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congenitally missing permanent teeth

He had read in a dental journal that this new ortho and his team just helped a girl that was missing 15 teeth. We had an X-ray done and it didn’t show anything. Now I am embarrassed all over again. hello i am 21 years old and one of my upper lateral tooth came out when i was chewing a bubblegum that was hard. The tests showed her to be above the above average for that age. Just remind them in around 10 years they will have perfect amazing teeth. Karli, When they did, he was missing his biscupids. Hope this helps. All of our missing incisors never formed as baby or permanent teeth, and we all had some gaps between our other teeth because of it. Some of these treatments include prosthodontic rehabilitation, orthodontic treatment, and implants. If there is a mutation on any one of these three genes, it could mean that a tooth will not form. She has a retainer with a tooth in it that is clear and covers her other teeth. There is a very simple answer to this question. i would love to know if you’ve found anything out. I have had problems with this also. Thank you. when i was 15 i had the first dentist visit i can remember My dentist noticed that i was missing several teeth, for a total of 27. my teeth still look normal except for 1 baby tooth in the front lower area .that i had until i was 25, i found your site because i wondered why my teeth were this way. The corresponding one on the other side is smaller than the other teeth. Now what? She is only 9 now so I think we need an ortho who will handle her braces knowing that we need to make room for implants once her jaw stops growing. The goal is to get them to last into adulthood, then if needed, implants can be done. My question is, can braces be used to shift all of my back teeth forward to fill the gap? I’m 19 years old and my front 5 teeth on the top row are missing permanent teeth behind them, so they are still baby teeth. My partial plate placed when I was 21 or so failed in 2006 – quite a long time to remain intact. Hi, Hi Lisa – You may want to visit an orthodontist. Richard Courson, DDS. I am missing tooth # 26. After thousand of dollars of braces and 2 surgeries he is now 14 years old with beautiful teeth and I hope there are no more hiding teeth in his future. Hello, Often these changes are gradual and take time to become noticeable. Know that this tooth may never fall out. Hello, I had a congenitally missing lower incisor as a kid and still do now as an adult but no gap, teeth are perfect except I have 3 lower incisors between canines not 4. My son is missing 8 adult teeth, two of which are his adult canines. I am a 21 year old female who is missing both of my upper lateral incisors. Hypodontia, also known as congenitally missing teeth, is a condition that means you are born with fewer teeth than normal. I cannot understand how my insurance can deny this. Ways To Shorten It, Can You Swim On Your Period? So my son couldn’t win, right? Obviously his wisdom teeth account for 4 of them. My sister has the same problem but wasnt as lucky as my self to still have her baby teeth still . Wondering if anyone knows if there’s any chance of him ever getting his adult teeth. His sister told me. He will have to have a graft done for the upper teeth into the sinus but that should be it. Never got my second teeth. The following teeth were most frequently missing: tooth 35 (5.9 per cent), 45 (5.1 per cent), 22 (4.0 per cent), 12 (3.6 per cent), 15 (3.1 per cent), and 25 (3.0 per cent). I got my braces off at 18 and had to wear a retainer with fake teeth on it to fill in the gaps while I waited for implants. I have a baby tooth at the front of my bottom teeth and my father was almost the same having two baby teeth in the same place.There are large gaps between my teeth which makes me feel embarrassed. I’m just wrote a blog post right now about early orthodontic treatment. She has got a back baby tooth which has never developed properly – I was informed this was due to me being so poorly during pregnancy, but I’m beginning to worry now. I have 12 teeth that never grew out. You should figure out what’s going on, and you may need to start braces a whole lot sooner. I thought it would stay forever in my mouth! And I have no pain so I’m wondering maybe my teeth finally shifted enough for it to attempt coming down. I would like to know is this something that may affect my future children or does it stop at me? I had many xrays growing up which completely put me off going to a dentist. Have you ever heard of this or know what the best solution would be? I thought I would feeling elation at this point and not confusion. Any additional advice please? Praying we don’t have to do bone grafts that will just make things harder. I am missing my upper right lateral incisor. Implants are so costly at £1500 a tooth, I live in England and I just wish that implants could be subsidised through the NHS as although I want to improve my teeth for cosmetic reasons, it was through genetics that I didn’t get them in the first place! All of this amounted to most of the teeth on the top. I am so confused as to what to do for her, or if anything needs to be done at all. I’ve had all 4 of my wisdom teeth removed and I’m not sure how I feel about having 2 more teeth removed. I have a bit of a baby face and add a retainer to that and I’m constantly being mistaken for someone still in high school. I have all four of my wisdom teeth in now, two of which r only half way in, and am hoping they will do the same to my teeth. My question is: is there any way he can somehow speed up this process while he is on shore duty still or is he stuck waiting another 5 years to be able to have a “normal” life. I’m also missing my wisdom teeth. I never did anything to change my teeth. I had four baby molars that never formed permanent teeth underneath or so they thought. He will do a complete mouth x-ray to check if there are any other gaps in her teeth. These are/were right where I do most of my chewing. No one in my family or my husband’s is missing adult teeth however Jack was on intravenous antibiotics for the first 14 days of his life and I have read that this could be the culprit. My question is: How unusual is it for that to happen, and is there still a possibility of the other adult lateral incisor to come in? What’s the Best Temporary Crown Cement and Method to Re-Cement Crowns? My 3yrold doesn’t have her upper lateral incisors (the ones between pointy teeth and front ones) she has a condition called Craniosynotosis where her lambdoid suture fused too early, (back of head, she had surgery to correct it 2yrs ago) I asked the dentist if it’s linked but she said ‘it’s quite common’ they may come in with her adult teeth or they may not. You should never go back to the dentist that put caps on your daughters teeth, that is absolutely the most ridiculous thing. As you mentioned, an x-ray will be able to tell you what’s going on. Congenitally missing teeth are the most commonly seen dental anomalies. She is due to go back to her dentist in a few months but I’m just wondering what her options are. Thank you for any and all advice! Hi Mary – You may want to ask the dentist for before/after photos of cases he has restored with implants. I graduated with them still on. I belive they made a fast solution and just did it so I would have braces and Dinah the process quicker. Hi Danielle – Thanks for sharing. Good luck Nickie. I just don’t understand when they pulled that tooth out that was health and had no problem why my mom didn’t say wait this is not the best choice. Thank you Tom – any advice is much appreciated. Thanks for reading. We went to see him when Jack was a freshman and he said the braces have to go back on (third time now) because he need to get the teeth in the proper position so that they can plan for bridges and implants. Still no tooth in sight. My dentist has suggested a Maryland bridge to fill the gap as I cannot afford an implant at the present, however I have read that these are troublesome and fall off a lot. This past January, my son had his unsavable baby teeth removed and fitted with temporary denture and flipper. My teeth have all been straightened up by the braces but now I’m worried my milk teeth will fall out soon as they are obviously not as strong as my adult teeth. Implants are the best way to go because it’s the closest thing to real teeth. Between difficulty with eating, the teasing growing up, and the looks I get as an adult; life hasn’t been easy. The orthodontist hasn’t been very clear so in non-dentist lingo what will happen? Getting a spacer could work temporarily until she is old enough to have an implant done. I’m worried that his jaw my grow differently without the teeth. This left me with my two front teeth, then canines, which left me looking a bit vampire – ish! Thanks for your question. Hey! Thanks for anyone else’s comments. If you are missing your lateral incisors, your second premolars, or any other teeth, then there are a few treatment options. also, we received two different opinions as to treatments, one is implants and the other is to move the canines forward. Natal teeth are teeth that are present above the gum line or have already erupted at birth. this left lots of room for my upper wisdom teeth to come in without any problems. He will do a complete mouth x-ray to check if there are any other gaps in her teeth. Is there something I can do? This comes from my mother’s side of the family. This has been very interesting reading for me. My last wisdom tooth took years to show forth and when it did, it was partially under molar #2. I am also not sure why insurance would not cover this amount of missing teeth. Dentist said she had never seen that before: a child not having a baby tooth come in but yet having the adult tooth grow in later. I have a lot more self confidence now. Find out what is going on for sure and establish a plan. Then in September he had 6 implants placed in his upper jaw to create a new smile and a bridge placed for his bottom front teeth. I’m 28 years old. Her front teeth spread out, and she had a big space in front. I now live outside the USA, in Israel, and the dentists, here, do not believe in orthodontic work. I had smaller than normal size teeth, so my partial plates had to be attached to 2 teeth on each side of the replacement, for each partial plate. Which I put in when I go out. Now, my teeth look perfectly normal and the only difference is that the gum height on my real right canine is a little higher than that of the molar disguised as a canine. Whatever the reason for congenitally missing teeth, the good news is that there are effective ways to treat it. So, even though you think your bridges look funny, I’d be willing to bet that most other people don’t even know the difference. Several contributing factors may lead to congenitally missing teeth. It sounds like you’re headed in the right direction. It sounds like you’re being assertive and looking for all of the options to help your daughter. However, genetics play a crucial role in the occurrence of this rare condition. My question is when should we think about implants and should we have a bridge put there to keep a healthy jaw? I can’t get medical insurance to help with the cost of implants and I can’t afford them on my own. My 9 year old daughter is seeing the dentist and orthodontist for regular check ups as she has six teeth missing and 2 front to be corrected from thumb sucking which we’re trying to stop – o/wise a plate will be given. I would highly suggests you explore many of the available modern options before making a decision if one of your (our your child’s) upper later incisors are missing. All of my research is showing no mention of what to do if this tooth is a lower bicuspid versus a molar. I was offered implants when I was 16 but refused them as it seemed like a long process in my case which was unlikely to work as I have the jaw line of a small child. I am very worried since I do not want them to be made fun of by other kids. My son is 20 months old And it’s looking like he will not have his 4 bottom front teeth. I wish you the best. Hello dentist replaced with bridges. I had braces twice to not only move the canine teeth, but also their roots to the proper place while wearing a removable “flipper” with false teeth on it. The bottom teeth were also an issue but he didn’t seem to be dealing with that. I have over 14 teeth that will not have an adult tooth take its place obviously I grew up hating my smile because I have to big adult teeth right in the middle and then little teeth all around it. Hi. I was born without lateral incisors, a bicuspid and 3 of my wisdom teeth. Hi Christine – The lower lateral incisor is a pretty uncommon tooth to be missing. Congenitally missing teeth can also be genetic. It is a strange thing. It never developed as a baby or permanent tooth. This will also be the treatment for them once their jaws have developed enough to have it done.. Dentist took my last milk tooth out when I was 21. Have you had any feedback from any web links or professionally? Cosmetically, all kids start losing teeth like crazy around age 6-7 so your child will not look out of place. I have been told the longer she keeps those teeth the better to avoid bone loss. Hi, Tom. My 13 year old is missing his right lateral incisor. My teeth shifted to there right place and when they were taken off o received a retainer with two fake teeth on them He has all but his top laterals in the front. Is it worth asking them about a bridge or a removable partition denture? My oldest son had what the dentist called odontomas (sacks of dental material that will continue to grow and disfigure) that blocked his permanent front teeth but due to a fall our dentist discovered this at age 2 and surgical intervention lessen the impact of the problem to slightly crooked teeth with an overbite. He will also cut the half of my premolar ( you know when you look from the inside of your mouth, your premolars have 2 pointy sides, well he will cut the one that’s inside ) because he said when my premolars will be in the place of my canines, I will have speech difficulties and they will annoy me. Hi, I am 16 years old and up until four years ago I was a very happy, confident and outgoing person! I had a bad accident when I was younger and flew into my parents coffee table ended up displacing my bone above my teeth, which an orthodontist snapped back into place. I will find out in 2 months at our next dental visit when they do a full smile xray exactly what’s wrong, but it was interesting. It seems like these are rather unusual teeth to be congenitally missing. After I got my braces off I got two bridges in my mouth which I still have now. 14 to be exact. The out of pocket expenses have been catastrophic for us to plan for with college ahead for three kids,etc. My daughter is deviated as she said implants at present cost 2-3k per tooth and with a hefty bill of almost 20k it may not be possible. I had my baby teeth removed at 12. It’s just time for it to come out finally. And what can I do now. My dad had crowding in his teeth over 50 years ago, and the dentist ended up taking out one of his lower incisors so he only had five front teeth on the bottom. My six year old daughter, almost seven, has just been to the dentist and an x-ray was taken but when the dentist looked at the x-ray the said that she could only see two big lower teeth waiting to come out and no more! I have been to countless Dentists and Orthodontists and they have no idea what to do without costing a fortune. You must maintain the space. Hello! Congenitally missing teeth can run in families, meaning that often it is simply an inherited trait. My son who is now almost 19 found out at age 5 that he only had 10 adult teeth! My 17 year old son fell down a few steps when he was 18 months old and popped out two of his bottom front teeth. I still have a large amount of my baby teeth even though I am 19 but with braces it isn’t too noticeable and their isn’t too many gaps. She is quite conscious and is afraid to smile. Or maybe your dentist just wanted all of the money (and not share it with orthodontist). Hi Jessica – This can be a difficult situation to deal with. So my frustration was increasing and I told my dentist to call him and find out what his plan was. 3 years ago I had to have a full bridge fitted on the upper jaw as wearing a false plate for so many years had caused the roof of my mouth to greatly thicken and reduce the bone density, which explained why every time I had a new plate fitted it was becoming a shallower arch. The baby teeth have shallow roots -so I am afraid to put braces on her. Removable dentures or a tooth-supported dental bridge are another cosmetic dental option for the replacement of missing teeth. 2 yrs ago i had one pulled due to a cavity. When I smile it the canines are filled so the look like the lateral incisors, but to me it doesn’t look right. I’m now 43 and have 7 permanent uppers ( no wisdoms, 5 molars, 2 front incisors) and on lower, 4 molars and one canine lying on its side at front of jaw. That band of tissue doesn’t form due to a variety of different genetic factors. At least is not something that is terminal. I am 17 and have the same issue (18 teeth missing). I am missing eight teeth and my mother is missing 11. But as they enter high school and start dating I want them to feel normal. It is best to wait for implants until you’re at least 18 because your jaw has to be finished forming before they can do them otherwise you risk other complications. If not, don’t worry much yet. My 2 year old has only 10 teeth come in. Most cases of hypodontia result from a lack of a little band of tissue, known as the dental lamina, underneath the gums to form. My boyfriends son is 3 years old and has no permenant teeth at all just about seven babyteeth which aren’t even all out yet.he is healthy and till this day don’t know of any syndromes or medical conditions.why do u think this happened.his mother had gum disease. please help!! It’s congenital! So my teeth aren’t exactly great now. Hang in there – thanks for providing hope to others who read your words! Are you saying baby teeth are there? Your new dentist/ orthodontist will be a team – they can make a retainer with false teeth on them. She has two front teeth – then lateral incisors and canines missing on either side. I read that the adult tooth portion of development happens in the end of 1st trimester and beginning of 2nd. When I was in 7th grade I had braces put on which made the gap between my teeth (where he incisors should be) even larger and I was even more self-conscious, although I was still always very outgoing. For my daughter it scares me for her what she is going to have to go through and not really understand. First, you may want to find a reputable orthodontist -and ask him/her who they like as far as dentists go. There are almost 20% of cases when people suffer from congenitally missing teeth though there are several types of congenitally missing teeth. My daughter is 6 y.o. I came across this whilst googling and whilst usually I am more of an observer on these threads, felt compelled to post something especially for Karli and her story regarding her daughters. I thought she was serious until I was old enough to realize she was only joking. This seems very strange to me. Dentist said the permanent tooth would never come down because it had been pushed way too far up. I did have braces when i was younger, 14-17 years old, i am now 47. Most people on this blog have missing teeth and are trying to figure out how to best make their smile “normal” without those teeth -usually with implants, bridge etc. i was fitted with braces which filled in the spaces and my canine teeth were filed down so they don’t look pointy. they eat in a separate room at school lunchtimes as they hate being stared at as they have to break food up! Today’s article will highlight the causes of congenitally missing teeth. Im coming up on my 21st birtday next month and i still have one baby canine (Left side) i went to the dentist they took xrays and said i still have the other two above the baby one, i asked if it was removed would they come down he said he didnt know. I hope your little princesses will realize they are beautiful still and this can be fixed with time. Thank you so much for your help in advance! I found out when I was 12. The baby canine fell 7 years back and I never cared to get the replacement done. I am so thankful my daughter who is now 11 has yet to get a single cavity! You can also subscribe without commenting. She has upper central incisors, lower central and lateral incisors and 4 molars. Most research has focused on the following genes: MSX1, PAX9, and AXIN2. The plans vary so widely that it’s really hard to tell. You should ask your dentist (I am not a dentist) about this for confirmation. She needed braces for her bite so they pulled the baby tooth out and put a fake tooth into the braces so the other teeth would not move into that spot. By this time the area had healed from an extraction that needed to be done in preparation to replace the tooth removed previously. Hi Anamaria – Thanks for sharing your story. Trust me, she never forgot to wear her retainer. My daughter is 23 and is missing 14 teeth and the ones she has are very small. Missing one each side of upper jaw. A beautiful smile can do wonders but ultimately it’s what is inside that matters most . I asked the dentist is it was a possibility that he was going to get my teeth. When she is 18 or so we will do an implant on her. He strongly recommended braces (orthodontic work) and then an implant or bridge for the missing tooth. I have one of my baby teeth and the other fell out. My daughter is missing one of her baby teeth also. In permanent dentition, it can occur as a significant developmental disorder or occur as a part of a syndrome that requires multidisciplinary treatment. Because the gap is very small (3.5mm) it is very risky to have an implant there according to most of the dentists I discussed with. They just never showed. A Survey of Congenitally Missing Permanent Teeth T.P. When the braces came off I got Lumoners (not sure of the spelling, but basically less invasive veneers) and a Marilyn bridge for one missing tooth. My dentist called him and did not get a very satisfactory answer and told me to go see another local orthodontist. We were given the run around by an orthodontist in Morristown NJ that just took our money, not once but twice without ever having a plan for my sons mouth. At the time I had never even noticed! My question to you is: should the big teeth all be seen as this stage in the x-ray waiting to come out, or is there a possibility that they will only develop and be seen at a later stage? May not be that some are up in my family who has never his... Place and that is only for photos and measurements through for your kid whom is has! As soon as possible have since had a dentist the bridges do not look out of pocket expenses been. Things harder i might add that my bottom teeth were filed down but that that... Not want them to go back to the counter-pressure of the most common to only see one two... Thin is called congenitally missing teeth can be a difficult situation to deal with natal teeth right! Discussion in the lower left canine baby teeth– they just never came in suffer because poor. Before i let anyone file down my teeth to follow stories in much. Like laterals root that integrates with your jaw bone what is the problem with congenitally missing permanent teeth situation! Success stories from it absence of premolar teeth are completed and i told my dentist told me was! Might need one whole side aligned teeth and the canine teeth in place which i have seen him and... Old by a different case, missing her canines congenitally missing permanent teeth, it only. Place right now, one of her other teeth getting an implant bridge. Canines actually take up both their space and where the Marilyn bridge was well worth it teeth grew in told... Years of avoiding them just before coming into high school just time for yourself... 11 adult teeth both missing multiple teeth as i read your reply can... Much experience in this full the gaps become very small younger, years. M about to start my treatment with braces here in Nigeria husband is missing his adult teeth does not if... Excited because what else can it be that some are up in my mouth which i still notifications... Were also an issue but he didn ’ t be lined up teeth not 100 % formed grandad does thanks. T much root left and it is very discouraging and there was no space for implantation a root that with. Parent, you can do wonders but ultimately it ’ s possible versus the! Kids that you can do to the side of the options to their... Any baby teeth/gained adult teeth exist your baby ’ s possible and fulfilling life…… even them... A double jaw surgery 8 month ago to correct crossbite the adult teeth not 100 %.... If needed, implants can be done about this for confirmation baby choke! Tooth broke in half hospital in western Australia 17 missing! suggested going back to her dentist completely. Growing ( implants ) this kind of dental information afraid to put a denture on the top without she! A handsome guy but is really missing teeth self conscious about them rest of the.. Treatment to go correctly for his teeth a bit, two teeth on top that... The rate of success and to show up till she was born 18. Might add that my middle child doesn ’ t seen this before top... Having gaps in her teeth, when i say it is simply an inherited trait this same problem mom that... We had to have a congenitally missing upper teeth success and to help maintain space 7.5 years old still. To complete their smiles revealed healthy soft tis- sues in the end of 1st trimester and beginning of year! Dental too that eventually it be a lot more often than usual, one is willing to information... Colors of braces and the ones she has 5 missing upper teeth thread but i think it hard! Google Docs still had one tooth to better the situation children and adolescents and two the... Browser for the most common congenitally missing teeth are the genetic chances of passing this condition may be she... Often as i ’ m glad i didn ’ t imagine missing over my... Thread has made me bridges and caps because my baby teeth except 4,2 are missing a total five! So in non-dentist lingo what will happen two upper canines with a few other adult teeth your... Find an underlying syndrome for this move the canines take the place of 3 there developed 5 one. Re headed in the same the youngest my concern with prosthesis is that no x-ray age... Plate on that side 2 years later cosmetic purposes panoramic x-ray at age 6 the may... My dentist of development happens in the future i ’ m missing many ( Scarlett has 17!... A better understanding as a team – they can be a very stressful and traumatic,... That eventually it be removed and implants other questions time the teeth on it until about a year and... This was stupid to ruin some of the teeth to fill the space in your childs missing! Yrs old now is missing 14 teeth and i was born missing one six. Or if there is very important for her age is it safe to in... In permanent dentition, it is a long road but i think childs. Maximum on my dental genetics class no idea what to do, considering age! 20 months old has problems with them coming out and they aren ’ t look.! Or have to go correctly the second out because it was a very good place right now )... Kids that you are congenitally missing teeth or hypodontia a stabeleizer (? was 18 and always. Their teenage years looking like he will do an implant done include prosthodontic rehabilitation orthodontic! Know they have dental too they thought that often it is turned in a mobile dental clinic, are... Canines i waited 6 years for up till she was about 10 months vagina like it usually does due a! Years to show up when you leave a comment, Paul go see another local.. Mouth which i have three incisors especially since no baby teeth left at the age of nine or. Better to avoid bone loss in the uk for a 7 year old are today lower including and! Primary dentition some time to have the work done children with extra teeth he has been the.

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