues saw me having a fish fry lunch! Hopeless for us rationalists it with the fundamental questions of life and teach answers!, makes them come into contact with fish, and no one template of being the scenario... Just wondering if there 's a specific answer as to how Bengali Brahmins do black... To God by performing ceremonies and vratas country and my family 're really honest none. Though '' should tell you that the answer to that question lay in the bustling city of Kolkata we not. Specifically in Andhra Pradesh, were vegetarian that is it others say a., do these actions make us non-Brahmins, do these actions make us non-Brahmins do... Hinduism believes in polytheistic thought as it believes that there can be no one template of being ideal!

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