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istanbul temperature january

In fact, Di and I spent January through March in Istanbul alone and preferred it to many of the cities we’ve been to in the high season. In Istanbul, in January, the average high-temperature is 8.5°C (47.3°F), and the average low-temperature is 3.2°C (37.8°F). We had much better weather during that time, and the weather, rain, and sun all improve as your move toward March and April. The middle of the month sees a climate throughout January in Istanbul that improves discreetly. Last 2 weeks of weather Humidity: 72%. Not only are temperatures cool but the weather is often punctuated by precipitation. Most of our days were gray and cloudy. The average minimum temperature (usually the minimum temperature is noted during the night) in Istanbul in January is 3.0°C (37.4°F). We’re both from Ohio, so January in Istanbul is nothing compared to the winters we get back home. Dew Point: 49 °F. Especially since rainfall can not be excluded. Istanbul temperature in January hovers around 7 to 9 degrees Celsius. Sunset on a ferry ride to Kadikoy – January in Istanbul isn’t all bad. The month of January is the coldest of the year in Istanbul. I explore some of Istanbul's best known attractions, Hagia Sophia/Ayasofya, The Blue Mosque, Basilica Cistern and Topkapi Palace. Thinking of braving the Istanbul weather in January? When you travel to Istanbul in January you can expect: as a rule rain, rarely thunderstorm, seldom fog, every once in a while snow The range of average daytime temperatures are around 4℃ and 13℃. Turkey’s average daily temperatures in January hover between 7ºC and 10ºC, depending on where you go. The month of January is the coldest of the year in Istanbul. Montly weather forecast in Istanbul on Yandex.Weather. Historically, January only has. Wind: 10 mph. Your email address will not be published. Cold and rainy outside? There were also significantly less tourists, so visiting the sites was so much better. The wettest month is January with an average of 100mm of rain. Here are the average temperatures. For reference, on July 31, the hottest day of the year, temperatures in İstanbul typically range from 71°F to 85°F, while on February 6, the coldest day of the year, they range … January the coldest month of the year in Istanbul. 11 mm. Daytime maximum temperatures average around a cool 8°C (47°F), whilst at night 3°C (36°F) is normal. While the weather certainly wasn’t the best, it definitely could’ve be worse. The snow can occur at any time of the day even if it is in the morning that they are the most frequent. This location is classified as Csa by Köppen and Geiger. Snow may fall on about 4 days but nothing to affect travel plans – in fact, it may snow in one area of Istanbul but not another. The more annoying part of the weather in January in Istanbul is the rain. based on average temperature and humidity from NOAA (the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration). Istanbul Weather in January. Istanbul - Weather warnings issued 14-day forecast. Get in toward the end of the low season or the very beginning of high season and you’ll likely get nice weather while still enjoying the much smaller crowds. In our time in Istanbul in January, we were typically walking around in jeans, boots, sweater, coat, gloves, and a hat. On the other hand, there are tons of indoor experiences in Istanbul available on Airbnb, so even if you are stuck indoors every day you’ll still be able to find tons of stuff to do. The last days of the month are dominated by the cold and snowfall, making the weather in Istanbul throughout January rather unfavorable. Istanbul Extended Forecast with high and low temperatures. Even if the sun is still present at the beginning of the month, the weather is covered by clouds towards the end of the month and it is even possible to have snow. JANUARY (Ocak, oh-JAHK) It’s rainy and cold everywhere , with increased air pollution in many cities. With that said, I definitely do recommend that you get to Istanbul during the off season. These charts show the evolution of average minimum/maximum temperatures as well as average daily precipitation volume in Istanbul in january. Information about regional climates. In Istanbul, Turkey, during January, the rain falls for 17.5 days and regularly aggregates up to 105.3mm (4.1") of precipitation. Posted by Daniel Constable | Last updated Jan 21, 2020. Weather in Istanbul in January: air temperature, number of sunny days, precipitation, air pressure and humidity. Mean Temp: 59 °F. The climate of Istanbul, the largest city of Turkey, can be defined as transitional Mediterranean, in fact, it has quite cold winters, but otherwise it has Mediterranean characteristics: the rainiest seasons are autumn and winter, and summer is hot and sunny. average temperatures. Istanbul Weather in January: Rivals February as the coldest month of the year. This one is a bit tougher to answer because we spent over two months. There is more rainfall in the winter than in the summer in Istanbul. So, it will be a good idea to pack ample warm clothing. daylight duration . Some days were bitterly cold (we even got some light snow a few times), while other days were fairly nice. Even if over the hours, the thermometer shows a slight rise, the heat is far from being listed on the program. Skiing in Uludag National Park (and riding the longest cable car in the world) was a highlight of our two-month winter visit to Istanbul. provides a tool to help you decide on your next holiday destination. Average daytime high of 8°C but stays just 3-4 degrees above freezing overnight. Usually third week is the hottest in January., but you should remember about Rain and Snow. The climate of Istanbul in january is bad. Weather Forecast Istanbul: Weather forecast in January Want to organise your holiday inIstanbul Take a look at the weather forecast without delay! We basically hit all of the most important tourist sites in and around Istanbul (aside from beaches) and did it without the crowds. ... Istanbul, Turkey Monthly Weather. Alanya, Antalya, Bodrum, Marmaris, Side and Belek have a tolerable climate, but better than Istanbul. Our table below has the full details: Month Degrees Celsius; Temperature: 7: High Temperature: 8: Low Temperature: 4: Sunshine Per Day: 4: You’re going to be disappointed if you spend a lot of money to come for five days and get nothing but cold, gray days with rain. Precipitation: 0.78". The weather was pretty miserable, and part of the fun of Istanbul is walking from place to place since the city is so big and diverse. Check below seasonal norms These statistics are set from the weather statements of the last years of the month of january. January is in the winter in İstanbul and is typically the coldest month of the year. Most of our days were gray and cloudy. brings you the most accurate monthly weather forecast for with average/record and high/low temperatures, precipitation and more. Weather in Istanbul in february 2021. Explore unique stays on Airbnb – like this colorful suite or this apartment with absolutely insane views – and the top-rated hotels on to plan the perfect night, weekend, or long-term stay in the city! © 2014-2020 Des Clics Nomades SAS - All right reserved, Turkey in january: See full list of cities, for the best time in year to go to Istanbul, Travel budget and cost of living in Istanbul. Istanbul and Ankara are mostly heated by natural gas, but most other cities by lignite (soft brown coal), which produces much pollution. It also snows occasionally. Antalya is usually a few degrees warmer than Istanbul during the winter, with highs of 15ºC compared with 8ºC in the capital. Statistics and Averages for January Weather in Istanbul. Weather data for Istanbul for january are derived from an average of the weather forecast since 2009 in Istanbul. 6.9/10 score. Weather forecast in mobile app. °F. Daily low temperatures are around 39°F, rarely falling below 30°F or exceeding 49°F. The more annoying part of the weather in January in Istanbul is the rain. Day by day forecast. The morning temperature in Istanbul is really cold at the beginning of the month. Istanbul climate summary. The average temperature in Istanbul is 14.1 °C | 57.3 °F. The average sea surface temperature in January 2020 for Istanbul was 51.1°F.The maximum and minimum values were 48.2°F and 54.6°F respectively. To help you prepare for your trip, Easyvoyage brings you the tourist weather comfort index. In January the average daily maximum in Istanbul is +8.5°C, and the minimum +3.2°C. Tonight, Light rain showers and a gentle breeze. April 16th to July 1st. Those parts of the province furthest from the sea experience more considerable continental influences, and the drop in temperature overnight will … Historically, the average Istanbul weather in January is 43 degrees Fahrenheit / 6 degrees Celsius, making January the coldest month of the year in Istanbul. July is the hottest month in Istanbul with an average temperature of 23.5°C (74°F) and the coldest is February at 5.5°C (42°F) with the most daily sunshine hours at 12 in July.

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