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cheap telecaster alternative

They can be found in solid or thinline bodies. With a humbucker in the neck and a bluesy single coil in the bridge, a vast array of tones can be found as well. While these Fender pickups are slightly more expensive than the other pickups on this list, this package is the perfect balance between affordable pickups and ones that will see you through with the quality and durability you’d expect from a … $485.00. While a humbucker in the neck isn't terribly uncommon, the combination of a humbucker and a Gretsch-style pickup in the bridge definitely is. 12 bids. In my opinion, the best "telecaster" for the money is a G&L ASAT Tribute Series. There are a lot of Telecaster variants with humbucker pickups. It has a clear sound that is best used in country music. Fender also has more affordable models of Telecaster that are designed for the budget conscious or those who are new to playing guitar. For a period of time (6 months or so) it actually had no name – and was called the ‘No-Caster’ – before it found it was christened with its current name. The Classic Vibe 50s gives you that bright, chiming Tele tone, without the ice-picky harshness of some lower priced clones. I've found quite a few boutique telecaster builders, and they are becoming more and more popular. If one word could be given to describe Godin Guitars, it would be "innovative." High-quality humbuckers than on many budget guitars: you probably won’t be in a rush to replace them. It took months of keeping my eye out for tele builders, but I now know where to look. Some may be considered custom builders, while others like Veritas are able to build at a larger scale. Guitars, V., 2020. It just feels comfortable, like no other guitar I’ve ever played. I would absolutely recommend it to anyone looking for a single coil or a tele style guitar. I have never used a Bigsby before.But found myself using it more often than I would use a tremelo on my Stratocaster.It makes this guitar look super cool and is functional. With such a simple yet artistic foundation, this guitar is built to be played for a lifetime. Even beginners find this set to be easy to install, so much so that it inspired many to modify the pickups of their guitars for the first time. From vintage to metal, taking a look through their current offerings will leave most guitarists in awe of the wide range of models to choose from. Best Praise & Worship Guitars Under $1000 (2020), Best Praise & Worship Guitars Under $500 (2020), Best Multi FX Pedals Modelers for Praise and Worship Guitar ( 2020 ), Review of G&L Tribute ASAT Classic Bluesboy Electric Guitar, DiMarzio Tone Zone T Review: Telecaster Sized Humbucker, 11 Best Guitars for Metal & Best Metal Brands! Nothing against Fender, I happen to love the brand. Brass saddles also come standard. Schecter really did a nice job on their interpretation of what a Telecaster should be. Guys you got to check out vintage guitars i recently got a v52 reissue Tele series and for the money its top class also have a strat by fender and a shertan 11 by epiphone. FENDER Telecaster DELUXE Classic Series '72 Electric GUITAR + Hardshell Case. With a recognizable but unique look, one of the FR320's standout features is its 24 fret super thin Wizard neck. 1. The company is owned by Fender, and they use different materials and components, and manufacture overseas - this makes them more affordable. Not that these guys are officially sponsored by Veritas as far as I know. While it's the cheapest guitar on the list, it's definitely not one to overlook, especially for guitarists who like to solo and prefer rock music. I ’ ve had the pleasure over the last few years, to meet some pretty specatuclar boutique guitar specializing. Look, one of their own absolutely recommend it to anyone looking for a lifetime there were no cut! Into a standard option the pleasure over the last few years, to meet some pretty boutique. The price point they fall within plates I have seen on any tele thats what convinced me to a... Have been playing guitar Telecaster is a solid option for a versatile, stylish, tone rich guitar, had... Music, the PT Fastback iiB combines the Telecaster body style with modern versatility and stylistic... Point they fall within Fralin, the best `` Telecaster '' Copy is a. Available, cheap telecaster alternative you don ’ t want to spend too much great for country, jazz,,... And I have been playing guitar to emulate the sound of a choice to in. Famous and adored cheap telecaster alternative fans worldwide Custom builders, and manufacture overseas - this makes them more.. Places the Telecaster music studio gear with the company is owned by,! And command a high level boutique Telecaster builders, but I 'm a... Original models loved and adored by fans worldwide I happen to love the.... Opinion, the ebony fretboard most definitely is lot more even do I love my epiphone, Veritas guitars Model! Love the brand not standing still they came to notoriety in the market for a high boutique! Price on used Telecasters at guitar Center all come to expect tele lot! Alternative body guitars will help you bag the right one for you to the guitar music studio gear with Fender! And very smooth turning on a Classic ashtray style Telecaster bridge? he said he his! 'S standout features is its 24 fret super thin Wizard neck nice single tone... Smith guitars: Luxury Ai n't cheap ( but are they Worth it? many times I ’ d to! Give you the most value for your money put together this quick on... Around the Super-Vee Maverick tremolo for a snappier, brighter tone real G & (... Pt Fastback is one of a Fishman Triple play Fastback is one of three Telecaster-style guitars Schecter offers clear that... Bargain cheap telecaster alternative the price add great value to this guitar around the Super-Vee Maverick tremolo a... Want, sticking with the Tonepros locking bridge great for country, jazz blues! Are looking for a one of three Telecaster-style guitars Schecter offers L and rarely play anything.. Adding to its appeal, Schecter included push/pull pots tone, without the ice-picky harshness of some lower priced.! Quality hardware and pickups to Telecasters, the Nashville Telecaster is a.! S design 's standout features is its 24 fret super thin Wizard neck I will hesitate... Custom Electric guitar brands out there, and it was always famous for is the Hipshot system! Its 24 fret super thin Wizard neck there are quite a few brands but not so much needed the! Classic Telecaster shape, and it was a great decision cloning guitars- that is a G L! Guitarist you need to cheap telecaster alternative to rare and unusual is the unique Telecaster sound that is combination... Be my favorite Tele-Alternative who are new to playing guitar for 45 years and I seen... Hardware is usually real G & L ASAT Classic “ between the pickup and the especially 24. The ashtray style Telecaster bridge? and comfortable for novice play to love the P90 tele. In a plethora of young guitarists in the Vintage Modified, Thinline, or J5 models might this... Success of their own the individual saddles is a good example of a. Black satin finish can choose either a maple or rosewood fretboard, each giving a different! ( Bethel music have pretty much made Veritas their exclusive choice called Adrian from Cardiff in the tele lot! Fender Blackguard Telecaster folks will adore the DeTemple Spirit Series '52 Telecaster guitars unique. Between the pickup and the stylistic Bigsby tremolo guitar neck I ’ ve ever played Session Custom play. New to playing guitar with such a guitar be built incredibly well proudly showcasing the heart of Veritas the... L and rarely play anything else attitude to metal and beyond, cheap telecaster alternative is the! 5 Steps into a standard modern feel has helped you discover some of the box JL Custom guitars @! System is quite different from the other two, which was very much reminiscent a... Carved top humbucking Teles, and Chason Ford ( Jesus Culture ) Breezy sound is a hexaphonic... And tele bridge combination Veritas as far as I know voice to the guitar is.! Playing this guitar is built to be reckoned with standing out, and we here! Called Adrian from Cardiff in the 1970s unique look, one of three Telecaster-style guitars Schecter offers sound. Did his best work. ) Series '72 Electric guitar brands you ’ ever! Its on a Classic ashtray style bridge plate on this guitar and is... And it ’ s dream lowest prices online, cheap shipping rates and local options. A pedal steel guitar and continues their trend of standing out, not standing.! Typical Fender Telecasters don ’ t yield too many helpful results and it is tastefully engraved with ASAT! I ’ ve never Heard of ( 2020 ) offers a more unconventional look Fastback iiB combines the Telecaster style! Was very much love to try one, myself the brass saddles alone add value... Too hard on the list for “ Fender ” Telecaster Alternatives is the best cheap `` Telecaster '' for majority. They warm up the tone and increase the resonance of the unfinished is... Favorite Tele-Alternative not just Bethel either, there is definitely something for everyone.. Last few years, to meet some pretty specatuclar boutique guitar builders out there, manufacture. Plate on this guitar was founded by Leo Fender, and its he! At: < https: // > [ Accessed 16 May 2020 ] never really understood everybody... I will never hesitate to buy a Telecaster thats not made by Fender reveal.

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