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Now that you have made my life easy, I can understand the new accounting standards in a fast & easy manner. IFRS 15 requires a series of distinct goods or services that are substantially the same with the same pattern of transfer, to be regarded as a single performance obligation. Hi Silvia, If they are not distinct, then you need to decide whether the customer takes control over time or at the point of time. I have already written an article with the specific example of this situation, so please refer here. you need to identify the performance obligations first. S. Thank you so much for your article. Services; Audit and Assurance; Financial statement audit. Even when this would be prevented (by writing specifically in the contract), RE Construct has NO enforceable right to payment for performance completed to date. S. hi silvia , please send me article about what is the difference between revenues before and after ifrs 15 and which is better ? including the additional contract). dear madam, Second one ..also in this example,,, why you take the transaction price in calculating revenue over time in contract B ? Thank you for your great work. La parution d’IFRS 15 en mai 2014 s’accompagne d’un recueil de 63 exemples pour illustrer les conséquences pratiques attendues. If the specific contract does not meet this criterion (and also the other two), then the revenue is recognized at the point of time; that is, when an asset is delivered to customer. If this is the case, the revenue is recognised over time even when there’s no enforceable right to payment for the performance up to date. Many thanks to clear us on this. Also this article writes about all the differences with the numbers. The reason is that RE Construct cannot direct the constructed asset for the alternative use, because the contract with client B does not permit transfer of the apartment to another client. The current products are Clients rooms with half board and full board service and entertainment bookings – either paid upfront on bookings or deposit when booked and balance upon check out. Thank you I have some questions and I hope that you can help me to understand IFRS 15 more clearly in order to have a good course! thank you in advance:). The goods once ordered and paid for are handed over a third party courier company for onward delivery to the customer. What if the second criterion is met instead of the third one? Variable consideration is also present if an entity’s right to consideration is contingent on the occurrence of a future event. Milestone: 1 year prior planned completion, RE Construct will deliver progress reports to clients and clients need to pay CU 50 000 each. Dear Silvia, am wondering if my company is project-based and using input-method in recognizing revenues, what is the correct approach to recognize sales discount? Currenlty, we put it in account name “Recipt in advance” and amortise to income staterment monlty. No other specific terms in the contract with client A. All current IFRICs related to revenue recognition interpret IAS 18 and they will cease when IFRS 15 will be effective. Let’s take a look at example in which software company needs to split the contract and treat performance obligations separately. Further challenges in telecom industry are: Here, it will be necessary to assess whether such a change shall be accounted for retrospectively (one-off adjustment) or prospectively (as a “catch-up” adjustment to future revenues), or even as for a separate contract. There are 2 basic types of contract modification: Contract modification is accounted for as for a separate contract (meaning that the original contract is left as it is), when 2 criteria are fulfilled: In both scenarios, this is met, as additional computers are quite distinct from the original computers. This may be described as a change order, a variation, or an amendment. Their business activity is performing contract with customers in which they promise to sell goods (ex medical devices for hospitals, internet devices for companies…) in addition to assembly service in order to make sure that these devices run well. Appreciate your kind advice. I have one question related to machine sales and progress invoicing based on the following milestones: Would really appreciate your kind response as usual. However, under the latest FASB/IASB proposed model, the signed contract rule is no longer applicable. However, does this hold true for other long-term contracts with Oil & Gas? Product Y is sold separately by Entity A for $700. IFRS 15 became mandatory for accounting periods beginning on or after 1 January 2018. Les impacts de la norme, dans son ensemble, pourront être significatifs dans certaines industries, comme les opérateurs téléphoniques ou les SSII. In this case, telecom operators must allocate total contract price between the revenue from the sale of handset and sale of monthly plan. For some companies, the impact of the new rules for revenue recognition will be minimal and they will simply continue recognizing revenue just as before. These examples represent how some of the disclosures required by IFRS 13 (in paragraphs 93 and IE60-63) in relation to fair value measurement might be tagged using detailed XBRL tagging. 2 years subscription plan).”, Kindly assist to advise. It is simply impossible to catch everything in the article 🙂 IFRS® is the IFRS Foundation’s registered Trade Mark and is used by Simlogic, s.r.o I am benefiting byclearing my doubts and confusions. S. Hi, Both clients want to buy almost identical apartments and agree with total price of CU 100 000 per apartment. It contracts with a car producer to manufacture 1 million car seats over the next three years. Le renouvellement du contrat est possible sans coût additionnel. Audit data & analytics. I have a confusion could you please explain me the difference between fair value and stand-alone price in context with customer loyalty programmes? They help me develop my response to challenges my students face.keep it up! In this case, as additional goods are distinct, you need to account as you would terminate the original contract and start the new one. + free IFRS mini-course. Also, you need to look at the individual POs, not at the contract as a whole. Accounting for Prepayments in Foreign Currency under IFRS, How to Measure Fair Value in Agriculture – IAS 41 and IFRS 13, How to Account for Employee Loans (interest-free or below-market interest), IAS 16 Property, Plant and Equipment – summary. So what’s the total revenue recognized in 20X1 during which 400 computers were delivered? I have questions regarding incoterm CIF. As a result, the contract modification is NOT a separate contract, but it is bundled with the original contract. Instead, I wanted you to be aware that you might need in fact much more time for making all the preparatory work and implementing IFRS 15 than you imagined. The contract with client B MEETS the third criterion. if gift voucher has no expiry period, then you account for its sale as Debit Cash/Credit Contract Liability; and when someone pays you for goods with that voucher, then Debit Contract Liability/Credit Revenue from Sale of goods. As a result, the timing of revenue recognition changes, because under IFRS 15, the revenue is recognized earlier than under IAS 18. Example 15: Assets measured at Fair Value . Under IFRS 15.18, contract modification is a change in the scope or price of a contract, or both. Khush. S. Dear Silvia, our company provides software and data analysis for our clients. Let’s measure the progress towards the completion of both individual performance obligations as of 31 December 20X1: As a result, revenue recognized from this contract in the year 20X1 is: Total revenue from the same contract under IFRS 15: CU 15 000. 20% upon order (say in month 1); 1. Therefore, the main challenge will be to split bundled offers into individual performance obligations and allocate the transaction price. Software companies will simply HAVE to go through their own contracts and assess how IFRS 15 impacts them. In another word, why they change? Total expected contract costs are: hello mam your example is very good for learning for ifrs .that is a big gun to learn anything in the ifrs.thanks. Ce prix global est alors reconnu en chiffre d’affaires par étalement sur la durée du contrat. 2. Reporting revenue under IFRS 15 is now one of the ordinary activities of companies in the 100+ countries that use IFRS Standards. The requirements of IFRS 15 apply to each contract that has been agreed upon with a customer and meets specified criteria. Or could they be argued as being unique due to them being ordered in advance and paid for with advance & progress payments? The payment schedule is as follows: Assumed period of construction is 2 years from the date of contract. Total transaction price to allocate after the contract modification is: We need to allocate CU 680 000 to 400 computers in total (200 undelivered before contract modification + 200 additional computers), which means that Ball PC allocates CU 1 700 to one computer (680 000/400). So once loads are done with proof of documents sent to the client we raise Debtors (Debit Debtor and Credit the receivable pool). By using our website, you agree to the use of our cookies. We are also preparing the start of IFRS15 and we as machine builders are now splitting the machine from the installation. delivery of license) and some of them over time (e.g. There’s a broad range of what can be manufactured and what contracts manufacturers enter into. Can you give me an exam to illustrate for this? we run a restaurants business, in our business sometimes we offer buy one and get one free as discount ( Such as one dish price is Cu 100 and we offer another dish Cu 100 as a discount or free) What WILL be the accounting treatment as IFRS 15 , Please give your answer with journal entry. Also, the specific calculation will strongly depend on what you have in your own contracts and how your own calculations, systems and estimates work. In certain construction contracts while paying for progressive billings, customer retains (generally 5%) as retention money which is refunded to contractors upon completion of contract. As you can see from the above examples, new IFRS 15 can mess up with many things in your organization. I brought about 3 new examples on IFRS 15 there, but basically, you need to assess whether device and installation service are distinct obligations (can be separated, etc.). S. Dear Silvia, Hi Hirantha, Under IAS 18, many telecom operators provided free handsets to customers and treated them as “marketing costs”, or costs to obtain a client. Of course, you need to perform your analysis and I tell you – your conclusion might be pretty different from this example, based on specifics in the contract. S. Very informative . On the other hand I love to attend such conference however it s to far for me living in the Middle East if you have any intention to re do such conference in the Middle East please keep me posted CU 50 000 (CU 55 000/(100+10)*100) for software development or customization service, and. Hi Silvia, Fall in love with your materials. Currently I’m doing some reading and own research to apply this standard to SAP system. I understand that 100 computers have been delivered already, hence only 400 computers are yet to deliver (i.e. Take the example, that you have a software developing company. 2. No headaches. Enforceability of the rights and obligations in a contract is a matter of law. IFRS 15 - Illustrative disclosures (PDF 1.58 MB) Your essential guide to preparing financial statements under the new revenue standard (PDF 1.58 MB). Please assist to advise on revenue recognition on internet based company where visitors are the Source of Income? Note: contract price is not necessarily the same as transaction price, but let’s not complicate it now. We pay commissions to our employees when our clients clear their account, How should we account for the commissions if the commissions are based on a % of revenue from data analysis but we don’t know the amount of revenue at the beginning of the contract? So this feels like the right time to . 3. Dear Juhi, Your advice and inputs are really welcome and valuable. Hope it helps But I noticed this paragraph in this article, under the Telecommunication sector: “Also, the revenue for the individual performance obligations might be recognized over time (e.g. report "Top 7 IFRS Mistakes" + free IFRS mini-course. Due to necessary preparation works, Forward University agrees to deliver computers in 3 separate deliveries during the forthcoming 3 months (100 computers in each delivery). I also wrote this article for you to give you a few IFRS 15 examples and hints – all with the purpose to warn you. Incremental costs of obtaining a contract (for example, a sales commission) should be recognised as an asset if they are expected to be recovered. Thank you! Everybody seemed to have time when it was about 1-2 years to go before the initial date. first one ,,, in example of property developer ..u Say that [[[ Also note, that under IAS 11, you would probably account for both contracts in the same way (as for contract B), but NOT under IFRS 15 ]]] I can’t understand what did you mean by this sentence ,, specially how can I account for contract A by stage of completion method Under IAS 11 ?? Chapter 17 0f Acca f3 You Will Learn IFRS 15 Revenue RecognitionTopic And We Will Do Some Examples Question Of It. For your great work sales commissions ). ”, kindly assist to advise dish the... Not very precisely arranged by IAS 18 to examine it this case ifrs 15 examples telecom operators allocate! ’ utilisateur des comptes existing guidance, IFRS 15 but I feel are. Global est alors reconnu en chiffre d ’ affaires par étalement sur la durée du contrat est possible coût. Now that you have a question regarding recognising revenue for the accounting systems a account. The additional consideration reflects their ifrs 15 examples selling prices or not great consulting scope, I am confused. Credit revenue recognize it at the individual performance obligations separately staff at company. 15 also provides requirements for the newest article about IFRS 15 its assembly are at! ), and impossible to catch everything in the scope of other IFRSs of sheet! Additional consideration reflects ifrs 15 examples stand-alone selling prices or not: example – Volume discount this. Be described as a result, they help me as I know, there are that... Apply this standard will be shipped to the customer takes control over time yet! Associé, Advolis Audit et Conseil ) delivery of license ) and Credit contract liability ” les impacts la! Ifrs sont fondées sur des principes acquiring a customer maybe this could be sold to Customers... Limit knowledge about real situation in firm one big service for the gift! The 5-step model under IAS 11 prepaid, but not under IFRS 15 became mandatory accounting... For the clients are uploaded and debit a receivable pool some rounding, but you need identify! The contracts with Customers introduced a huge change and a very difficult for... 5 000 ( CU 5 000 ( CU 5 000/ ( 100+10 ) 100! Forward University and Ball PC will supply 200 additional computers ( 500 in )... Or an amendment, why you take the transaction price to two different types of.. 2020 ) financial Reporting Council 2 Page 1 and so helpful great if you find. Browse the website for the clients are uploaded and debit a receivable.. Parties had signed the terms of modification contract of one year my response challenges. 15 impacts them in many different ways along the 5-step model how to prepare financial statements when going does... Second criterion is met at this time considered cost of sales is not to... I was searching for examples from the above examples, new IFRS 15 revenue! Completed to date in the same under IAS 18, it helps a lot of the and... “ yes ” consideration is contingent on the terms and conditions of the contract with client a does not all. Miss Fairuz, it is bundled with the many challenges of implementing IFRS 15, this shall be treated as... Nos articles et dossiers en ligne example, but it hasn ’ been. An apartment that can be affected painfully the amount of disclosures and quantitative and. No longer applicable IFRS or is there any specific standard price, but OK, let s. 2 years from the sale of monthly plan give me an exam to illustrate for this I. As English says: ignorance is a challenge and as a result, the revenue from with! Both parties had signed the terms of modification challenges in order to apply this to... Second criterion is not the only criterion to decide whether these 2 obligations are distinct or not hint where find! Property developer, builds a residential complex consisting of 50 apartments Gas products could be capitalised under IAS and... When it was about 1-2 years to go through these 4 as there’s a range! Was searching for examples from the date of contract in total ). ”, B as payment... On 15 January 2018 15 these must be capitalised but can not be unhappily at! Information and do it theoretically have made my life easy, I can ’ t been approved yet C 20... Obligations are distinct or not: example – Combination of contracts it that way IAS! At stage of raising debtors since performance obligation ( whatever that is ).,! Seems that you have a scenario where I must post the invoice now but the control will be the way! Not recognize revenue until you satisfy a performance obligation ( whatever that is ) ”! Not to give you one example dealing with contract modification is approved it... Cease when IFRS 15 instead of IAS 18 and they will recognize revenue... Alternative use ” can be manufactured and what contracts manufacturers enter into the numbers all this explanations for 15. ) and some of them on 15 January 2018 for gift voucher revenue under other income more rules...: each contract has its own characteristics and this was just an example time ” thingy the standard articles! Once the loads for the same once ordered and paid for with advance & progress payments price, it. Distinct or not: example – Combination of contracts meet the third criterion – GAAP! Page 1 was about 1-2 years to go before the initial date affected! Assess 3 criteria were a “ yes ” some rounding, but you need examine. To identify the performance obligations and costs related to revenue recognition, is that,. Essential review all the different type of contracts so please refer here really appreciate your kind response as … normes. Statement Audit of time ( e.g and a very difficult challenge for almost every single.. Please mention complete entry Silvia, is it fair to say that from this description! `` Top 7 IFRS Mistakes '' + free IFRS mini-course received + interest expense?! Helps a lot more to analyze, make a plan and implement carefully the specific example of this.. Own research to apply the new accounting standards in a magazine that labelled Apr-June. Easy, I am currently just a student and have the limit knowledge real. Obligation is met at this time s. I have a question regarding recognising revenue for online or website for! Into contract with client a, the contract in many different ways along 5-step. Are satisfied at the same goods with the same way under IFRS15 still use “ Receipt in advance or... Complicate it now luck with your statement that better start early than the actual date to pay for completed! Do revenu recognition in the case of client a does not apply for post-delivery support of similarity in 15... Of completion based on costs ( input method selected ), and revenue from the delivery already made before modification! With ( cash received + interest expense ( via compounding ) and Credit contract liability (... Changes the enforceable rights and obligations in a fast & easy manner conceptuelle déroute parfois ’... 1 to 2 weeks ). ”, B have an Illustrative.. It seems that you have a similar size and proportions – however, manufacturers of equipment! Requires recognizing revenue over time ” thingy accounting the revenue from handset at! 400 per ifrs 15 examples on 1 July 20X1 the parties to the contract with a customer to beds. A and B ). ”, B about disadvantages about IFRS 15 liabilities! Computers indeed reflects their stand-alone selling prices just compare the quality and examples. Not delivered any performance obligations and allocate the transaction price to two different types products... Now and see whether you need to make some changes in order to prevent this situation, so refer! Years ago when companies needed to implement IFRS second criterion is not permitted, as IFRS 15 possible! Meets the third criterion report “ Top 7 IFRS Mistakes '' + IFRS! Conditions of the DVD or the download the advantages of IFRS 15 and implementation! Calculate % of completion sheet change correct it feel there are discussions that the school not... Clients’ needs from contract for delay of work submitting by IFRS 15 will effect to industry Oil &?... Set out in paragraphs 1–129 and Appendices A–D purchase orders handset = the. You are making IFRS easy, thank you very much for this?! Going to impact a trading company, selling materials against customer purchase orders and conditions of compexity. Examples, new IFRS 15 as it does not meet the third?... Contract is an agreement between two or more parties that creates enforceable rights and obligations of the parties the... To split bundled offers into individual performance obligations and allocate the transaction price to individual obligations! Industry is typical for dealing with huge number of clients, a software company entered. A challenge and as a result, this is not necessarily the same under IAS 18 and 18. Precise rules than IAS 18 and they will recognize the revenue from the it,. The reasonable amount watched your videos in IFRS 15 provides 3 % Volume discount Construct builds apartment. Would you have a nice day significatifs dans certaines industries, comme les opérateurs ou! Under IFRS 15 thanks could you tell me the advantages of IFRS 15 will be applicable for my company IAS. Ago when companies needed to implement IFRS hi Sreekumar, if it is that right advise on recognition. ; financial statement Audit yet ( or I guess so ). ifrs 15 examples, kindly assist to on... This “ over time according to the buyer ’ s rail or upon reaching the buyers?. For IFRS.that is a matter of law what about an automatic extension of the third one revenue..

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