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This Stage 1 Kit consists of Sikky’s industry leading motor mounts and bushings, trans mount and bushings, oil pan with baffle and trap door system, oil filter relocation kit and grade 8 … Also it looks pretty badass. With a no compromises approach we design and manufacture our products at a level typically only seen from the Aerospace industry. In the previous video they visited the track for some testing… Read More »Toyota GT86 with a Turbo SR20VE – Part 7, High Performance Academy are back with an update on their Toyota GT86 race car. Local: 410-780-0009. Designed to fit perfectly around the front sub frame of the FRS/86/BRZ when using Sikky mounts, High capacity 5 1/2” deep front sump design with side kick outs for maximum oil capacity, 1/2” thick CNC machined 6061 Billet Aluminum Flange and back plate, Machined gasket surface to ensure no gasket leaks, Rigid design like the OEM GM pan to ensure maximum strength and durability, Included back plate compatible with factory dust covers to prevent debris entering the bell housing, High ground clearance design keeps the pan from hanging out the bottom of the car, High capacity 7.4 quart sump (does not include oil filter or oil filter relocation volume). Add to Cart. To learn more about this swap kit and why it’s a must if you plan to go LS in your FRS watch the video below! Like the E92 M3 before, this E46-generation M3 has been treated to a Chevy engine swap. Toyota GT86 with a Turbo SR20VE – Part 11, Toyota GT86 with a Turbo SR20VE – Part 10, 1973 Chevelle Laguna with a 755 hp Supercharged LT5 V8, Porsche 911 with a Twin-Turbo 3.8 L Flat-Six. Add to Cart. This harness is perfect for a Scion FRS (2012-2016) / Subaru BRZ (2012+) / Toyota 86 (2012+) with the 2JZGTE Non-VVTi engine swap. Toll Free: 1-877-745-5947 This is why the Subaru BRZ GT300 racing in Japan gets to run with an engine from a Subaru WRC car. Physically putting the engine into the car is fairly easy using all of our swap parts. Includes master cylinder, lines and fittings. An engine swap is the process of removing a car’s original engine and replacing it with another. Sikky Manufacturing has you covered. This is usually done either because of failure, or to install a different engine, usually one that is bigger and better to make your car more powerful and or economical. In the previous video they break-in the turbocharged SR20VE inline-four and… Read More »Toyota GT86 with a Turbo SR20VE – Part 6. A decent G-series car is $40,000 … Yes – Add CD00X HR kit (TAK001) (+$1,499.99) Designed, built, and tested in the USA, this kit is designed to harness the power of the JZ series engine in your project car. These include: Stainless Steel headers, Clutch master cylinder kit, Driveshafts, and any other related or necessary product. The FRS/BRZ electronic system relies heavily on CAN BUS. Do Not Add Upgrades from a stock engine or another engine swap do not carry over to a new engine swap. Yalli sent the BRZ to Prime Motoring where the company replaced the FA20 with a turbocharged Honda K24 inline-four that came out of their Toyota FR-S. Firstly, 911s are getting expensive to an unattainable point. Baltimore, MD. Pan Gasket for swap pan 8.2mm Spark Plug Wires for swap headers *Optional engine parts such as forged internals, camshaft, and valvetrain upgrades shown* Engine Management System: $2498 ELT-FRS-LS3 Nemesis for BRZ/FRS LS Swap $1899 ELT-HAR-LS3 Nemesis Engine Harness LS3 FRS $599. BRZ/FR-S/GT86 LSx Swap Tremec T56 Magnum XL 6-speed manual, GM input shaft for: 86, Z4, S197, S550 LS swap from $ 4,455.00 Vorshlag 86-LS Swap 1-7/8" Long Tube Header Kit, Stainless Steel from $ 1,795.00 Vorshlag BRZ / FR-S Engine & Transmission Mount Assembly Kit $ 1,375.00 Ford and Chevy V8s, Toyota 2JZs, Subaru EJ257s and even Ferrari engines have managed to take the place of the Subaru FA20 in more than a handful of BRZ, WRX, FR-S and 86 platforms.Whether the venue is Formula D, Pike’s Peak, Time Attack or even the dragstrip; the go-to solution has been to swap out the FA20 instead of giving it a chance to prove itself worthy. While tuners have chosen to swap the 2.0-liter engines with everything from an LS to a 2JZ, and even a Ferrari 458 engine; we decided to stay loyal to the FA20. 6600 Moravia Park Drive, Suite D 4 Reasons Why a Subaru Motor Swap Is A Good Idea. Ask if there were any plans to drop, say, a supercharged LS9 engine into the BRZ, Doug smiles. Do Not Add, None This harness was developed in house on an actual 2JZ engine to ensure a perfect fit to all engine connections. Let me know with the comment section below? Or find an RX7 with a blown engine and do the LSX swap. The superior strength, reliability, simplicity, and sound of the JZ engine is why it is our favored powerplant for all cars. Our LSx FRS/BRZ packages offer the simplest solution for those who want to build their dream ride. Inline 4 and 5 cylinder engines ought be a tight squeeze longitudinally but I've recently seen one heavily modded with a six cylinder turbo engine. In the previous video Andre explained why they… Read More »Toyota GT86 with a Turbo SR20VE – Part 11, MaxRacing built this Subaru BRZ for professional drifter Paweł Grosz in Poland. But getting it to run in a car it didn’t originally come in, that is an entirely different issue. There is currently no ETA for these additional products but we are working hard to complete these asap and likely some will be available by the time these orders start to ship. Out goes the road-going BRZ’s 2.0-litre boxer engine, and in comes the EJ20 2.0-litre single-scroll turbo boxer from Subaru’s monster GT300 car that races in Japan. This harness was developed in house on an actual 2JZ engine to ensure a perfect fit to all engine connections. Looking to swap an LS based engine in your Toyota 86/FRS or Subaru BRZ but don’t have the time to take on the project? At Sikky, our goal is to innovate and design the highest quality products for the automotive performance industry. If you want to drop a JZ motor into your F86 chassis, the Xcessive motor mount kit is the only kit you need. “The engine swap only adds like 60 or 80 pounds over stock,” says Doug, allowing the BRZ to keep its renowned cornering abilities intact. Then, the other night i got to thinking about the BRZ and tuning opportunities. After the modification the R154 gearbox fits in the FRS / GT86 / BRZ tunnel, Its still a tight fit but its in there. So ends the fun fact. Two 1/2″ NPT turbo drain ports on either wing, -10 AN Fittings (4) and Stainless Braided Lines (2), CAD/CAM Designed CNC Laser cut and Bent Steel and 6061 Billet Motor Mounts, Custom Urethane Bushings with True Isolation for reduced vibration, Proper Engine Placement and pinion angle Alignment, Designed for use with the 6 speed T56, T56 Magnum, and TR6060 Transmission. The search soon led to Ford's 5.0L Coyote V8, the 590 hp Aluminator XS crate engine version of the same V8 that can be found underneath the hoods of Boss 302 Mustangs — and it's a good thing it did. Starter Mid Size $235 Sikky Stage 1 Scion FRS / Toyota 86 LS Swap Package. This one is an LS7, a 7.0-liter naturally aspirated V-8 found in … Additional components will be available at a later date. Yes (G01) (+$49.99). Intercooler Piping Kit For 12-15 Scion FR-S Subaru BRZ LS1 Engine Swap LS Turbo. The factory FA20 engine and transmission setup in the Scion FRS / Toyota GT86 / Subaru BRZ is a very different shape to the 1JZGTE / 2JZGTE engine and the R154 gearbox as you can see from all the space above the gearbox. Then the car you start with is a heck of a lot cheaper bring the cost of the whole “Great handling Japanese car with an American heart” down tremendously. Adam’s car is powered by a turbocharged 3.0 L 2JZ inline-six producing… Read More »Toyota GT86 with a 900+ hp Turbo 2JZ, High Performance Academy released another update on their Toyota GT86 race car with a turbocharged SR20VE inline-four. FA20 Engine - Built Shortblock w/ MAP Supplied Core | 2012-2017 BRZ/FRS/FT-96 (FA20-FT86MSS-S2) The FA20 engine inside your Subaru or Scion is already good, but if you’re looking for more performance, an upgraded short block can provide massive power. 1JZ and 2JZ swap kit for Toyota FRS and Subaru BRZ chassis.

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