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spermaceti for sale

The above conditions and all notices, descriptions, statements and other matters in the catalogue and elsewhere concerning any lot are subject to any statements modifying or affecting the same made by the auctioneer from the rostrum prior to any bid being accepted for the lot. You guessed it: black. It is important to note that export restrictions may apply to certain items of a Channel Islands Interest. It’s currently a bit busy. Description. )), hydrogenated lanolin (30% pet. ), lavender extract (5% pet. 7.4. Any claim by a buyer against Martel Maides Auctions whether under any of these Conditions or otherwise arising out of the sale of any lot shall be limited to the amount (if any) paid by the buyer in respect of such lot shall not extend to any consequential or other loss or damage or expense suffered by the buyer. Spermaceti, a wax, liquid at body temperature, obtained from the head of a sperm whale or bottlenose whale.Spermaceti was used chiefly in ointments, cosmetic creams, fine wax candles, pomades, and textile finishing; later it was used for industrial lubricants. Three boxed pairs of Spermaceti candles from Nantucket Island, Mass., USA, Three boxed pairs of Spermaceti candles from Nantucket Island, Mass., USA, together with a large wooden W. Barratt & Sons clothes brush. (iv) the buyer demonstrates to Martel Maides Auctions' reasonable satisfaction that the lot alleged by him to be a forgery is the lot actually purchased by him through Martel Maides Auctions. All content on this website, including dictionary, thesaurus, literature, geography, and other reference data is for informational purposes only. We accept the following methods of payment: sterling chque drawn on a UK branch of a bank or building society; bankers draft/building society cheque; sterling travellers cheques; cash; bank transfer; debit cards & credit cards. It also contains 50-63 percent of wax alcohols. It was prized as an incredibly clean and bright burning candle wax, cosmetic stock, and soap component. We regret the collection of lots during the sale may not be possible. 7.5 Each sale and matters connected therewith, including these conditions, shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Guernsey. ), sodium lauryl sulfate (0.25% aq. (ii) the buyer returns the lot to Martel Maides Auctions in the same condition as it was at the time of the auction accompanied by written proof of forgery, the number of the lot, and the date of the auction at which it was purchased; and Well you're in luck, because here they come. Your password has not been updated in a while. (v) to charge interest at the rate of 2% per month on the total amount due to the extent it remains unpaid for more than five working days after the conclusion of the sale such interest will run as well as after as before judgement becoming due and Ouch... You have clicked a page that seems to be very popular. Spermaceti consists principally of cetyl palmitate (C1sH31.COOC16H33) with smaller quantities of cetyl myristate, cetyl laurate and cetyl stearate. CONDITIONS OF SALE In fact, a gallon in the early 1800s cost about $2.00, which in modern values equates to about $200 a gallon. are available. Martel Maides Auctions reserve the right, in forming their opinion, to consult and rely upon any expert or authority considered by them to be reliable. Martel Maides Auctions means Martel Maides Auctions Limited whose registered office is The Auction Rooms, Cornet Street, St Peter Port, Guernsey GY1 1LF Items will not be shipped unless this payment has been received by the appointed Carrier. You can have a rest and please slide to verify. In the modern sperm whale (Physeter macrocephalus), the spermaceti organ is far … A large whale can supply as much as 2,000 litres. Important figures in American history, including Benjamin Franklin and George … The Channel Islands are regarded as a Special Territory of EU and therefore no duty is payable on antiques, pictures and collectibles imported into the UK or Mainland Europe, however the Channel Islands are regarded as non-EU for the purpose of VAT. Currently EU buyers must pay 5% VAT on the import of antiques and certain works of art. 7.1. The spermaceti organ is an organ that commonly appears in the heads of toothed whales of the family Physeteroidea, in particular the sperm whale.This organ contains a waxy liquid called spermaceti and is involved in the generation of sound. Shipping spermaceti for salereading fc vs bristol city From shop ArtPrintClassic . Each bidder by the making of any bid acknowledges his acceptance of these Conditions and the terms of any Notices and other Conditions in the catalogue. Conduct of the Sale See pricing and listing details of Evanston real estate for sale. Uses: Spermaceti is used as … 7.6 The headings are for convenience only and shall be ignored in … The premium means the premium payable by the buyer under Condition 1.2 below; For further information please contact Norman Wilkinson +44 (0)1481 722700, who will be pleased to assist. ), At the same time, Basques went to Newfoundland to fish for cod, or bacallao as the name appears on many early maps, and they also returned to Europe with less studied products such as animal skins and whale, The head is hugely enlarged due to a vast amount of fatty tissue known as the, Dictionary, Encyclopedia and Thesaurus - The Free Dictionary, the webmaster's page for free fun content, HOW WORK GOT GOOD: OVERALL, JOBS HAVE BECOME SAFER, MORE INTERESTING--AND MORE INTENSE, VERY LIKE A WHALE: Moby-Dick is a novel suspicious of visual representation--but one that has inspired scores of illustrators and artists, Immediate and delayed contact hypersensitivity to thiocolchicoside, Hungry whales are stealing food from Alaska's fishermen, A Permanent Place in Newfoundland: Seventeenth-Century Basque Tombstones in Placentia, The Hows and Whys Behind Egypt's Washedup Whale And Shark Attack, Sperm-Associated Oocyte Activating Factor. 1.5 Martel Maides Auctions reserve the right at their absolute discretion to refuse admission to their premises or attendance at their sales, without giving any reason therefore. Buyers should satisfy themselves as to the condition of any lot before bidding on it. Purchase, risk, title and aggregate price It can also be used as a raw material of lipsticks. © 1986-2020 Invaluable, LLC. Spermaceti is the term given to the liquid waxes present in the head of the sperm whale. Spermaceti is a waxy substance found in the head cavities of the sperm whale. Dale W. Rice, in Encyclopedia of Marine Mammals (Second Edition), 2009. It is important to note that export restrictions may apply to certain items of a Channel Islands Interest. The organ from which spermaceti wax is obtained may contain as much as 1900 liters of spermaceti. Items will not be shipped unless this payment has been received by the appointed Carrier. Every bidder shall be deemed to act as principal unless there is in force a written acknowledgement by Martel Maides Auctions that he acts as agent on behalf of a named principal. Originally it was used in everything from cosmetics to candles, and later on in car engines and other industrial activities too. 4.1 Subject only to any arrangements made in writing with Martel Maides Auctions prior to the sale or where payment has already been made in accordance with Condition 3.4., the buyer shall pay the aggregate price to Martel Maides Auctions not later than 4.30pm on the second working day following the sale and shall, upon making such payment, be required to take away the lot purchased from Martel Maides Auctions' premises at his own expense. Your email address or password is incorrect. Please read the notice in the catalogue relating to Export Licences. 7.6 The headings are for convenience only and shall be ignored in construing these Conditions. 3.1 The highest bidder acceptable to the auctioneer prior to the fall of the hammer shall be the buyer, but if, during or after the sale of the lot, but before the end of the sale as a whole, the auctioneer considers, at his absolute discretion, that a dispute has arisen or that the buyer has not complied satisfactorily with Condition 3.3 or 3.4, or that there is any other reason for so doing, he may at his absolute discretion, put up the lot again for sale. Moreover, as that of Heidelburgh was always replenished with the most excellent of the wines of the Rhenish valleys, so the tun of the whale contains by far the most precious of all his oily vintages; namely, the highly-prized, You must go to New Bedford to see a brilliant wedding; for, they say, they have reservoirs of oil in every house, and every night recklessly burn their lengths in, It is in the upper part of this enormous head, in great cavities divided by cartilages, that is to be found from six to eight hundred pounds of that precious oil called, [2] One day, off the East coast of Tierra del Fuego, we saw a grand sight in several, Collection of sperm oil required the collectors to spend days scraping, But Ishmael also believes that to depict the whale 'as he actually appears to the eye of the whaleman' involves more than just the eye: seeing a whale depends on touching it, getting inside it, knowing it inside and out--not abstractly but because, like one member of the Pequod's crew, you have physically been inside its head harvesting. payable forthwith upon demand; 6.3 The benefit of this Condition shall be personal to the buyer who, for the purpose of this Condition, shall be the person to whom the original invoice is made out by Martel Maides Auctions in respect of the lot sold. (i) within one year of the sale of the lot the buyer gives notice in writing to Martel Maides Auctions that the lot purchased by him through Martel Maides Auctions is a forgery (as hereinafter defined); and Lizar Whales Spermaceti Whale Pl 10 from William Lizar Whale for the Naturalist’s Library. 5. In the event of any lot proving to be a forgery Martel Maides Auctions will, at their absolute discretion and subject to the following conditions, either rescind the sale of any lot and refund such of the aggregate price has been received by them or repurchase the lot for such sum as shall equal the aggregate price paid for the lot by the buyer, provided that this obligation shall only arise if: (iii) without notice to the defaulting buyer at any time to resell the lot or cause it to be resold by public auction or private sale and the defaulting buyer shall pay to Martel Maides Auctions any resulting deficiency in the total amount due (adjusted for Martel Maides Auctions' resale costs, and any part payment received); 1.4 Martel Maides Auctions for themselves and for the seller of each lot give notice to intending buyers that certain terms used in descriptions of lots contained in Martel Maides Auctions' catalogues have the meanings ascribed to them in the Glossary. A white waxy substance obtained chiefly from the head of the sperm whale, consisting of various esters of fatty acids and formerly used for making candles, ointments, and cosmetics. 3. All Free. 4. 1.3 While every care has been taken in the preparation of this catalogue, any statement as to authorship, attribution, origin, date, age, provenance and condition is a statement of opinion and is not to be taken as a statement or representation of fact. However, sperm oil, widely known as "spermaceti", was very expensive. 6.2 A forgery means an imitation intended by the maker or any other person to deceive as to authorship, date or provenance, provided that it is not shown to be such in the catalogue description and at the date of the sale had a value materially less that it would have had if it had been in accordance with that description. The Channel Islands are regarded as a Special Territory of EU and therefore no duty is payable on antiques, pictures and collectibles imported into the UK or Mainland Europe, however the Channel Islands are regarded as non-EU for the purpose of VAT.

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