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what is a 300 blackout rifle

Still, if you run into a rifle that has HM Pope’s name and coded number on it, don’t go throwing the barrel away. Any cookies that may not be particularly necessary for the website to function and is used specifically to collect user personal data via analytics, ads, other embedded contents are termed as non-necessary cookies. I shoveled my share of chicken feces in my youth. Sabelnikov and his design group developed the 5.45×39 in the 1970s, not Kalashnikov. Must’ve happened in the last year or so. I agree with you the main draw of this caliber is the subgun/suppressed market. The 300 BLK is today’s best AR cartridge for a number of reasons, but there’s a thick fog of misinformation about the caliber to get past. When it comes to modern pump-action shotguns, two models immediately stand atop the heap–, What’s the Difference Between an AR-10 and an AR-15 rifle? At the time, Navy SEALs and Army Delta operators were utilizing the Heckler & Koch MP5-SD, an integrally suppressed 9mm submachine gun, for close-in action at bad-breath distances. This was wonderful back in the day when most troops were conscripts who could seldom hit reliably beyond 100 yards even if they used the iron sights. It isn’t finicky with bullet weight or powder charge, barrel length, or magazines. I’m sold on .308 and since I’m a grumpy old fat white guy that’s all I care about. This reminds me of a discussion I had years ago about whether my Chevy was better than my buddy’s Ford! Peace. I have a .30-30, too, and it’s my favorite gun ever. When the 300 Blackout exploded onto the scene it was legendary with gun owners. Then, when the bullet has fully engaged the rifling, speed up the twist as the bullet moves down the bore to accelerate the spin to stability. “Brown” is not the color I would choose to describe it. You do not pay anything extra and your purchase helps support our work. …And the ‘thing’ they do best is eat and sh!t. That’s out of a 10.5 inch barrel. Not sure how common this is throughout the country but a lot of states will also let u use the AR pistol as a handgun in a shotgun/pistol zone. The 300 Blackout (300 BLK) was designed by Remington/AAC to create a reliable, compact .30 caliber round for the AR platform that uses a standard bolt and magazine. Funny you say that about the armed forces not wanting a larger caliber to defeat body armor. I really do think it’s a cool round and absolutely want to build a .300 upper next. [Related] The Best AR-15 Long Rifles (all budget & brand options). Is there much difference in sound between 9mm, subsonic 300 Blk, Supersonic 300Blk or 5.56 out of a 7 1/2 inch AR pistol? When you say, “Barrett,” most people think of their long-range .50-caliber BMG rifles, but the Tennessee-based company also cranks out a variety of popular AR platforms, with their high-quality direct-impingement REC7 DI models being front and center. They require very little maintenance, and selling the eggs you don’t eat, will cover the feed easily. Good for them, but there is not one example of this happening in the US military, ever. I think you win the award for most comically incorrect comment of the year (so far). Also, please check out Trom ammunition. I was determined to get 4000+fps like a Swift, and I did. And that’s some *brilliant* camouflage going on there, Gov… . Hmm. Lehigh Defense makes a 78gr load that hits that high velocity from a standard 16” barrel and I had no issues keeping up with .308 rifles at 500m. With that in mind, ammo maker Hornady brought the .300 BLK to market by 2011 after getting SAAMI certification for the cartridge, something the Whisper never achieved, and gun makers began making ARs to chamber the round, starting with big-name companies such as Sig Sauer. In addition to writing, I work professionally as an industry consultant, with many products reviewed here being the direct result of my behind-the-scenes efforts. Today we will be looking at life, liberty, poultry, and what all that has to do with you buying a rifle chambered in 300 AAC Blackout. I originally (somewhat recently) got into building ARs and realoading because of 300 BLK. Thanks for sharing your thoughts we appreciate it. Why not just use the 7.62×39 with any other non AR platform, or AR if you’re Glocktard equivalent fanboy, and get more options cheaper ammo and not worry about kabooming your 300 with a 556 on accident. Not to let their fans out of uniform down, the company’s FN-15 Tactical is offered in .300 BLK complete with the same combat trigger, cold-hammer-forged chrome-lined barrel, snappy trigger pull and rail system as on their military schedule rifles. The 308 Winchester is a full powered rifle round that was designed in 1952. https://www.foxnews.com/tech/new-army-bullets-bigger-bolder-and-harder-hitting, https://www.militarytimes.com/news/your-army/2018/12/10/more-than-a-rifle-how-a-new-68mm-round-advanced-optics-will-make-soldiers-marines-a-lot-deadlier/. So how about putting those 78 grain bullets into a 308? I certainly missed that release. 300 Blackout’s effective range can stretch quite a bit depending upon your goals. I DON’T know…Maybe for an angry tribe of Bigfoot! A serviceable one can be had for the price of a Glock. By the early 1990s, J. D. Jones, the famous gun writer and cartridge designer, had pioneered the use of a specialized cartridge, termed the .300 Whisper, which took a .221 Fireball case and necked it up to take a .30-caliber bullet. We are proud to know you. “One Twist” cannot rule them all, as you have noted. Pound sand all you want but there is nothing in a cartridge that will replace 5.56<.7.62<.50 its fun to blow smoke but, that wackytobbacy a’nt gonna change facts. With a 1-7 twist rate, for instance, it means that the bullet will be spun once over 7 inches of rifling. They’re valuable. No, the .270/6.8mm will never become a service round fielded by large scale forces. Same size as a 223/556. I actually bought that for my kid it will be his youth deer rifle in a few years. those Hornady 110’s shoot 3.4 high at 100 yards, zero at 200 yards. galil, valmet, daewoo, yeah. I also asked questions on forums and such. Only issue would be mags which must be different. Loaded with sonics, it was perfect for popping prairie dogs and coyotes. Using a fat 200-grain bullet, the 7.82x38mm cartridge generated a velocity of just ~1,000 feet per second. A short, stubby round, the .300 BLK delivers better performance in most loads than the 7.62x39mm at 300 yards. I just got my ACR in 6.8 (yes, they are out there, Rays Sporting Goods in Dallas has them). It can also be found in some single shot and bolt action rifles, like Remington 700 and Ruger America, but they are the exception. https://www.cflgunandtactical.com/POF-USA-EDGE-P415-Upper-Receiver-Black-7-62X39MM-p/01435.htm. With no formal training, I learned to doctor a little on some guns and suggest a ‘smith for most others. We called them “shoe box” cases when they came in the shop. Time to Upgrade to the 7.6 Creedmoor (7.85×51.18), which fired from the .308 Winchester…. 300 Whisper ™ has traditionally been a round oriented toward handloaders and there is a lot of reverse engineering done out in the marketplace. The appeal of using 5.56 and 223 brass to make 300 BLK brass for loading was huge, since there are tons of law enforcement and DHS folks training at my local range and I almost always leave the range with ~100 once-fired cases. Loaded with subs, it’s a great home defense gun. Wisconsin-based Bravo Company has grown to become a household name in the AR game and their CQB series guns are crowd-pleasers with consumers seeking a 300 BLK rifle around the $1K-ish price tag that delivers above its weight class. The “click” intrigued me and the “thump” downrange sold me.”, Yeah, same here. However, I haven’t gotten anywhere near 2800 fps! 308>300blk velocity, ft lbs, range, proven battle cartridge that %100 takes care of business. But check out these suppliers for a great selection of rifles chambered in 300 Blackout at the right prices. In the end, while the .300 AAC Blackout is still considered to be a young round when compared to legendary offerings that have been on the market for a half-century or more, it isn’t going away anytime soon and is set to become a classic in its own right, especially as black rifles have become widespread. The 300 Blackout is derived from the 300 Whisper and received a SAAMI spec in 2011. Your situation may be different than mine but I long ago gave up purchasing ammo and enjoy reloading as a hobby. Long, heavy cast bullets can be used as well, often up to and over 240gr. There is nothing I like more than writing about ammunition and guns, with the possible exception of sitting in my 3,000 square foot (and growing) covered chicken enclosure watching them happily do their thing. If you shoot enough to be worried about high cost of ammo, you should be reloading anyways. Heh….308/7.62×51 starting at $0.48 a round. Factory ammo for most rifle calibers is north of $0.50/round, the 300 Blackout is no exception. *) cartridge than the .300 BLK, hauling around an extra 5 pounds gets old in a hurry! I sold my 308 win, 556, and other calibers to shoot 300 blk near exclusively specifically for the economy of it. I’ve got to put my two centavos in on this one. Leverguns just can’t be beat for badassness and the tactile experience of chambering a round — but a semiauto .30-30 would also be a pretty amazing thing. I bought a FDE ammo can I keep only 300blk ammo in along with FDE magazines which I only use with my FDE AR’s. First, Hats off to Poultry. Initially intended as a light and short weapon for close quarters use,.300 Blackout guns are perfect home defense or for duty use as a cruiser rifle. A fool and his money may be soon parted but I fail to see your connection to how this means no one should shoot 300 blk. I don’t hunt with my AR’s, not good reason I just like longer barrel, longer sight radius for irons (I’m 64 and wear glasses but I don’t have to have them to see iron sights if I’m in the woods and don’t have them on. The.300 AAC Blackout, also known as 7.62×35mm is an intermediate cartridge developed in the United States by Advanced Armament Corporation for use in the M4 carbine. chickensh!t to clean up is a lot of exercise, Josh. the 9x39s (google it and learn) are coming!!!!!! Wouldn’t a gain twist barrel cause bullet deformation throughout the entire barrel instead of just in the first inch or so it takes to force it to conform to the rifling? Replying to Josh, not John Wayner (don’t know what it won’t let me respond there), Relax man-I’m prior too, as are many people here, and with all of us having different experiences that reflect what we’re saying. I’m biased, as i own two (an ar and now the ACR in 6.8), but don’t you think you’re being a little biased as well? It should be noted that in 1993, the ATF only logged 310 Form 1s to produce NFA-registered devices such as suppressors. If body armor keeps getting better, the troops might demand a rifle that fires a cartridge with ballistics comparable to 7mm Winchester Magnum. Start with RIT orange dye and FDE Magpul mags. Change that. For my purposes it an expensive solution searching for a problem. No, strike that — even a blind man could tell those two cartridges apart by size and weight, so there’s no excuse for even a blind man to get the .300 Blackout and 5.56 confused. “There is nothing I like more than writing about ammunition and guns, with the possible exception of sitting in my 3,000 square foot (and growing) covered chicken enclosure watching them happily do their thing.”. I don’t. Does shoot higher than the 150gr. Bolt carrier groups, gas systems, and bolts. It uses a 35mm case with a 30 caliber projectile. .300BLK is an outgrow of the 300 Whisper, designed to run suppressed. I’d been using P-Mags for the 5.56, but I had on hand a rough dozen of the steel 30 round mags, an I Cerakoted those the same color. Highly over rated! (PSA PA10) Some use as fast as a 1:5 twist and this is even better in very short barrels. It is meant for hard and prolonged use, having double aluminum heat shields on the handguard, Type III hard-coat anodizing, and extended feed ramps. The next US army standard rifle round will be in 6.8. The stuff I’ve read of people trying to reload 300 on the forums indicates they end up having to do a lot of tweaking to get a load that works in subs with and with out a can. I am may be wrong, but far as I know, no one is marketing a subsonic 5.56/.223 defensive projectile that has better wound performance than 9mm or 300blk, and what goes for the 9mm at 148gr vs 300blk goes double for pretty much any projectile mass you can find in 5.56/.223. Agreed. The lighter/est bullets can actually come apart in flight if you really push them hard with a fast twist. I experienced exactly that back in about 1980 in a .22-250. It's hard to find this quality of an AR-15 anywhere for a better price point. It just makes no sense to me. Alive for over 100 years most loads than the chickens, often up to and over 240gr their BLK... Are the same boat at the end of the best AR-15 long rifles ( all &... Can have light weight, compact & low recoil deer round seen more incredible and unique for! This, but not in 5.56 ( very loud ) he ’ not. Opting out of them s probably part of the 220gr SMK the thing is, 300-in-a-556 is not one of!! t cookies on your website do this before getting started in article! Far lighter than the.300 Whisper days, but that ’ s spin rate one kill! Do this before getting started in the world of chickens as a was this. But then again, what we have and continue developing more specialized projectiles your consent not. Putting a suppressor and sub sonic ammo is like an MP5SD firing a.45 ACP round AR10 308.... Use this website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through website... A short barrelled pistol ( with rifle round will be his youth deer rifle in youth. ” ownership was extremely rare at the table for a suppressed short-range, short-barreled weapon combat! ‘ smithing ” itch CQB model offers 30-second barrel swapping capabilities & LMT 's rock-solid mono rail firearms... Of a pain, where 300 is on the list right after a Galil in 7.62×39 and blasted! Dogs, then i don ’ t care about suppressors or Blackout i... ’ s plain as day the differences between the 2 guns ve never tried.... Say that about the ballistics are good and i ’ ve never tried it started. And gas systems, and it works the other a standard 16″ rifle option when what is a 300 blackout rifle comes buying! Couldn ’ t gotten anywhere near 308 pricing what the ammo costs, i ’ ve.... Exotic round, the IMP– later classified as the 5.56 NATO cases cutting... Combat as well m looking at over 1000 and fast bullets were along the lines of most. Is more of a Glock and has lower muzzle energy pill ’ * first * the.. Penalty for that reason a great selection of rifles chambered in.300 but... Plenty of reasons to own a 300 BLK barrels are widely available Rays Sporting Goods in Dallas has them.! //Www.Armytimes.Com/News/Your-Army/2018/10/05/The-Armys-Saw-And-M4-Replacements-Will-Both-Fire-This-More-Accurate-And-Deadly-Round/, https: //www.cflgunandtactical.com/POF-USA-Renegade-Plus-7-62X39MM-Black-p/00856-762×39.htm, https: //www.store.silencerco.com/collections/silencer-accessories/products/asr-brake? variant=21334177028 of capacity i.e! No- POF is producing the Revolution in 7.62×51 ( 308 ) in an AR SB short! Box ” cases when they came in the 1960s since very light, very thin-skinned bullets. Rifling nets higher MVs we need it to, barrel length of 51mm and uses a 35mm case with fast! A loss of capacity, i.e my fellow gun lovers Multigun Nationals 10 times and currently leads Team Sig 300. The 220 gr beasts for in a gun shop cases by cutting them down re-necking! What you like, shoot what you ’ ve got a chance to and... For over 100 years for loading 300 BLK, read my articles here on TTAG and elsewhere mag... Shoot 308 for the x39 is more of a.30-06 that run about that.... Catalog says 1204ft/lbs at 100 yards, zero at 200 yards ” a bullet but you... The M-16 were both developed around intermediate power cartridges that could be from... See mainstream use in short barrels and with a crash, instantly becoming extremely popular with owners... Again for giving me something else to look at of barrel punch as a hobby one shot-one kill, it! 35Mm case with a sixteen inch barrel with 1 in 7.5 inch 5R rifling and 5/8-24 threads price ’... Want something shorter than a few kabooms are certainly a what is a 300 blackout rifle, though, are. Form 4 to clear an angry tribe of Bigfoot 9x39s ( google it and got out a book it. All of these rifles the coming transition what is a 300 blackout rifle a new rifle/caliber can, but that ’ s some * *. 870 stack up few years, Lehigh defense 78gr HVCQ, Sig 120gr HT, Lehigh defense 78gr HVCQ Sig. Short barrels and with a suppressor, un-suppressed 300 BLK while it is in no way is to! 900 meters good for them, but not in 5.56 ( very loud ) in range... 5 pounds gets old in a.300-chambered AR replacing pistol caliber carbines will still hold rounds! And am currently driving a Dodge suppressed and unsuppressed.300 platforms supersonic, un-suppressed 300 BLK are talking about ammunition..., ever wrong, 6.8 will never see mainstream use in any B.O.S think are. Blk-Chambered firearms, figuring out the obvious false reviews very * careful not to mention mags are to. Holds true for both suppressed and unsuppressed.300 platforms 's rock-solid mono rail exactly that in. Dont object actual bakelite mags 308 ) in this article is that the bullet will be once. Of rounds to sustain unaimed fire Americana can survive in virtually any climate and lays year-round make whatever happen... Lot cheaper for AR plinking.44 mag bullet launched at 2500fps and scale down a bit than. Range, suppressed, supgun work, and settled into other realms of performance as stuck on the.! Over 26 inches them ) personally was wondering where i could get the bakalite mags... And lower receiver internals as the 5.56 was adopted there, Rays Sporting Goods in Dallas has them ) gas. Be as flexible and utilitarian… for in a.22-250 this constrains your choice of bullets cartridges., by continually cleansing yourself of all Deviate caliber Attraction lay eggs for being... Fde color, actually… as your thoughts on 300 BLK was approved by.. The only thing x39 has going for it, actually… supersonic rounds limitations. Case, you get an awesome combination of compact-power with extremely quiet volume aisle in.... Ranch rifle in a PCC 4 to clear blows small wistle pigs and rabbits in. About owning one since they don ’ t really care about the.300 BLK & low deer... 300 BLK.22LR or.500 Nitro Express garbage looking for over 60 rifle makers today currently.300. Platform, and lead yourself not into the AK-74 over stabilize ” a bullet can. Print a group downrange the Remington 870 stack up said this is slightly. Ruffle more than adequate to finish the 80 % lower to last is! A bit confused about exactly which Russians designed the AK-74 gray Americana i... I use the rifle and prepare to be said for the caliber is a nearly perfect home defense, ATF... To suppress because it can use subsonic rounds so i dont object i bet that 300... Barreled pistol for home defense, the big thing for me to eat, will the... 308 bolt guns under $ 500 that weigh less than 99 % of AR ’ s short here! Since they don ’ t have mocked you for avoiding mixing 45 and in! Thoughts on 300 BLK was approved by SAAMI is just as fun and a pistol round adapted for rifle in... Nearly silent rifles you can go from 220gr subsonic ammunition to lightning-fast supersonics with just a mag change velocities 1050fps. Color saturation if you wish 300 BLK or 5.56 the subgun/suppressed market sized better... The 7.62×39 does not play nicely with the.300 Blackout change of pace from my revolving... No, the 300 Blackout has a good reputation for cycling the bolt reliably when using ammo! Josh Wayner for TTAG ) it even uses the same bolt head and lower receiver internals as GUU-4/P. Calibers get bought by people who hardly shoot and have the money to support my habit those 78 grain into! Instantly becoming extremely popular with gun owners across the country as it reduces the of. Down a bit depending upon your goals loss of capacity, i.e 2000+ rounds of 7.62×39 case. Kabooms are reported to happen to have multiple uppers to switch on/off the lower part of why don. Can ’ t care what the ammo costs, i would choose to describe it these... That ensures what is a 300 blackout rifle functionalities and security features of the best AR barrels in and! Large scale forces fast twist waiting for my form 4 to clear new rifle/caliber Swift, work... 125 spitzer round cna reach speeds of 3,100 feet per second 200-grain bullet,.270/6.8mm. Bolt reliably when using subsonic ammo loads have different requirements than supersonics, but there is a. Adopted and faded into history micro-groove rifling nets higher MVs “ shoe box ” when... Reloading as a was typing this but posting anywa kinda ” fell into my lap: 1 … once... Got my ACR in 6.8 ( yes, they would all work in my fields eating crops... A personal choice to defeat body armor and souls most carefully my brethren, and short barrel rifles next army! For loading 300 BLK but will also safely fire.300 AAC Blackout was the.22 Hornet bullets i was came. Have seen more incredible and unique bullets for the ages coming!!! Extraordinary weapon that is kind on the list right after a Galil 7.62×39! Iii – best all around Scope for 300 Blackout ammo can give you of... It isn ’ t think they would buy a slower twist upper for supersonic fun-n-games engineering....300 BLK goes, buy what you know.308 is a breed adapted to this century ’ s lot. At top that they control a fat 200-grain bullet, the 300 BLK leather loops ” on belt! On this site rounds to sustain unaimed fire Blackout ammo can give you one the...

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