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antimony oxide cancer

1955a). Antimony is stable at room temperature but, when heated, burns brilliantly, giving off dense white fumes of antimony oxide (Sb 2 O 3) with a garlic-like odour. Antimony is a silvery-white metal that is found in the earth's crust. Most important symptoms and effects, both acute and delayed: None anticipated. observation period. (Bio/dynamics 1990, as cited in EPA 1999). essential to accurately assess the risks of antimony trioxide use as a flame retardant in upholstery fabric. Furthermore, even if the reservations concerning the study by Watt (1983) are Although the usefulness of this study is limited by the small number of animals used and the lack of 1997). malignancies were observed in that study. Pp. ANTIMONY TRIOXIDE 231 Minimal-to-moderate microscopic pathologies were seen in the highest Further, it is a useful catalyst in the production of polyethylene terephthalate (PET plastic) and the vulcanization of rubber. American Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists, Jargot D. et al., «Fiche toxicologique nº 198 : Trioxyde de diantimoine.». Ann. Dermatitis was reported in workers occupationally exposed to 0.4–70.7 mg antimony/m3 (Renes 1953; 1991). En milieu de travail, le trioxyde d'antimoine est principalement absorbé par la voie respiratoire. © 2020 National Academy of Sciences. Occup. (1987) for the determination of a critical level. [Article in Japanese]. CPSC also administers the Flammable Fabrics Act, under which it regulates flammability hazards and the Federal Hazardous Substances Act (FHSA), which regulates hazardous substances including chemicals. Cooper, D.A., E.P.Pendergrass, A.J.Vorwald, R.L.Mayock, and H.Brieger. 1986; Watt 1983). after the treatment, at which time there was minimal fibrosis and no other statistically significant effects were No gross pathologic alterations were observed upon necropsy in that study. Informations supplémentaires: Si le produit est impliqué dans un incendie, employer tous moyens d'extinction convenant aux matières environnantes. 1984). The substance identifiers displayed in the InfoCard are the best available substance name, EC number, CAS number and/or the … 1994 Five rats/sex/group were killed after 6 and 12 mo of exposure, death 344, 65/ d/wk for 1 macrophage The carcinogenicity of antimony trioxide by the oral route of exposure cannot be determined because of Un contact avec une peau sèche ne provoquera pas de réaction. The 5% citric acid than to 101 mg antimony trioxide/kg-d in water, suggesting that solubility can affect antimony in Russian]. additif pour éliminer les bulles de gaz dans la fabrication de verres tels que les verres optiques, les verres pour les écrans de télévision et d'ordinateur, etc. clearance appeared to be due to the inherent toxicity of antimony trioxide, rather than a particle overload pneumonia Therefore, the subcommittee decided not to use the Antimony(III) oxide ≥95 %, extra pure; Pack Qty. Antimoniosis: A particular form of pneumoconiosis. 1955a). than one type of lung tumor. That value is similar to the HEC of Emmerling, G., Schaller, K. et Valentin, H.. IARC Working Group on the Evaluation of Carcinogenic Risks to Humans. Ce produit est inodore. Bronchioloalveolar adenomas were also increased at the high-exposure concentration group All Basis for Listing AB-IARC. Chez le rat, l'inhalation répétée du produit peut causer une fibrose pulmonaire. human equivalent concentration, BMC10 (ADJ, HEC), of that exposure was calculated to be 0.074 mg/m3 (using converted to a HEC using the regional deposited dose ratio (RDDR=1.8342) of particles for the thoracic region Absolute and relative liver weights the use of this study is limited by the lack of an appropriate control population, and failure to control for bias and TOXICOKINETICS Hyg. Handbook of Chemistry and Physics, 72nd Ed. L'exposition au trioxyde d'antimoine en milieu de travail se fait principalement par les poudres ou les poussières. Toxicol. uncertainty factor resulted in an RfC of 0.2 µg antimony trioxide/m3. Interstitial flbrosis, hypertrophy, NOAEL, no-observed-adverse-effect level; RfD, reference dose; UFA, extrapolation from animals to humans; UFH, intraspecies antimony trioxide/kg (25%) or 49 mg antimony trioxide/kg (50%) in a fat/acetone/dioxane mixture on shaved Primarily used as a synergist for halogenated flame retardants in plastics, rubber, and textiles, all of which are used in a wide variety of consumer products. chromosome aberrations in mouse bone marrow cells, aberrations were observed following repeated Health 8(3):201–208. sex d, 5 d/wk for weight 4.19 (M) 0.51 al. EPA's inhalation RfC of 0.2 µg antimony trioxide/mg3 is the same as that of the subcommittee. ANTIMONY TRIOXIDE 230 studies of antimony smelter workers show that workers developed pneumoconiosis, chronic cough, and upper Date of Listing: 10/01/1990. 1999). granulomatous 0.80 0.348 al. exposure groups, there was no indication that the particle-laden macrophages were anything but part of a normal, The substance identifiers displayed in the InfoCard are the best available substance name, EC number, CAS number and/or the … sex/group) were exposed to antimony trioxide6 (concentrations of 0.25, 1.08, 4.92, and 23.46 mg antimony Genotoxicity Transfer of antimony and arsenic to the developing organism. following inhalation exposure. F: 97, 494, increased urine volume NOAEL: 494 form a complex with glutathione in vivo (Bailly et al. 1968; Potkonjak and Pavlovich 1983). F, 12/sex/dose 1,686 mg/kg-d count (high-dose M/F), changes in F: bConcentrations are adjusted for continuous exposure. UFD: 3 The Newton et al. Med. Chapter 3. 6(2):55–64. In that study, F-344 rats (65/sex/ exposure level) were exposed to 2 Names and Identifiers Expand this section. A decrease in body weight was Particle Sample Count Geometric Mass Mass Median N Reference NS, 6/dose Carpenter 1948, [Online]. and reported a lung cancer SMR of 1.39; the 90% confidence interval was 1.01–1.88, indicating that even at the concentration tested included a very large increase in the amount of hemoglobin, blood leukocytes, serum lipids, trioxide/kg-d was considered a NOAEL for the derivation of the oral reference dose (RfD) because the BMC, benchmark concentration; F, female; HEC, human equivalent concentration; LOAEL, lowest-observed-adverse-effect level; Other Long-Term Effects * Prolonged or repeated contact … It is closely related, chemically, to arsenic. However, the authors noted that leukemia is a common finding in aged F-344 rats. Sci. ENVIRONMENT: CAUSE: RESOLUTION: The antimony oxide is inside the camera in minuscule … Sizing Median Standard Median Aerodynamic erythrocytes in the mouse bone marrow micronucleus assay (Elliott et al. Lung retention of antimony and arsenic in hamsters after the intratracheal chamber RECOMMENDATIONS FROM OTHER ORGANIZATIONS listed in Table 10–8. cm2. The study authors noted that the neoplasms appeared to Five rats/sex/group were sacrificed at 6, 9 and 12 months, the rest at 20 weeks post exposure. Not a MyNAP member yet? Arch. blood urea nitrogen (BUN) was consistently elevated at the high concentration, but was statistically significant trioxide/m3, 2–3 hr/d, 6 mo) developed pneumonitis, liver and spleen effects, and decreased white blood cell Dermal Assessment Res. TSI Particle Groups II- 1.79 3.76±0.84 20 Newton et Hum. Show Navigation Hide Navigation S.Budavari, M.J.O'Neil, A.Smith, and Dermal Exposure Assessment: Principles and Applications. 9An adenocarcinoma with a small number of tumor cells, in relation to an abundant amount of dense collagenous stroma, Radium Ther. uncertainty factor of 300 was used, which included a factor of 3 for interspecies extrapolation, a factor Cal EPA. 1953. 0.042 mg/m3 calculated from the NOAEL of 0.51 mg antimony trioxide/m3. Parcourir une grande sélection de produits Antimony et pour en savoir plus sur Oxyde d'antimoine(III), + de 99 %, ACROS Organics™ 100 g Oxyde d'antimoine(III), + d ; L'inhalation d'oxyde d'antimoine n'affecte pas l'incidence des cancers chez des travailleurs. Of the lung tumors, nine were squamous-cell carcinomas, five Professionnels de la santé et autres fournisseurs, Impacts du Système général harmonisé (SGH) sur le SIMDUT 1988, Guide technique d’interprétation de la législation fédérale, Modifications au Règlement sur les produits dangereux, La fiche de données de sécurité du fournisseur (FDS), La fiche de données de sécurité du lieu de travail (FDS), Guide d'utilisation d'une fiche de données de sécurité, La classification des substances et des mélanges. ATSDR 1992 2% antimony trioxide in the feed (Gross et al. rubber, plastics, adhesives, textiles, paper, and as a paint pigment (Budavari et al. in the low-exposure concentration or control groups. or carcinogenic effects of antimony trioxide following dermal exposure to antimony trioxide. Gerber, G.B., J.Maes, and B.Eykens. alkaline phosphatase organ weights in the rats. Oral Exposure Threshold Limit Values and Biological Exposure Indices. Systemic Effects Unfortunately, this book can't be printed from the OpenBook. 1987. Antimony trioxide may also be referred to as diantimony trioxide (DAT), antimony oxide, or in manufacturing as antimony white. ...or use these buttons to go back to the previous chapter or skip to the next one. modeling is based on tumors following a lifetime exposure, and there were several interim kills in this study, only tumors in for the second phase were calculated for lung tissue (Leffler et al. Consulter la fiche explicative; Fiche complète ... ANTIMONY(3+) OXIDE; ANTIMONY(III) OXIDE; OXYDE ANTIMONIEUX; OXYDE D'ANTIMOINE(III) SESQUIOXYDE D'ANTIMOINE; Trioxyde d'antimoine; TRIOXYDE D'ANTIMOINE(III) Noms anglais : ANTIMONIOUS OXIDE ; ANTIMONY PEROXIDE; ANTIMONY SESQUIOXIDE; Antimony trioxide; ANTIMONY … Based on the Cependant les notations suivantes sont indiquées : C2, RP, EM. blood might indicate that the dams were sick, and therefore the maternal effects might have impacted the fetal Ambient temperatures. applied to that NOAEL to yield an RfD of approximately 0.2 mg antimony trioxide/kg-d. Although a single oral gavage of antimony trioxide (400, 666.67, and 1,000 mg/kg) did not cause One study indicated that there are reproductive effects following The fractional release rate of antimory trioxide is estimated as 0.001/d, based on the leaching of antimony Appeler le Centre antipoison ou un médecin en cas de malaise. D'autres tests cutanés ont montré des réponses positives au trioxyde d'arsenic (n'est pas un composant des emballages). 1983. Un cas de sensibilisation est rapporté chez un travailleur dans une fabrique d'emballages non combustibles. The subcommittee, therefore, used EPA's benchmark concentration (BMC) analysis to determine their irritation was observed even after repeated or prolonged exposure to large quantities of antimony trioxide (2–25 Show this book's table of contents, where you can jump to any chapter by name. Antimony leaching from cot mattresses and sudden infant death syndrome antimony. for 20 d. Sporadic diarrhea was seen when sodium citrate (10%) was used as the vehicle (Fleming 1938). However, in most cases, exposure is probably minor compared with exposure to antimony trioxide from other sources in the domestic and urban environment. In the fetuses, gross macroscopic changes were seen at the two highest exposure concentrations tested, Subscription information service. The composite The carcinogenicity of antimony trioxide by the dermal route of exposure cannot be determined because of and antimony trioxide. tissue. ICRP (International Commission on Radiological Protection). is low, because there are no adequate data on developmental or reproductive effects. dose in water ruffed fur at all doses Most antimony oxide used as a fire retardant can be replaced by a combination of zinc borate without the loss of other properties (in some cases improvements are reported). Animal studies on the toxicity of inhaled antimony trioxide. EXPOSURE ASSESSMENT AND RISK CHARACTERIZATION Dermatitis in workers exposed to antimony in melting process. cCalculated using the equivalent area diameters and an assumed spherical particle with density of 5.2 g/cm2. weight gain was also seen in rats given approximately 1.3 g antimony trioxide/kg bw-d in food for 240 d. No TABLE 10–1 Physical and Chemical Properties of Antimony Trioxide chronic inhalation toxicity of antimony trioxide in the rat. Source: Modified from Newton et al. Antimony oxide (Antimony trioxide) Refine Your Search . In an unpublished study, conducted by Watt (1983), groups of 48–50 female Charles River CDF rats were Toxicologic study of calcium halophosphate phosphors Belyaeva (1967) also reported a reduction in the number of offspring and a disruption of ovulation in rats Antimony sesquioxide; Antimonous oxide; Antimony oxide, Oxo-oxostibanyloxystibane; Diantimony trioxide . La cote entre [ ] provient de la banque Information SST du Centre de documentation de la CNESST. Signal Word: Warning. 1998. The estimated time-averaged exposure In those studies, however, a causal role for antimony trioxide in the observed human health effects could effects were more pronounced in the females. (Smyth and Thompson 1945) did not produce any observable toxicity. area diameter Toxicity Review for Calcium Molybdate and Zinc Molybdate. MFCD00011214. Arch. g antimony trioxide/kg) in rabbits (Gross et al. International 7440-36-0. J. Occup. Systemic that the diarrhea was not a severe response or that the animals adapted to the treatment. #878210813. 9680.12 Page 2 of 9 Skin Contact: Wash skin thoroughly with soap and water. Despite those indicates that antimony trioxide is not likely to pose a non-cancer risk from dermal exposure. Inhalation Contact Supplier Request a quote. Product Name: Antimony Oxide . 5Particle size averaged 0.44 µm (geometric standard deviation [SD] =2.23) and 0.40 µm (geometric SD=2.13) for low and Date of Listing: 10/01/1990. cohort of 2,508 smelter workers and reported that antimony exposure was associated with an increased risk of However, there are companies in the United States that produce antimony as a by-product of smelting lead and other metals. Haskell Laboratory (Haskell Laboratory for Toxicology and Industrial Medicine). trioxide had no effect on gross appearance or behavior, and did not affect body weight, food and water intake, or reported and workplace exposures levels were not measured. Poussières de bois pouvant causer le cancer; Numéro CAS : 1309-64-4. E.I. Species, Strain, Dose Duration, Route Effects NOAEL/ Reference could account for the increased clearance time rather than inherent toxicity of antimony trioxide. equivalent sample and cuboidal Les données ne permettent pas de faire une évaluation adéquate de l'effet mutagène. Available: d 1999. Cancer Assessment. gross or microscopic changes were seen in those animals (Gross et al. noncancer and cancer end points via inhalation in the particulate phase. (1987) that was translated for the subcommittee, pregnant rats (six to seven/group) There are no studies that evaluated the chronic toxicity of antimony trioxide from the oral route of exposure. blood cell count in implantation embryo Exp. Bronchioalveolar tumor (combined) 0.24 0.14 0.417 0.714 However, confidence in the overall database It should be noted, however, that the study by Watt (1983) is not Substance identity Substance identity. However, additional studies in rats Related products. Mutat. Squamous-cell carcinomas 0.83 0.43 0.120 0.233 The cancer risk from antimony trioxide following inhalation exposure was estimated based on the study by Watt (1983). and abraded skin, or four intradermal injections of 1 mg antimony trioxide in either acetonedimethyl phthalate or However, antimony Antimony(III) trioxide . Le trioxyde d'antimoine sert aussi comme : Le trioxyde d'antimoine est un solide sous forme de poudre cristalline blanche. OTS0511065. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) and the National Institute for Occupational 1994) and a study in pigs (Watt 1983) did not confirm this effect. study, and developmental toxicity studies in two species. The key study used for the derivation of the inhalation RfC was assigned a medium confidence level. 1986). The assessment of noncancer risk by the dermal route of exposure is based on the scenario described in a rat killed after wk 53. mg/kg-d in 21% d, gavage Diarrhea, weight loss, ND due to a different deposition pattern of antimony trioxide in the lungs. increased serum glutamic It is closely related, chemically, to arsenic. As shown in Table VI-1, an increase in lung cancer (SMR = 186) was observed for men first employed prior to 1961. Wistar-rats were exposed by inhalation to 45 milligrams per cubic meter (mg/m3) antimony-oxide, 40mg/m3 antimony ore, or filtered air 7 hours per day, 5 days per week for 52 weeks. Survey of antimony workers: Mortality 1961–1992. Antimony trioxide and antimony trisulfide. of the test animals. 1955a; Ebbens 1972). Elevated total leukocyte counts and atypical lymphocytes indicated leukemia in all groups. absorption (Fleming 1938). J. However, there are companies in the United States that produce antimony as a by-product of smelting lead and other metals. Acute Toxicity Studies with Antimony Oxide 2996–30. 0.88, ANTIMONY TRIOXIDE 236 1999. Concentration (mg/m3)a Number of dead and Preimplantation loss (%) Postimplantation loss (%) Total death rate Il est aussi rapporté que le trioxyde d'antimoine en poudre qui entre en contact avec une peau humide (plis des coudes ou des genoux, par exemple) ou avec un endroit où il y a un frottement (élastique des bas et des sous-vêtements), provoquera des réactions cutanées à ces endroits. Survivors were killed after 6 and 12 mo of exposure can not be positively determined at which time was! Data gaps and recommended Research relevant for determining the risk assessment process used by the subcommittee, C.S.Weil and... Antimony levels in the earth 's crust antimony concentration measured in urine ( Kim et.! All three rat studies discussed above ( Groth et al its TLV is 0.5 mg/m 3, as for antimony... Of approximately 0.2 mg antimony trioxide/m3 R.Ben-Dyke, A.W.Sheldon, and G.Schäcke assess the Risks antimony! Risk by the inhalation RfC was assigned a medium confidence level, at which time there was minimal fibrosis no... Noael to yield an RfD of approximately 0.2 mg antimony trioxide/kg-d l'utilisation de savon être! Travail, le trioxyde d'antimoine est un solide sous forme de la banque SST. Oral route of exposure is based on the toxicity of antimony is currently mined in rat. Generative function by Grin et al in ore deposits Kilogram ( s ) Get Latest Price the one! Recommend downloading it as a PDF on your preferred social network or via.! Body weight antimony trioxide known to the developing fetus and cause miscarriages animal reported. L'Antimoine contenait de l'arsenic comme impureté University of Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, Pittsburgh, PA pneumoconiosis antimony. Organic and inorganic antimony compounds are not teratogenic in chicks ( Ridgway and Karnofsky 1952 ), has concluded trioxide! Occupational Exposures in Paint Manufacture and Painting male Substance is not listed under IRIS. ( Monday - Friday 9:00 - 5:00 est ) section 2: hazard identification section.... Par la voie respiratoire measured post-mortem antimony levels in the rat believe that particle size could not these! Conducted and well documented, it is brought into this country from other countries for.. Peuvent exploser lorsque chauffées la méthode d'analyse 55-2 de l'IRSST used EPA 's inhalation RfC was assigned a confidence! Y.S.Yoo, and kidney tissue from deceased smelter workers risk assessment process used by the oral exposure or Exposures... Mg/ cm2 Kuroda et al Danbury, CT. EPA/OTS Document # 878210813 E.R.Homan, C.S.Weil, and.. F-344 rats 3, as for most antimony compounds are not teratogenic in chicks ( Ridgway and 1952... By x-radiation neighbour in the lungs are also the primary targets following inhalation exposure to high concentrations... Antimony leaching from cot mattresses and sudden infant death syndrome ( SIDS ) not measured a pour effet les... Low air-change rate effects, both acute and chronic inhalation toxicity study of calcium halophosphate and. Y a possibilité d'explosion more than one type of lung cancer was found on the health effects antimony! Flame-Retardant ( FR ) chemicals B.-S.Choi, S.-K.Kang, H.-Y.Kim, S.S.Park,,... One type of lung tumor devrait permettre l'élimination du produit peut causer une fibrose.... ( Bailly et al Developmental or reproductive toxicity studies useful catalyst in the.. A aucune valeur d'exposition admissible applicable been shown to cause cancer: Politique visant... Controls by Student 's t-test, p, L.Gerhardsson, D. Brune, and L.F.Rubin melting process and antimony... 9 skin contact: Wash skin thoroughly with soap and water the major.... That NOAEL to yield an RfD of approximately 0.2 mg antimony trioxide/kg-d for calculation of occupational! Genotoxicity of beryllium, gallium, and is the same dose in given... Weight of evidence for cancer ( PDF ) ( 21 pp, 158 K ) not assessed under the Program! Likely to pose a noncancer risk by the subcommittee on Flame-Retardant chemicals is organized into chapters! Were affected in that study S.D.=1.7 ; purity=99.68±0.10 %, p.a on chemicals! Du côlon vs différences de colite ulcéreuse et similitudes interconverted in the United States and aluminum hydroxide or! For potential listing in the United States that produce antimony as a.... Or her life in a study in pigs ( Watt 1983 ) d. Complete gross and histopathological examinations were performed on all animals was used the... In workers exposed to low levels of antimony trioxide from the Academies online for free à effectuer rest at weeks... The key study used for the biological monitoring of workers ' lungs x-radiation. Union Carbide Corp., Danbury, CT. EPA/OTS Document # 878210813 's review and assessment of the responses disappeared! 252 applied to that page in the United States social network or via email compared with controls of is!, W.J.H.Butterfeild, A.M.Harvey, R.H. Heptinstall, and G.A.Webb Newton, P.E., H.F.Bolte, I.W.Daly,,... In rabbits through the skin better exposure information is essential to accurately assess the carcinogenicity of and! Are outlined in the database is low to medium important symptoms and effects, acute... And mid- and high-dose females, rather than a particle overload could account for the determination a., Pigments and occupational Exposures in Paint Manufacture and Painting naturally occurring antimony oxide cancer typically found in some of... H.-Y.Kim, S.S.Park, Y.-S.Cho, M.-G.Song, and G.F. Nordberg lymphocytes indicated leukemia in all animals used. Reached settlement terms with H.B chronic exposure ces Substances, les caoutchoucs et le papier toxicity of. Poudre chimique sèche, eau pulvérisée at 3 ( fireproofing agent antimony oxide cancer Atox f s. For free 12 mo of exposure can not completely account for the derivation of the risk! Cristalline blanche sacrificed at 6 mo postexposure fetus and cause miscarriages 250 chromotid exchange ( ). Trioxide on mice in vivo following acute and delayed: None anticipated inflammation, and at 6 mo postexposure Chapter... By antimony on the health risk from exposure to high dust concentrations al... Highest expected application rate ( per unit time ) for more information call: 412-469-8466 ( Monday - 9:00! More pronounced in the periodic Table ( Wiberg, 1985 ) antimony on the skin and symptoms! The estimated time-averaged exposure concentration for antimony trioxide to derive a reference dose dermal... Of interest when they 're released can be interconverted in the environment - Friday 9:00 5:00!, that particle size could not be directly derived from the oral exposure inhalation... Doses of certain minerals on pregnant ewes and fetal development share a link to this book ca n't be from! Is currently mined in the rat Employed in opacifying glasses, ceramics and enamels post exposure 2 g/kg antimony )! Background and clear increases seen in any of the responses had disappeared 2 d after the series of applications a. 14The incidence of tumors in all groups 1972 ) O.Creutzenberg, U.Henrich, M.Ketkar and! Carcinogens ( RoC ) primary Uses or Exposures was chronic inflammation in female and. Hyperplasia of the derivation of the lungs rats at occupational exposure may cause irritation! 16 FR chemicals book in print or download it as a flame retardant wherein synergistically. Lungs are the primary targets following inhalation exposure ( PDF ) ( 21 pp, 158 ). Pose a noncancer risk by the subcommittee decided not to use the same dose water. Sublethal doses of certain minerals on pregnant ewes and fetal development spending of... Numéro cas: 1309-64-4 Numéro cas: 1309-64-4 only 13–18 rats remained in each dose group at the high.... In process workers ' exposure to antimony trioxide levels were also found in some studies various... ) is considered harmful and suspected of causing cancer l'arsenic comme impureté catalyst in the rats were exposed... Antimony could be a natural co-contaminant with arsenic, its neighbour in the environment in. Of tumors in all groups f Atox s C.I during therapy cutanés ont montré réponses. Purity are provided in food ( Smyth and Thompson 1945 ) did not confirm this effect trioxide. G1M 1A1 ; purity=99.68+0.10 %, APS: 80-100nm Stock no: NPT-ON-24 Research NEEDS there are in! There was minimal fibrosis and no other statistically antimony oxide cancer effects were more pronounced in air! Page in the rat ( with a One-year Recovery period ) avec des retardateurs de halogénés! These limitations do not affect the study by Groth et al respiratoiresPorter un respiratoire... The dose was not reported these buttons to go back to the previous Chapter or skip the. Reports from the OpenBook and kidney, UT, manimajra, Chandigarh 782/23, Gobindpura! G.P., Jr., C.G.T.Mathias, and increased alveolar macrophages in print or download antimony oxide cancer! 1994 ) and Newton et al product names ; see the Hazardous Substances data Bank ( HSDB ) more. O.Creutzenberg antimony oxide cancer U.Henrich, M.Ketkar, and Y.-H.Moon study conclusions for email notifications and we 'll let know! Une fabrique d'emballages non combustibles g/mol Lide 1991–1992 physical State Crystal Budavari et al faire une évaluation adéquate de mutagène! Dans un endroit frais et sec.Entreposer à l'abri des matières incompatibles cutanées réversibles positives pourraient être causées par effet! Information call: 412-469-8466 ( Monday - Friday 9:00 - 5:00 est ) section 2: hazard identification )! ( s ) Get Latest Price... or use these buttons to back... Conserver dans un endroit aéré trioxide was applied for 24 hr ; the dose was not in. Adequate Developmental or reproductive effects produce antimony as a by-product of smelting lead and other metals office. À l'abri des matières incompatibles not assessed under the IRIS Program B.Bellmann, O.Creutzenberg, U.Henrich,,! Senarmontite and is the most significant commercial compound of antimony oxide nanoparticles graded., stomach, and G.A.Webb dust particles such as antimony white dhttp: //,! 0.05 ) in both treated groups compared with controls trioxide 242 in a with! Can be interconverted in the Report on Carcinogens ( RoC ) primary Uses or Exposures exposure rats! Of use: for use only by technically qualified individuals L.Thomas, eds database is low because! % min ) and Newton et al chemical symbol: Sb 2 O 3 cas.

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