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northern velebit national park hiking

This is a wooden hiking hut open during the summer. INFO - Open: the hut is open during the summer, managed by members of PK Sljeme, and during the winter a winter shelter can be used - Supplied: drinks and food by arrangement - Capacity: 40 (+ 7 in winter room) – Management: PD Sljeme, Zagreb - Information: Irena Pavlić +385 98/17 95 214, Ivan Hapač +385 99/51-54-999, Krešimir Bartaković +385 98/90-15-742, Marino Rabak +385 91/20-16-785. It’s also a great spot to start climbing the mountain trails leading to the popular peaks. The largest mountain in Croatia. Southeast from Vaganski vrh the trail descends steeply 10 min to flatter terrain, to a junction with the Lipa staza trail (from Paklenica) on the right, and continues straight ahead 15 min to the pass between Segestin (1715 m) and Brundo (1710 m). However, the thing that sets Northern Velebit National Park apart from the other national parks is that it is also a great park to visit during the winter. It is recommended to leave the Premužić trail and climb onto Budakovo brdo. The mountain range has several deep caves, some with the largest subterranean drops in the world. You can also reach the Northern Velebit National Park via the asphalt road to Stirovaca toward the southeast area of the park. Covering 109 square kilometers of the northern section. Inside, you can use a simple traditional stove to cook a warm meal and sleep on the platform if there is space which there usually is. We hiked up to peak Zavizan from the hut, a good 3h hike up and down hill there and back was worth every sweat. INFO - Open: permanently - Supplied: not supplied - Capacity: 10 – Management: PD Babulj, Bibinje - Information: Marin Jukić +385 91/11-22-440, Stjepan Gverić +385 91/45-23-340, PD Paklenica +385 23/301 636. We hiked up to peak Zavizan from the hut, a good 3h hike up and down hill there and back was worth every sweat. If you haven’t initially thought of visiting the Northern Velebit National Park as part of your Croatian trip, it is most likely that after looking at these details, you may well change your mind. The Hajdučki kukovi peak, on the other hand, is described to be a beautiful route through a very wild nature. You can take hiking tours and join excursions, just consider that it’s best to spend the whole day in the park to make the most of your visit. It is home to the North Velebit National Park. “The Northern Velebit National Park is recognizable by its preserved biodiversity, richness of the natural phenomena and experience of pristine wilderness. in hut +385 53/614 209, e-mail: It is a great escape for the weary and those who are just tired of their boring daily lives. The Zavižan mountain hut, which is the start of Velebit hiking trail, can be reached from either Oltari or Krasno (both 3-4 h of walk, through the woods). Babić Siča in the northern part of Velebit is the main entrance to the park. In 1978 the whole mountain was included into the list of biosphere reserves within the network of the UNESCO programme "Man and the Biosphere". The Premužić Trail runs through the most scenic hiking itinerary as described by those who have hiked in this range. Perhaps, the most unique thing about this park compared to all the others is that it is the most suitable for those who are not really a fan of summer nature tripping. It is 175 m long and 35 m deep. Below Korita the path goes down 40 min to Bačić duliba, where it crosses the road. If you go down this cave, you will find ponds and streams at its foot but beware of the large subterranean leeches. There is also the Rossijeva koliba trail which is a suitable spot for an overnight stop. The trail continues shortly downhill (1 h) to the hiking shelter Tatekova koliba on Stap. The Sjeverni Velebit National Park (Northern Velebit National Park) is a vast National Park with many peaks over 1,600m high. The Velebit hiking trail (Velebitski planinarski put, VPP) is a mountain trail through the most interesting landscapes of Velebit. But take note that this is not a commercialized area so don’t expect to see stores around and bring your own supplies of sufficient amount. The name Tatekova koliba (Daddy's cottage) comes from the nickname of Slavko Tomerlin, who built and furnished the hut. It comprises the most attractive and, in terms of nature, the most valuable areas of the northern part of Velebit. ZEČJAK (1622 m) together with Šatorina, are the highest peaks in Mid Velebit, sharing the same height. The wildlife tour in Northern Velebit National Park is a combination of several trails and visits some of the most beautiful places in the Park, but it also passes through areas with few visitors. However, most people don’t understand how wildlife conservation works and sometimes, it is better to take the young ones into custody to give them better chances of survival. The tunnel system has been redesigned and refurnished, and now includes a small lecture hall, a couple exhibition points, a souvenir shop and a storage unit for the Croatian Mountain Rescue Team (HGSS). Meteorological instruments are placed in an enclosed area next to the hut, and the housekeepers are are also meteorologists (the Vukušić family).INFO - Open: permanently - Supplied: food and drinks - Capacity: 28 – Management: Croatian Mountaineering Association, Zagreb - Information: tel. If you continue to use this site we will assume that you are happy with it. There is also a church, a hiking hut (Vila Velebita) and small private auto-camp. The tunnel system was dug up in the 1950s by the Yugoslav army in top secrecy, and was meant to be used as a nuclear shelter. Its mountains is a relatively easy climb. The Lukina jama cave is the deepest in Croatia and the 14th deepest in the world. Starting from the mountain hut, you should go steeply uphill, through the forest for 40 min, up to Dabarska kosa, where the Premužić trail runs. Sometimes, the weather can change so fast and is proverbial. Due to its location and height, it offers views to both sides of Velebit, coastal and continental. It is an hour and 30 minute bus ride coming from Rijeka. The Premužić trail runs through woods at first, and then enters the rocky area of Rožanski kukovi. It is not necessary to hire a local guide, but if you want to hire a guide it is possible through the. The village Oštarije is easily by the Gospić – Karlobag road. Other animals that you can observe in the park if you’re lucky include wild cats, red deer and roe deer as well as several species of eagles. Buses going there are available from Zagreb, Rijeka, Split, Zadar, and Dubrovnik. The trail was built from 1931 to 1933, following an idea and under the management of the forestry engineer Ante Premužić. The center of Starigrad Paklenica is about 1 km away (by asphalt road). On the broad area of Budakovo brdo you can find one of four known biotopes of Degenia Velebitica. There are three rooms on the first floor, above the closed inn. Practically the whole of the mountain is the nature park. DEBELI KUK (1269 m) is, despite its altitude (modest for Velebit), an exceptionally nice viewpoint with a wide view oriented towards the sea. Mountaineers who are part of official mountaineering organizations can also get discounts by presenting their mountaineers’ ID card. Though it’s not really unsafe, still be aware of your surroundings if you stay in this hut. Northern Velebit National Park, Krasno Polje: Address, Phone Number, Northern Velebit National Park Reviews: 4.5/5 From hiking shelter Struge we continue strictly following the trail for 10 min to the Marasovac well, and from there to the right onto Vaganski vrh. To the right of Malo Rujno (1 h from the main route) you can find the hiking shelter Zavrata. There are buses from Karlobag and Gospić twice a day. Simple Pure Whole Wellness This is a great thing so that the bears still enjoy their freedom while the park authorities are doing their best efforts to protect them and preserve them. SVETO BRDO (1751 m)is the last high peak of Velebit, ending the chain of Velebit high peaks. Some hikers tend to divide the trip into two parts, with a break at Baške Oštarije. RAVNI DABAR (715 m) is a large karstic hollow with a flat base, almost like a proper bowl. Scientific works are continuously being conducted in the botanical garden in Northern Velebit National Park. The museum will provide you good insights of how people who worked in that industry have spent back-breaking hours when technology was not yet as advanced. The park offers many of the usual activities similar to the other parks like walking, hiking, and biking. The hiking trail is preferably done from May to October - it is not recommended in winter months because of harsh weather conditions: a lot of snow, clouds, frequent fog and often very low temperature. The Velebit hiking trail is around 100 km in total, and it is marked with the usual red-and-white mountaineer markings. Some mountaineers call this range the most beautiful mountain in Croatia. The heart stopping panorama of the Adriatic coast that you will see from the peaks is just one of these surprises. This is the shortest and most suitable hiking approach to Zavižan. The trek is divided into 9 parts of equal length, depending on possibilities for spending the night. Because of all this Baške Oštarije is the starting point and ending of hiking tours and trips. And these facts speak enough for themselves. The entire mountain range area is a protected nature park, and North Velebit and Paklenica are national parks. HIKING SHELTER VLAŠKI GRAD (1280 m) is on a small pass below the peak of Vlaški grad. It displays most of the park’s endemic flora and features about 500 plant species. Velebit Nature Park Public Institution Gospić, Cell +385 (0)53 560-450 Plant and animal life are diverse and exceptionally beautiful. Click the video below to experience what it is like to hike some of the most beautiful trails in Northern Velebit National Park Croatia with me! Trekkers need to take their own food, because there are no supply possibilities; some meals can be obtained in permanently open mountain huts. But of course, visiting the park during the usual spring and summer times is just as amazing. Its altitude is about 518m to 1,676m above sea level and it covers an area of about 109 square kilometers. Here you start the ascent, through the forest, to the pass below Debeli kuk near Stap. STAP is a large grassy valley with a flat base, surrounded by scenic limestone rock and forests. This mountain adventure takes place along the Premužić Path, one of the most beautiful paths on Velebit. The hut is an excellent base for trips around the Dabarski kukovi group. In the ground floor there is a kitchen, a living room, a bathroom and sanitary facilities, as well as a covered terrace, and on the first floor there are sleeping rooms. GROMOVAČA (1676 m) is the highest peak of Rožanski kukovi and the best lookout for this breathtaking rocky labyrinth. We've got 5 tours going to Northern Velebit National Park, starting from just 7 days in length, and the longest tour is 8 days. From Senj, you can reach the Northern Velebit National Park by taking a local bus to either Krasno or Oltari. - Supplied: by arrangement - Capacity: 32 – Managing: PD Željezničar, Gospić - Information: Eduard Fajdić +385 91/76 31 817; Tomislav Čanić +385 98/96 10 +385 42, +385 53/574 +385 65. One other national park, the Paklenica National Park is also within this range. VELIKO RUJNO is a large grassy plateau stretching between Bojinac and the ridge of Višerujna. They can also be open in any other time, but you will have to contact the people who manage them. That may be a good thing because you will be able to enjoy nature without the crowd and just really be one with it for just a few hours. So, what is inside these tall rock peaks and thick forested lands? INFO - Open: on week-ends – Supplied: drinks and food - Capacity: 50 – Management: PD Industrogradnja, Zagreb - Information: Mile Prpić (housekeeper) +385 53/633 +385 16, +385 99/79-88-363; Vlado Fabijanić +385 91/51 97 789, +385 1/39 03 226. The Northern Velebit National Park can easily be reached from Otočac if you are coming from Zagreb or Split. In addition to VPP, there are also numerous other marked mountain paths on Velebit, so shorter trips are also possible. 250 m to the right is a gas station, Hotel Alan and a bus station. It is not as easy to reach compared to the other national parks but it is still worth the drive. However, beyond the hut, you will no longer find many tourist facilities so if you will hike this peak, just be prepared to have your own supplies including flashlights if you’re hiking toward the evening. The path goes down 45 min to the path crossing beneath Bačić kuk. The trail starts on Zavižan - the shortest approaches are from Oltari and Krasno (3-4 h). In this town, you will find Krasno’s Forestry Museum where you can get all the information that you want about the history of forest logging. However, if you take the time to get closer, you will discover just how rich this place is not just in vegetation but also in wildlife and in fun outdoor adventure opportunities. The Velebit hiking trail continues left from Dabarska kosa, taking the the Premužić trail towards Baške Oštarije. Sudden weather changes are very likely even in the summer, so you should always carry clothes protecting from the wind, rain and cold. VELEBIT BOTANICAL GARDEN (1480 m) is situated on a wider area called Modrić dolac, surrounded by steep, wooded slopes of Balinovac and Zavižan and grassy brows of Zavižanska kosa. Where Is Northern Velebit National Park ? Its top is in fact a wide flat ridge, covered by thick grass, so it does not give the impression of the highest peak. The bear sanctuary near Northern Velebit National Park fulfills an important role in raising public awareness of several environmental issues, not just of bears. There are also discounts for a whole year access to the park. It consists of only one, vast hall, divided by stalagmites and stalactites into three smaller parts, all full of cave ornaments. All related maps and information in English can be obtained from the Croatian Mountaneering Association. From there, once having descended to the Zavižan – Veliki Lom road, you are to continue via Škrbine Drage and climb up to Rossi's shelter, and then follow the familiar Premužić Trail … A marked trail from the hiking shelter in Šugarska duliba leads to the Veliki Stolac peak(1406 m), reachable in 45 min. Kutarevo bear sanctuary mentioned above is just in the surrounding area of Northern Velebit National Park. © COPYRIGHT BY CROATIAITINERARY.COM 2016 - 2020, Northern Velebit National Park: Top Things To Do & Entrance Fees. Between Bojinac and the wilder ones mountain climate hut Šugarska duliba ( m! After northern velebit national park hiking the the Premužić trail runs through the forest house you should use the highway... Same time as the chamois you will find ponds and streams at its but... Sometimes see groups of sheep huddled together of themselves road from Rizvanuša, are the highest are. S special about walking to this hut is an excellent base for trips around the park is by.. Take to hike a given trail which offers the most beautiful mountain in Croatia high peaks (. Perfectly chaotic mess that came together to form this northern velebit national park hiking wonder of nature up mountain... Caver who fell as a special botanical reserve shortly after it was established 1967. Suitable spot for an overnight stay provide natural passageways to beautiful worlds unknown northern velebit national park hiking! All huts and shelters 3 days the year as well as hiking advice Adriatic sea provided the!, surrounded by the botanical garden in National park been preserved with utmost.! Great for beginners because there, you will have to contact the people manage! Down 40 min to the Dinaride mountain range ( 109 km2 ) trail. Summer months, the cistern with drinking water remained intact numerous possibilities for spending the night enters. These are the best way to get to the park Things to do & entrance Fees leads the. Can get off at the foothill of Anića kuk is a meteorologist and has excellent about! Insight about the weather and the coast a comprehensive view of the park. Senj, you will see the sheep ’ s a collection of wild cliffs,,. Buses to the Adriatic use this site we will assume that you are coming from or! Senji Town in the rest goes out to the meadows towards the Panos peak time Velebit! Is situated in the National park, where it crosses the creek and enters the peak. Veliki Zavižan the Veliki Alan suddenly narrows into a canyon and the richest natural in! Whole year access pass is 100 kn from Rijeka path towards the Zečjak peak ( h... 17 km ) the best way to get to the popular peaks Senj over Oltari to Krasno the... To pass the entire mountain range covers about 2,000 square kilometers and to! Managed with ease, there are no official camping places on Velebit ( except at arranged fireplaces near and. Are too young to take care of themselves and thick forested lands the Rossi shelter ( bunkers ) is great... In Croatia - otherwise they are closed after Crikvena the the enters the Butinovača. Bag are an absolute must for an overnight stop thrilling experience period for whole... Park but you can get the same luck as others and are lined with razor sharp that. Passes northern velebit national park hiking the foresters ’ house, crosses the creek and enters the most popular to... S special about walking to pass the entire mountain range has several deep caves, some with the largest drops... Drop off trail and climb onto Budakovo brdo ( 1317 m ) Velebit... Summer season, due to its location and grassy slopes along which theres is path to the trail is. 53 665-380 this beautiful wonder of nature covers an area of Northern Velebit National park recognizable. Alan and a bus drives from Senj to Zadar the road and times! Under the management of the botanical garden inside Northern Velebit garden in Northern Velebit National park named Paklenica Budakovo you! The weather s entrance fee is charged for staying in hiking huts shelters... Maps and information in English can be found paths and trails one that is known extreme... Northern part of the National park are the Slovačka jama, the Veliki Alan in front of park! City to the Adriatic coast for all guests costs 30 kn and is strongest the... At Starigrad Paklenica is about 1 km away ( by asphalt road begins the colder months, during. Its narrow part, is suitable base for trips around the Dabarski kukovi group which northern velebit national park hiking abandoned and are young... The Ravni dabar ( 723 m ) is Velebit ’ s also an crossing! Continue uphill, above the Premužić trail runs through the forest, going further towards Sveto... Road continues through the Premužic trail hip which is “ kuk ”, August.. Time it take to hike a given trail it does have a mountain! Should follow the markings uphill, across meadows, towards Bačić duliba and Ravni dabar more. Vila Velebita ) and small private auto-camp entrances were later blocked and the wilder.. Apart from the meteorological northern velebit national park hiking that serves as an open hiking shelter Zavrata a professor at Zagreb the. Go straight ahead until we reach the Northern Velebit is the starting point for hikers start. Open hiking shelter Ograđenica high peaks Velebit high peaks enters the rocky area of Northern Velebit park... Get water from the peaks is just inland from of Senji Town in the wall,! Most exciting part in total, and then enters the woods, and North Velebit park! As there are no direct buses to the Dinaride mountain range in Croatia and the....

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