technology has developed from the crafts of the medieval period technology has developed from the crafts of the medieval period

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technology has developed from the crafts of the medieval period

[48] According to Hägermann, the pen drawing is a copy of a late-antique manuscript. Linen is derived from flax, a plant that has been cultivated for material since 3000 BC. All the foundations for our modern society were laid in the Medieval Age including universities, the Industrial Revolution, and the Capitalist system. Apprentice • Parents paid for training • Lived with a master and his family • Required to obey the master • Trained 2–7 years Manufacture of silk began in Eastern Europe in the 6th century and in Western Europe in the 11th or 12th century. The Florentine and Flemish merchants were at this time those most interested in buying wool from England." Hampi It is the intellectual precursor to the concepts of inertia, momentum and acceleration in classical mechanics. Under three-field rotation, the land was divided into three parts. The first European mention of the directional compass is in Alexander Neckam's On the Natures of Things, written in Paris around 1190. Which university became the most famous during the Medieval period because of the talent that it attracted? Though gunpowder along with other weapons had been started by Chinese, it was the Europeans who developed and perfected its military potential, precipitating European expansion and eventual imperialism in the Modern Era. [endif]>THE PEASANTS, Advances in Agricultural Technology,, The Rise of Feudalism,,

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