'tamil nadu sandalwood trees patta land rules, 2008 'tamil nadu sandalwood trees patta land rules, 2008

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'tamil nadu sandalwood trees patta land rules, 2008

36. Depots Keeper. ‘Gouravam’ or honour, is the key word amongst all of these players. Notice to claimants of timber collected under section 40A. Appeal from orders under section 43, 44 or 45. List of sandalwood trees with the details of girth over bark at 1.37 metres from ground level. The Indian government has amended Forest Act, Sandalwood Act in August 2001 and Tamil Nadu Govt. Parties for Thevars, for Nadars and for Dalits are vying with each other to find issues to publicise. Girth at breast height under bank in Cms. Form and manner of making an application to sell the sandalwood tree to the Government. Tamil Nadu Forest Act, 1882 have released a G.O “The Tamilnadu Sandalwood on Patta Land Rules 2008 ” (G.O.Ms.No.140 Environment and Forest (FR4), 27November 2008.) Forest Officer's statement to Court. 20. 21. Acquisition of forest or land under the Land Acquisition Act. A computerized patta does not require any sketch. Penalties for trespass or damage in reserved forests, and acts prohibited in such forests. Almost 27 million trees … 59. Grant of duplicate licences and the renewal of licences and fee for the same. Provision for rights of pasture or to forest produce admitted. Penalties for breach of rules made under section 35 in respect of scheduled timber. Generally, in a one-acre land, you can grow the 400 to 440 sandalwood tree plants. Survey number of the land or lands on which the sandalwood tree or trees proposed to be sold are grown; 3. Protection of forest at request of owners. The date upto which and the description and quantity of sandalwood for which registration of property mark, has effect. 3. The ‘tamil nadu sandalwood trees patta land rules, 2008’ prescribes the form and the manner in which sandalwood trees grown on patta lands should be disposed to the government.. A. sandalwood occurs extensively mostly in the eastern ghats ranging from vellore district in the north east of tamil nadu to the nilgiris in the west in the dry deciduous forests of the region. The Govt. 56D. 8. In case of joint ownership, whether all the joint holders have given the consent to the application (statement to be obtained if all of them have not made a joint application); 3. Rights continued under section 12 not to be alienated without sanction. 47. The governments of Tamil Nadu and Kerala collectively auctioned less than 300 tonnes during 2010-11. Power of the Government to redefine the limits of reserved forests in certain cases. 40F. 5. 1. CHAPTER-I. 3. Home » tamil nadu sandalwood trees patta land rules 2008. tamil nadu sandalwood trees patta land rules 2008. Petition seeks glory of sandalwood. There is a step involving preparation of a sketch by a draughtsman where the land patta is not computerized. Condition of the sandalwood tree (whether it is green/dying or dead); 7. 49F. Total including Court to pass orders which shall be final. Get Land Patta Online: Check the steps involved and other… Land Patta is an essential document that contains the information and property details which are needed for property transfer or transfer of ownership of... Resident Editor May 26, 2020 4 min read. Tamil Nadu Sandalwood Transit Rules, 1967. Search. Proof of owner ship of the sandalwood tree; 5. Persons bound to assist Forestofficer and Policeofficer. The commission has been asked to submit its recommendations to the Govt. 56. The Tamil Nadu Sandalwood Trees on Patta Land Rules, 2008, has details on extraction and sale of these trees. Seizure of property liable to confiscation. of Tamil Nadu has formed a “State Forest Commission” (Environment and Forests (FR.Spl.A) Department, G.O. 5. Presumption that timber or forest produce belongs to the Central or State Government. Suits barred. Bar of jurisdiction in certain cases. 6. 37. 7. 40C. MS. No.140, Environment and Forests (FR4), 27 November 2008) படி தனிநபர்கள், சந்தன மரங்களை வளர்க்க அரசு அனுமதி அளித்துள்ளது. 10. Form and manner in which application for licence may be made. Under these rules, anyone can cultivate sandalwood in their private patta land, but the farmers are not permitted to fell and sell the sandalwood on their own. )Nearest to three places. Whereas, harvesting, cleaning and the sale of the sandalwood after its … Animal Husbandry, Dairying and Fisheries Department. 40E. Forests reserved previous to the passing of this Act. 8. THE TAMIL NADU FOREST ACT ACT NO. 23. Whereas, harvesting, cleaning and the sale of the sandalwood after its … Interpretation clause. Short title. Management of forests, the joint property of Government and other persons. Weight of the Rough cleaned wood (in Kgs. 44. Claims to rights of occupancy and ownership. 8. Ms. No. Rules 3 and 4 of the Tamil Nadu Sandalwood Trees on Patta Land Rules, 2008, reads as follows: "3. BC, MBC & Minorities Welfare Department. On certain lands, the breaking up or clearing for cultivation, etc. The Tamil Nadu Sandalwood Trees on Patta Land Rules, 2008 (GO. Balance issued i.e., delivered to the Purchasers or his Forests, Copyright © 2016 Chawla Publications (P) Ltd. - Home | About Us | Contact Us, Central Acts and Rules Amended and Updated, Revenue Standing Orders Relating to Forest Settlement, Rules Framed Under Section 63(E) of the Tamil Nadu Forest Act, 1882 to Regulate Quarrying Minor Minerals and Mining of Major Minerals in Reserved Forests, Rules Prescribing the Manner of Publication of Notice Proposing the Redefining of the Limits of a Reserved Forest, Rules for the Issue and Check of Permits for Timber and Other Forest Produce, Rules for the Todapatta Lands of the Nilgiris, Rules to Regulate the Management of the Forest and Waste Lands in the Kadavur Estate In Tiruchirappalli District, Rules to Regulate the Seigniorage to be Levied for the Removal of Timber and other Produce in Different Districts, Special Rules Under Section 21 of the Act for the Management of the Wen-Lock downs Reserved Forest in the Nilgiris as a Pasturage and Recreation Ground. Notification by the State Government. 3. Tamil Nadu Sandalwood Trees Patta Land Rules, 2008. Procedure on claim preferred to such timber. Notification declaring forest reserved. Indemnity for acts done in good faith. 100 sq.Ft bamboo kudil. Saving of power to release property seized. Certain kinds of timber to be deemed property of Government until title thereto proved, and may be collected accordingly. provided that such land shall be exempted only so long as such land is used for such purpose. Most of the land records in the states of India have been computerized since the year 2008. Form and manner of making an application to sell the sandalwood tree to the Government (1) The owner of a sandalwood tree who desires to sell the sandalwood tree to the Government shall make an application to the District Forest Officer in Form-I appended to these Rules. Section 1. In order to simplify the procedure and to encourage the private owners to grow more sandalwood trees in their patta lands the Government have framed “The Tamil Nadu Sandalwood Trees on patta lands Rules, 2008” effective 27th November 2008. As Tamil Nadu heads into state elections in 2016, severe polarisation is evident on the basis of caste. Adi Dravidar and Tribal Welfare Department. Preliminary. Whether the applicant is the owner of the sandalwood tree or trees proposed to be sold; 2. Kgs. The Times of India News App for Latest City News, Copyright © 2020 Bennett, Coleman & Co. Ltd. All rights reserved. 40V. Recommendations (along with) remarks/reasons, if the application is not recommended. girth for roots). 43. 68. to 28A. 40. The auction of sandalwood by different state governments dropped from a high of 2,500 tonnes in 1993-94 to just 300 tonnes in 2008-09. Tamil Nadu Lands (Eviction of Encroachments) Rules, 1981, Tamil Nadu Regulation of Wood Based Industries Rules, 2010. In order to encourage this activity the government framed the Tamil Nadu sandalwood trees on Patta lands rules in 2002 and approved it in November 2008. Liability of person unauthorisedly occupying any land in reserved forest, etc. Presumption as to commission of offence in respect of scheduled timber. 9. 35B. Free ec. 49G. சந்தன மரம் அனைத்து மண்களிலும் வளருமா Claims to rights of way, watercourse, pasture and to forest produce. 3. Rights and sale of sandalwood tree grown on private lands. Restriction on establishment of Wood Based Industries. Rules to be placed before the Legislature. Power to stop ways and watercourses in reserved forest. The Judge appointed to be the President. 41. In some states of India, there have been some changes in the process. 6. Power to reserve forests. to summary eviction. G.O. Timber to be covered by Transit Permit. (Vide Forest Cell, C.I.D. Timber, forestproduce, tools, etc., when liable to confiscation. Power to make rules and prescribe penalties. Tamil Nadu Government Employees Association president A Selvam said it was a known secret that the departments like treasuries, health and rural development temporary appoint retired officers. Short title.-This Act may be called the 1 (Tamil Nadu) Forest Act, 1882.. Local Extent 1 [It extends to the whole of the 2 (State of Tamil Nadu)]. (i) A certificate of ownership of the land in which the sandalwood trees are grown, as issued by the Tahsildar; (iv) A copy of the deed of tenancy, lease, mortgage with possession or otherwise executed in favour of the owner of the sandalwood tree; (v) List of sandalwood trees proposed to be sold. 12. Jaswant has managed to grow a mini forest with over 350 herbal plants, tall sandalwood trees, flowering plants, fruit trees, bonsai and more. 49B. Award of confiscation no bar for infliction of any punishment. Issue of showcause notice before confiscation under section 49A. 7. 14. 1. Exemption of small quantities of sandalwood carried by a bona fide traveller by ryots for their own use. The Tamil Nadu Land Reforms (Fixation of Ceiling on Land) Act, 1961; The Tamil Nadu Land Reforms (Fixation of Ceiling on Land) Act, 1986; The Tamil Nadu Land Reforms (Reduction of Ceiling on Land) Act, 1970; The Tamil Nadu Land Revenue and Water-Cess (Surcharge) (Repeal) Act, 1967; The Tamil Nadu Land-Revenue Assessment Act, 1876 Power to declare forest no longer reserved. Prohibition of clearings etc. Appeal from order passed under sections 11,12 and 13. 49. 32. Free registration. (a) "Act" means the Tamil Nadu Forest Act,1882 (Tamil Nadu Act V of 1882); (b) "Conservator of Forests" means the Conservator of Forests, having jurisdiction over the land wherein the sandalwood tree is grown; (c) "District Committee" means any Committee constituted by the Government under the Tamil Nadu Preservation of Private Forest Act,1949 (Tamil Nadu Act XXVII of 1949), and the Tamil Nadu Hill Areas (Preservation of Trees) Act,1955 (Tamil Nadu Act XVIII of 1955); (d) "Final Cleaning Depot" means the depot authorized by the concerned District Forest Officer for processing and final cleaning of Sandalwood; (e) "Sandalwood" includes sandalwood roots, billets, sandalwood dust, sandalwood chips, sandal sapwood and sandalwood oil; (f) "Sandalwood tree" means a sandalwood tree grown on any patta land; (g) "Tahsildar" means the Tahsildar having jurisdiction over the land wherein the sandalwood tree is grown; (h) Words and expressions used but not defined in these rules shall have the meaning assigned to them in the Act. Use and registration of property marks. Condition of the sandalwood trees (dead or dying/green); 6. Form and manner of making an application to sell the sandalwood tree to the Government. 5. 24/7 security. Suspension of rights in reserved forests. Procedure when offender is not known or cannot be found. 68A. Penalties for breach of rules made under sections 35 and 35A. 17A. Power of Central Government to movements of timber across frontiers. 40K. Proclamation by Forest Settlement Officer. 46. Exclusion. 33. .Remarks and initials of the Final Cleaning Date up to which the registration or renewal has effect. Red Bead Tree/Red sandalwood. Terms, conditions and fee for the grant of licence. 7. 22. 34. Verification of ownership of sandalwood tree on patta land. 12. Energy … 4. Project GreenHands is a grassroots ecological initiative by Isha Foundation aimed at fighting desertification in Tamil Nadu, mainly through afforestation. In India sandalwood plantation … D Murugaselvam, who grows sandalwood on his 20-acre plot near Kolli Hills, pointed out that traditionally sandalwood cultivation was not given impetus in Tamil Nadu. 1. General Information : A medium-sized to large deciduous tree, 6-15 m tall ; Bark dark brown to greyish; Leaves dull green on topside and blue-green underside; Flowers small, creamy yellow, fragrant; each flower star shaped with 5 petals. (b) The District Forest Officer shall before granting permission for extraction obtain necessary permission from the concerned District Committee, if the area in which the sandalwood trees are grown is notified either under the Tamil Nadu Preservation of Private Forests Act,1949 (Tamil Nadu Act of 1949) or the Tamil Nadu Hill Areas (Preservation of Trees) Act, 1955 (Tamil Nadu Act of 1955). CHAPTER – II RESERVED FOREST 3. 11. According to the new rule, an applicant has to approach and … 49A. Verification of ownership of sandalwood tree on patta land. In exercise of the powers conferred by sub-section (3) of Section 36-F of the Tamil Nadu Forest Act, 1882 (Tamil Nadu Act V of 1882), the Governor of Tamil Nadu hereby makes the following rules:— 2. Persons employed to carry out the Act to be deemed Forest Officers. Payments to be made by claimant before timber is delivered to him. Joint mahazar to be prepared before removal of the trees. 67. Tamil Nadu conducts auctions thrice a year, while Kerala holds it once a year. 40N. 4. (Ms) No.87, Dated: 14.08.2007), a first of its kind in India, with a Chairman and two Member Secretaries. Tamil Nadu Timber Transit Rules, 1968. Short title. For reprint rights: Times Syndication Service, Scent of sandalwood now in private plantations, In 2018, sandalwood was being cultivated on 500 acres of patta land across the state, Chennai: Locals stand in water to protest against demolition of their houses, Gold worth Rs 59 lakhs seized at Chennai Airport, Covid-19: Delhi airport gears up to ferry vaccines, Farmers' protest: Bharat Bandh on 13th day against Centre's agricultural sector laws, Madhya Pradesh: Rare video of leopards mating on a tree goes viral, Farmers' protest: Akhilesh Yadav detained in Lucknow after he sits on dharna on road, Traditional indian sweets from various states, Terms of Use and Grievance Redressal Policy. Dated 26.5.93. may be regulated or prohibited. Generally, 7 to 8 months old well-branched seedlings of 30 to 35 cm height raised on nursery beds are used for … Features Environment Monday, September 30, 2019 - … Proof of tenancy lease, mortgage, possession or otherwise; 6. 1A. Appeal against the refusal or renewal to grant licence or revocation of licence. » Trees » Sandalwood; Sandalwood. Number of sandalwood trees proposed to be sold; 4. Prior to the enactment of Disaster Management Act, 2005, the Tamil Nadu Government in its order Ms. No. India has … 10 ft individual iron gate. Section 73 (viii) any land used exclusively for growing fuel trees on the date of commencement of the Act. 35. Enquiry by Forest Settlement Officer. 40A. Punishment for felling, etc., trees which are royalties. Forests. 40H. Girth in Cms (mid girth for T&B top and 140, Environment and Forests (FR4), dated 27.11.2008. 4. Inquiry by Forest Officer into claims for kudivila. Offences under the Act to be cognizable. Power to prevent commission of offence. Penalties for breach of rules made under section 26. 1. 58. 3. Confiscation by Forest Officers in certain cases. Forest Officer to carry out the Court's awards as his own. 4. Description of pieces obtained on Rough Adenanthera pavonina. Penalty for counterfeiting or defacing marks on trees and timber, and for altering boundary marks. CHENNAI: Nearly one-third of the area in the country with sandalwood distribution is in Tamil Nadu with the state covering an area of 3,040sqkm spread across several districts. Name of the village, taluk and district where the sandalwood trees are grown; 4. Santalum album, or Indian sandalwood, is a small tropical tree, and the traditional source of sandalwood oil.It is native to southern India and Southeast Asia.It is considered sacred in some religions, and some cultures place great significance on its fragrant and medicinal qualities. Sandalwood. About 5- 6 flowers/ tree can be obtained. within a year regarding the various aspects of Forests and Wildlife Management in Tamil Nadu… Home >> Government of Tamil Nadu : Government Orders >> Department wise.

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